Several inches of global warming fell in Taiwan

It’s about 10oC, with the mercury still dropping here in Taipei. In the mountains to the south, it is and has been snowing.

The cold air is forecast to remain for another four or five days, and more snow is on the way: here, and the video here. (These links are in Chinese: you can use any translation page to read, or just admire the pictures.)

Snow in Taiwan! Snow in Taiwan!

Obviously, cold weather and snow are rare in Taiwan. Groups of people, many who have never seen snow before, are rushing to the mountains to take pictures and throw snowballs. Some are joking that it’s the end of the world. But the best news is that it might be a white Christmas!

Of course, snow falling in the subtropics does not prove global warming isn’t real. But it is evidence that it is frightened.


  1. I love it!

    “Snow is falling!” is what the windshield says.

    Chinese is so cool.

  2. 49erDweet

    We’re glad you’re having fun and seeing the sights. Now don’t forget your mittens or the watching Air will smack you down if you give it a chance.

  3. HankHenry

    Meanwhile here in the Midwest. about 10 percent of the corn crop is unharvested with snow on the ground. If you want something to worry about, worry about another fluke growing season in the corn belt. If by happenstance we had had a September frost this year (which has been known to happen) you’d be reading about a significant crop reduction. As it was the harvest was difficult because there was so much corn that needed drying due to the late wet spring and cool summer. If we have another snow before Christmas there could be corn that won’t be harvested until spring. When snow is on the stalk and the ear the combines can’t harvest because they plug up with snow.

    I really wish the EPA in their endangerment finding had hired an actuary and told them to make some estimates on the possibilities of a US crop failure due to cold. It is a little know historic fact that the 19th century saw at least one (and possibly more) extensive June frosts in what has become the nation’s Cornbelt. If that were to happen again the whole world would notice since the US typically exports about 20% of its corn crop. Whatever it is that causes natural variability and the haphazard meanderings of the climate is something that should be thought about.

  4. JH

    Yeah! Chinese is cool.

    I recall clearly the first time when I saw snow after arriving in US. The undisturbed white snow on the ground in the early morning was amazingly beautiful to me. I was childishly excited and called some friends (and evidently woke them up) who lived nearby to see if anyone wanted to take a walk outside. Wouldn’t you want to know how it feels when the snow falls on you? Wouldn’t you want to hold the snow in your hand and inspect it close-up? Nope, they all rather went back to sleep. Darn, it seriously made me think what friends were for! ^_^

  5. 49erDweet

    Bah, humbug. When you work in snow all day long it gets old and cold fast. Especially if you have to shovel it, and then re-shovel it. But yes, JH, it is pretty.

    And fresh fallen snow muffles sounds so well. When commuting into Yosemite early in the morning, breaking tracks, would frequently come upon wild critters in the roadway unaware of my presence. Gorgeous times, those.

  6. dearieme

    Bloody snow: I cycle.

  7. JH


    See my avatar? It’s a picture of snow laden trees in my backyard. I spent 5 minutes to take some pictures on the first day of snow this year. That’s about how long the excitement lasts after all these years. Yep, snow shoveling is a PITA. I often shovel half of my driveway… you know, the half behind my side of the garage.

  8. 49erDweet

    So is our lesson for today “when something new and strange comes along it at first might seem ‘gorgeous’ but before ’tis gone could conceivably turn into a ‘PITA’?”

    Hmmm. That works on many levels.

  9. Briggs


    It’s getting colder and colder. Forecast for Sunday is a high of 12oC! And a low of 9oC (that’s 48oF, folks). In Taipei.

  10. HankHenry–
    There is unharvested corn on Maple avenue in Lisle, Illinois. (It may be the only field of corn in DuPage county. If so, that would mean 100% of DuPage county field corn is unharvested.)

    I’ll have to take a photo tomorrow.

  11. JH

    Mr. Briggs,

    You’re scaring me now. I think you are telling me that Don William is also an almighty weather man capable of transporting the New York winter weather to Taipei.

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