This Week In Doom (Indiana’s RFRA Too!)

Who are you to judge?
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We’ve tried various ways of doing this over the years, but none successfully. So I’m going to steal an idea from Nick Steves and give the weekend collection of miscellany a snappier title. We won’t do this every week, only when theme material piles up.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

“Hey, buddy. Can’t you see the sign? Get out or put some clothes on.”

“It’s okay. I’m sexually attracted to members of my own sex.”

“All right then. What’ll you have?”

Rape Culture

Women now outnumber men on most college campuses (those not devoted to the most difficult subjects like engineering, physics, math, and so on), a disparity which is increasing. And therefore must be caused by -ism or -phobia or some kind of dark prejudice because imbalances only happen for evil reasons. Or so says our Supreme Court.

Anyway, why are women rushing to rape havens in such great numbers? Don’t they know that 4.2 out of every 2 women, or whatever, are raped or sexual assaulted on campuses?

Since women have greater numbers, and rape culture must be real because women claim it is, it must mean there are some pretty industrious men out there. All it takes is one! It’s a war on women!

It ought to save a lot of time and grief if we were to simply assume all men are pre-guilty, and treat them accordingly. After all, what matters is the seriousness of the charges.

Sort of like in the #TeamHarpy episode (those in the know will recognize the name of truth hacker PZ Myers):

But mobs and countermobs are no alternative to a criminal court. The fact remains that there a small but influential minority on the left have become obsessed with eroding due process in rape and sexual assault allegations. As we see in this story, they openly boast about destroying reputations using nothing more than hearsay. Even when complainants admit their allegations were false, their supporters will continue to attack the reputation of their victims. Treating the legal system as an inconvenient distraction, they press on to their desired goal: community-led ostracization.

Unintended Consequences

Jonathan Last thinks the campus left is imploding because three ex-off-the-cliff lefties posted anonymous articles regretting their foolishness.

One of those who sobered up wrote:

Another reason students resort to the quasi-medicalized terminology of trauma is that it forces administrators to respond. Universities are in a double bind. They’re required by two civil-rights statutes, Title VII and Title IX, to ensure that their campuses don’t create a “hostile environment” for women and other groups subject to harassment.

Ah. Titles VII and IX. Government mandated fairness. What could possibly go wrong with “fairness”? Well, everything that has gone and is wrong with campuses. Administrators, ever greedy, hungry for government money, necessary to fund their lavish lifestyles (and their university’s thirteen offices of diversity), sign over the souls of their institutions reasoning that they can control the Beast.

Which reminds me, did you know that you can get a degree in college administration? If that isn’t proof enough of impending doom, then nothing is.


Best news for Doom Watchers is the acceleration of the loss of essence. From another of Last’s ex-converts:

Consider otherkin, people who believe they are literally animals or magical creatures and who use the concepts and language of anti-oppressive politics to talk about themselves. I have no problem drawing my own conclusions about the lived experience of otherkin. Nobody is literally a honeybee or a dragon. We have to assess claims about oppression based on more than just what people say about themselves. If I took the idea of the infallibility of the oppressed seriously, I would have to trust that dragons exist.

Yes, and if you fail to acknowledge another person’s born-that-way dragoness, you are a despicable dragonaphobe not fit to be a member of civilized society.

Not only do you get to be whatever you want, a fine American tradition, but you get to insist that everybody else plays along—or else—a fine totalitarian tradition.

Castro Cupcakes

“I’d like to order three dozen with the message, ‘Sodomy is a sin,’ please.”

“Sir, given our beliefs, we can’t print that message.”

“Owning a business is a privilege, not a right.”

“What flavor would you like?”


  1. I am judging the same way transponders and otherkins do when they scream and shout about my beliefs. If they can judge, so can I. If they want to avoid judgement, then they need to shut up and leave everyone alone and stop advertising their judgements.

    We now encourage mental illness and detachment from reality. Soon, paranoid schizophrenia will be a lifestyle choice. Clockwork Orange looks completely rational compared to today’s insane ideas.

    “Safe Havens for rape” make women helpless, broken creatures incapable of dealing with reality. Might as well put up “Helpless Women Haven” and be honest. This is designed to terrify and enslave women, nothing more. It’s a lie, it’s evil and it needs to be stopped.

  2. “transgenders” not “transponders”, though maybe some people wish they were electrical equipment..

  3. Ray

    In the F.B.I.’s Behavioral Science Unit’s 1983 study on False Allegations conducted on 556 rape investigations, a total of 220 of the reported rapes turned out to be false. Over one fourth of the 556 were hoaxes. And yet, some feminists and rape counselors claim that only two percent of rape reports are false. The 220 is the number actually proven to be false and the true number is likely higher.

  4. mysterian

    why not dracophobe?

  5. Yawrate

    That’s, um, interesting. I had no idea. Thanks Briggs.

  6. Sylvain


    There is far less hoax in rape than people some people want to believe. The problem with rape is the proof. Trial often end up judgement of character and how the woman acted. It rarely concentrate on the simple fact of the action by the man.

    Ultimately, even if the woman had said at some point that she wanted to sleep with a man, she has the right to change her mind at any points.

    Even the article in Rolling Stone which has been called a hoax by some in the media while what the police really said that they couldn’t prove the rape. They never said that she wasn’t raped.

  7. “the police really said that they couldn’t prove the rape. They never said that she wasn’t raped.”

    The police will also tell you they can’t prove there are not people dumping poison in your water. Or that your neighbor isn’t a serial killer. Or that your coworker killed your cat. It doesn’t mean any of these are not true.

  8. Sylvain

    ???It’s very easy to prove that water has been poisoned. They could easily prove that my neighbour is not a serial killer.

    The hardest part is to prove that someone has committed a crime not that they have not committed one.

  9. jeez

    It’s like the Camel got its nose under the tent, but still can’t figure out how to get in.

  10. Sander van der Wak

    Hehehe. The US of A going on like that, and in a few years the only way they can land on the Moon is by staging it in a film set.

  11. Sylvain: The police cannot prove there are not people dumping poison in your water. This supposes there IS poison or why call the police? Unless you are mentally ill and paranoid. One does not call the police to report a robbery unless something is missing or torn up, no signs of break-in.

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. The police cannot prove your neighbor is not a serial killer. You cannot prove a negative. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

    So it’s easy to prove someone did not burn down buildings, kill people and hide all the evidence. etc, but really hard to prove a person did. You are the hero of the really, really stupid criminals in jail out there.

    Sander: The US of A may only be able to do so via a film set now. Let’s not over-estimate the skill sets that barely remain viable in this country. “It is good to be Delta.”

  12. Sylvain


    The proof that no one is dumping poison in the water is in the analysis of the water which is done several times a day at the water treatment plant. If there is no poison in the water then we know that no one is poisoning the water.

    The police can know if my neighbor is a serial killer. 1) to be a serial killer you have to have killed at least one person. 2) are there any killings that are unsolved and can be linked to my neighbor. 3) maybe if the people he kills are in other countries and which they don’t learn about the death. But if the person didn’t travel then it is easy to prove that he is not a serial killer.

    Good police work go through the process of elimination and finding disculpatory evidence. The problem is that they sometimes fail to release these evidence that prove the innocence of someone.

    What they cannot prove is that in the future my neighbor will not become a serial murderer. maybe that is what you meant.

    They might be able to prove someone was killed or a building burnt down by arson. The problem is to prove who did it.

  13. Sylvain: You know the water is poisoned already because you would not have called the police otherwise–or at least most thinking people wouldn’t. I know I don’t call the police without some kind of evidence that a crime has been committed.

    My neighbor is very smart, killed people and hid all evidence. He is a serial killer but he’s not caught and he may never be. I did mean now, not in the future.

    If there’s no proof, then saying something could have happened is just speculation. I can claim someone stole $5000 cash from my house. Did they? No way to know. If you want to believe, you’ll say it’s true. If you think me a liar, you’ll believe it’s false. And it’s all just a claim with no evidence.

  14. I suspect that if burden of proof is a problem in rape cases women need to be better educated in what to do immediately after a rape has occurred. An unpleasant topic, but if it helps to reduce incidences of rape by increasing the conviction rate, it would be worthwhile.

  15. M E Wood

    I have developed -ismphobia and demand to be protected from all discussion of -isms on the internet. It is my entitlement as a person. I must feel safe online! ;-(

  16. Josh

    “Trial often end up judgement of character and how the woman acted. It rarely concentrate on the simple fact of the action by the man.”

    That’s the price society pays for wanting pleasure on demand with no consequences. The definition of “rape” becomes based on the feelings of the woman at the time of the act instead of whether the act was done in the lifelong commitment between herself and her husband.

    The sexual revolution offered free love only because it hid the costs.

  17. Sylvain

    Sheri, I really can’t follow your argument.

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