One Reporter’s #Sochi Horror Story

I finally made it to Sochi, a nightmare worse than you can imagine. My story is best told in tweets.


  1. Matt, is it your own twits? I got a cognitive dissonance then. You usually share an impression of adult and now it sounds like an new age teenager, who is sure that bread is grown on trees, access to Internet is an unalienable human right and tolerance to pederasts is the major moral merit. Or maybe this is the traces of relief from the old fears, when you built shelters to protect yourself from the northern beast? Russians made much harm in 20-th century but now even according to your posts normal mode you are going their way to happy commune and in many occasions they now look more normal, moderate and possessing common sense than you, bright people of the super free world. You can organize your world with better comfort than Russians, this is for sure. And this is your whole glory? Once you were good power against Russians, now you are just power. Will your working iPad make up the gap?

  2. Briggs


    I also believe vodka is a universal human right.

    Free the flow!

  3. La Longue Carabine

    Interview with forward Sergei Soin went badly. I asked him how many points he got per shot. He pretended not to understand English.

    Now, that was funny!

    Really learning game: One player raised by aunt, another whose parakeet died of cancer, guy who had to work fast food to buy skates

    See, color commentary is not completely worthless! Oh! the things one can learn.

  4. Ray

    The hotel bar is the correct place to report on the games. That was the location the reporters in Vietnam used to report on the war from.

  5. revGDright

    Have the grief counselors arrived yet?

  6. MattS

    “Finally at hockey rink in #sochi. Unbelievably cold. Apparently nothing can be done about it.”

    Is Al Gore there?

  7. Jonathan Wright


    I believe you are missing the sarcasm here. Fun is being poked at the primadonnas in Western media, not the Russians.

  8. Igor

    It was me being stupid to not to understand the sarcastic tone of William Brigg’s note. My apologies for my stupidity.

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