Bad Dates

They look a little like cockroaches, no?
No post today. Yesterday late I had some bad dates, or maybe it was figs; or possibly it was the food I ate a place I didn’t want to go.

In any case, I am done in. Around six ante meridian I thought I was going to meet the fate of Arius1, and through the night I came to deeply understand Genesis 3:16.

So again: no post.

Perhaps instead a discussion? How’s “Whither Europe”?

Update The Briggs lives! More or less. We’ll see if today’s (Monday’s) post makes any sense. Many kind thanks for your best wishes. Oh, and to answer our discussion question, maybe this.


1If you know, you know, but don’t write it here, please. This is a family blog. If you don’t know, I presume you can use a search engine. But be forewarned that you won’t like it.


  1. Jeff Wood

    “Posted in Fun”?

    Anyway, get well soon, Matt.

  2. Jeff Wood

    Sorry, get well soon, Briggs.

  3. Frm the vantage point of Westford MA, it’s moving east at about 17mm/year.

    Feel better now?

  4. Brandon Gates

    Briggs: I was positively convinced that my first kidney stone was on par with the travails of Eve. I was quickly informed by one in the know that I was just sore. And mistaken. I can’t speak for Arius nor you. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Francsois

    Get well soon Briggs

  6. M E Wood

    I don’t know whither Europe but I think it is moving to the East and pushing up mountains in Asia Minor (but I may be wrong) while Africa is colliding with Europe and pushing up the Alps.We have plate tectonics all the time here in New Zealand and movement of the earth is a daily observation.

  7. Curio

    How can you be sure it was the dates that made you sick? N of 1? No control group? Can you show us a statistically significant increase in body temp?

    Feel better, get plenty of rest!

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