1. dearieme

    Who’s the shouty chap with the potato head?

  2. Briggs

    Apparently, he was a minor radio personality who was fired from all of his affiliates after claiming that 9/11 was an inside job (no jokes about looking for a position in the White House, please). There’s some deeper conspiracy he buys into, a sort of modern-day Trilateral Council. Bildeberger? I don’t know the spelling.

    Impressive performance, though, no?

  3. Briggs

    Hold the phone! (or the mouse). Celebrities are now lining up. Well, after all, celebrities. What more needs to be said?

    Click here. It’s also enjoyable to hear sanity slipping away. Listen here.

  4. Dave

    I think, but I am not sure, that his name is Alex Jones. If you are up late at night (or early in the morning) there is a nationally syndicated radio show called Coast to Coast. He is an occasional guest and has his own website and I guess radio show too. Coast to Coast is fun listening even if you are skeptical of alien abductions, bigfoot, and such. I have never seen him (Alex Jones, not bigfoot) in a photo, or video, but the voice sounds like him and he is all about Bildeberger.

  5. Joy

    Let’s hope his football team doesn’t lose, he’s a man on the edge! Does the clip constitute a pop video? Is that to be classed as rap?

    According to the radio interviewer, the future of the world depends upon Charlie Sheen, who said, “it’s exciting”…that speaks volumes. I would be fascinated to speak to either of these characters. Perhaps Obama should ask them what would it take for them to accept the evidence or the truth as presented. What would convince the ‘truthers’ that they are mistaken?” They’re mixed up, like believing Diana’s death was not an accident.

    It’s unthinkable and insulting to everyone, not just the families that have to hear idiots claiming to fight for truth, but what does this suggest about Bush and the hundreds of people who must be psychopathic killers to be involved in such an act. The entire thing is preposterous on a practical, logistical or logical level.

    I watched a documentary about it the other day, the imagined super-thermite. If it’s found in sparklers it is not rare. There would need to be weeks of office disruption, drilling, supporting structures revealed to carry out a man made demolition, such preparations would be obvious to everybody.

    These types NEED it to be true. Perhaps because they’ve come so far and can’t admit they’re wrong, or because they really have lost faith in humanity, believing that Bush is a Hitler type. If they’re unhappy or discontented, they could recognise that it isn’t the government’s responsibility to make the public happy. That never was the government’s role. This is mistrust of authority gone haywire. Some people love the thought of doom, a disaster, a distraction from reality.

  6. Ari

    Alex Jones is awesomely crazy. He has a new “film” in which he claims, “Wall Street engineered the 2008 recession in order to “repo the country” and that Obama is a front-man used by “the elite” to serve their agenda.”

    I should put together a “wacko conspiracy theory film festival” some day. We’ll start with Jones and end with Zeitgeist.

  7. Ari

    Joy, everyone knows that Diana’s death wasn’t an accident. It was a conspiracy by the last remnants of the Tudor family to retake the throne by creating public distrust of the Queen, which would inevitably create a riot, her dethronement, and then the Tudors could move in.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t count on Blair, a freemason plant.

    C’mon, you didn’t know this?

  8. Mike B

    Well played, Ari. Unfortunately, I have a friend who is a big Alex Jones fan.

  9. Ari


    It’s okay. I have a close family member who is convinced that 9/11 absolutely had to be an inside job. For the life of me I can’t understand it, but then again, I also have a friend who thinks that Dan Brown is a good author, so craziness really knows no bounds.

  10. Joy

    Ari, I have a horrible feeling you’re right. I must take up arms as a royalist and defend the queen. All ex brownies should do the same.

    The queen is lovely in real life by accounts I have heard. When the lads were on guard at Buckinham palace not the ones on show, they have to stay put but when the scene is slow it’s late and cold, they are often invited in for a bite to eat.
    Then there’s the Henry Kissinger story about when he went to dinner and bread sticks were handed from a tray to the queen, she took five and laid them next to her cutlery. Henry Kissinger then followed suit and did the same. After the meal, the doors flung open and in rushed five corgies, one bread stick was handed to each of them. The queen said smiling,
    “So now, Mr Kissinger, what are you going to do with yours?”

    Dickie Bird (the umpire) told a similar tale that when he went to tea with the queen afterwards he was presented with some grape scissors which he wasn’t sure about using and started to try and peel the grapes. When he found he was firing them off the table, the queen told him,
    “oh don’t worry, the dogs will clear those up.

    When the actor from “meet the Kumah’s” brought a bottle of wine, as you do when visiting for dinner, he presented this bottle , and the butler said “thank you I’ll add it to the collection ‘. Bless him, He didn’t want to turn up empty handed.

  11. Ari


    May the Queen live long, sparing the world her progeny.

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