Pajamas Media: What Happens After Copenhagen?

Pajamas Media

Today’s post is over at Pajamas Media. Some more predictions about what happens after Copenhagen ends. Example: a money deal will be reached.

Recall that these are predictions, not desires.

Update Looks like we’re right on the first prediction.


  1. 49erDweet

    “Environmental Justice”. Love it. The phrase trippingly rolls off one’s tongue. Can’t we patent or copyright those words to place-hold them for sale later? We’d make obscene $$ which we could donate to our favorite charities, like our kids’ college funds.

  2. John Bowman

    Environmental Justice is to replace spurious Social Justice, worn thin and gaining a meaning associated with hubris as opposed to not having any meaning at all, as the alias for Communism in the 21st Century and the next great cause that will take us into our next Great Leap Forward.

  3. Bernie

    “Perpetually petulant!” How perfectly alliterative. Your Muse must reside in Taiwan?

  4. JH

    It seems that everything we do can be somehow tied to monetary motivations.

    I predict that the next summit of this sort–I don’t know into what “climate change” will be morphed –will be held in India or China.

  5. Ari

    The funniest thing is that we’re not likely to see a lot of serious environmental good come out of any of this. For all the yapping about the environment, a lot of perfectly good money that could go toward habitat preservation and forest management gets funneled into… things. What things? I have no idea.

    Hell, even Slate seems to agree with me:

  6. My favorite phrase from this Brigg’s gem is “ossified, entrenched behemoth.” A stone elephant stuck in the mud.

    The other day, after two weeks of frigid cold, it rained on the frozen ground and black ice covered the roads. It was like a demolition derby around here — at least 50 cars and trucks slid off the main arterial and into the roadside ditches.

    That’s the image. The Semi of State sliding off the road and into the ditch where it sits, listed over, spinning its wheels, going nowhere, but only partially off the pavement so that it is still blocking traffic.

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