This Week In Doom: Meat Eating & The Sins Of Sexual Normalcy

This bear hates the environment.
This bear hates the environment.

Too many people eating too much meat?

The Stream has the most hilarious, but eminently practical, article “There Aren’t as Many People as a Lot of Environmentalists Think: Some Elementary Calculations” in which is demonstrated with scientific precision (1) how big a bag we’d need to hold every person’s blood, (2) how big a hole we’d have to dig to bury the bodies, and (3) how cruelty is rife in the animal kingdom because so many animals eat meat and what to do about it.

This article is, of course, shows the effect of environmental policy taken to its natural extreme.

…So far, so good. But, we’re not quite done. Environmental activists don’t like people eating meat. This is why you see back-of-the-envelope calculations to show how many cows or pigs the average cowboy chows down over a year or a lifetime. The total is meant to discourage you. Funny thing about these mathematical exercises: they’re always done for men and not beasts.

Now meat-eating beasts outnumber men by scads and scads. I don’t have an exact figure, but a walk in the woods or a glance at the National Geographic channel is enough to confirm the fact that animals that eat other animals eat more meat than men do. Some of these animals even eat us! Never mind that. Tautologically, meat-eating beasts eat meat, which is, as environmentalists assume, bad. So we need to quantify just how much adverse influence non-human meat-eating animals have.

Go there to read the rest.

Sexual normality is now abnormal

Best way to introduce this is via the headline, inspired by a BBC television show: “Transgender girl says she is rejected by straight guys for ‘having male parts’“. Alternatively, it could have read, “Mentally disturbed young man appropriately rejected by the sane.”

The boys, who were originally attracted to Claire, did not call after finding out that she is trans.

“That’s it, silence,” says Claire. “Like nothing from them again.”…

She says: “In a lot of ways, I don’t like telling a guy. Once I tell him all respect goes out of the window.

“Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts…”

This sad drama is being picked up everywhere. Another headline: “Unlucky-in-love transgender woman reveals she’s rejected by straight men because she still has ‘male parts’ – despite being chatted up all the time.

In that article, the young man is quoted as saying, “I had to shave twice a day. I would never wish for a woman to go through this.” Of course, women don’t normally have to go through this (except in rare cases), but men who pretend to be women do.

These stories paint this young man as the aggrieved party, as if he deserves pity not for his unfortunate affliction (and surely irresponsible mother), but because he was rejected by sexually normal men. In turn, it is the sexually normal men who are the bad guys in the story. They will not freely give their Anthony-Kenedy-esque wuv. It is they who are hurtful, cold-blooded, vicious.

I’m accepting congratulations for predicting this very thing in the year leading up to gmarriage. Any encomium will do.

Does this not remind you of something? Yes! Just two months ago I wrote: “This Week In Doom: Rejecting Sex With HIV+ Is Now Discrimination“.

Throughout these articles, those with HIV are painted as harmless victims suffering unwarranted, unreasonable discrimination. Not only is their HIV not their fault, but if you refuse to engage in immoral acts with those who have HIV, it is you who is at fault. You are the one with the problem.

As far as the current story goes, there is some good news. “I’m an abomination, that’s what my dad told me I was.” Harsh words, yes, but not inaccurate. Do not forget that it was this man’s free choice to mutilate his body (with the connivance of the medically trained, and albeit not yet irreversibly). That we are unwilling to speak the truth is why we are doomed.

Set your DVRs now: “Young, Trans and Looking for Love airs on Monday 23 November at 9pm on BBC.” I remind the reader the BBC is no small source. The mainstreaming of casting the normal as abnormal is accelerating.

Prediction: the young man in this pseudo-documentary will find a male lover as a result of his publicity. This unlucky fellow (the new lover) will be feted and praised in many follow up stories. He will be said to be enlightened, a hero of equality. That he is in fact a Charlie Sheen wannabe will not be noticed. Anybody want to bet against me?


  1. Larry Geiger

    Ick. And again I say, ick!!

  2. Anon

    As medical engineering marches on, there will be no reason for male and female, and it will be easier for Ms Trans to find a lasting hookup. People really are hung up on the old-fashioned notion that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby.

  3. Chuck L

    The Liberal/Progressive Left have been Orwellian in their quest to demonize the norm and praise and make normal the non-normal. Worse, they have been extraordinarily successful in doing so aided by the duplicitous and compliant mainstream media & education establishment. The traditional nuclear family is becoming extinct and the result is what we are seeing everywhere. Pandora’ Box has been opened, the genie is out of the bottle, the can of worms has been opened, use whatever metaphor you choose, but I fear the situation may soon be irreversible.

    It’s 9:45’AM, I think I’ll start drinking since I just depressed myself!

  4. Gary

    Have you emailed the link to your article to PETA? Maybe they could get the animals to stop wearing fur too.

    Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola

    – The Kinks

  5. It’s a bit disconcerting to think people are calculating how big a bag we’d need to hold everyone’s blood and how big a hole to bury the bodies….

    Cleveland Amory wanted us to separate meat eaters from their prey and retrain the meat eaters to eat veggies. Sure, we’d get a bunch of blind cats, but that was worth the stopping of the meat-eating carnage.

    It’s an aftermarket hermaphrodite, not a woman. The proper terminology is important here. Since it was a choice, people have every right to reject her choice. If she was born an hermaphrodite, that would be different. (There are “parents” transgendering six-year-olds. Child abuse is now mainstream.)

    Sex with HIV came into the spotlight with Charlie Sheen. Apparently, his ex’s don’t think it’s immoral and wrong not to engage in sex with HIV positive guys and that they should have been told he was HIV positive BEFORE he had sex with them (of course, that would have ended him having sex with them….).

    Anon: Yes, you are right. Yet you say it like it’s a good thing. I suppose all those who ushered in the decline and fall of civilizations spoke that way.

    Gary: I fear no one under 40 is going to understand the Kinks. And they wouldn’t admit it if they did. 😉

  6. View fro m the Solent

    Sheri – ” I fear no one under 40 is going to understand the Kinks. And they wouldn’t admit it if they did. ?”

    And according to legend, if you were their you can’t remember anyway. Certainly, my memory of then is a bit vague ……

  7. View fro m the Solent

    Damn! I meant ‘there’

  8. View: Good point.

    (Computers are not helping with typing and spelling…..)

  9. I don’t know that casual acceptance of hermaphroditism (great!! no red lines!) is all that new. Science-fiction was accepting this way back in the 70’s and 80’s
    Ursula LeGuin’s “Left Hand of Darkness” (1969) had a whole world peopled by hermaphroditic (great, again no red line); they would come into season (kemmer) once a month, grow appropriate organs and act male/female roles. The novel was purportedly trying to imagine a world where the sexual drive was seasonal, and there were no male/female attitudes.
    Theodore Sturgeon also wrote such a novel (I forget the title) in the 60’s or 70’s
    One of Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center novels (I think it was “Across a Sea of Suns-1989) had bored humans on an interstellar voyage changing sexes via chromosomal modification treatments…
    The groundwork in attitude shift was being laid some forty to fifty years ago–who says science-fiction can’t foresee the future.

  10. hermaphroditic —> hermaphroditic humans…. Proof READ!!!!

  11. Bob: I hope it was a coincidence and no causality was involved in the scifi to real life change with hermaphrodites. It’s a scary thought that scifi can manipulate society in such a way. Consider what else sci fi is telling us with robots, alien invasion, and other scary stuff. Let’s hope it stays fiction.

    The desire in the situation described in the article is not to remove or limit sexual desire, but to expand it to whomever or whatever walks in front of you and offers or does not protest. It’s an attempt to blur the lines of male/female but not to decrease the sex drive. More an attempt to define depravity as normal leading to anarchy.

  12. Sheri, I don’t think SF influences societal behavior; rather there’s a sensitive pulse on what might be; so out of 50 different futures, one or two, unlikely at the time, may come through. Think of 1984, Brave New World amongst dystopias unlikely at the time, but now much less unlikely.
    And, as I said, LeGuin was trying to imagine a human society in which sex had been removed from an every-day distraction or motivation. We’d be more like dogs, cats and Vulcans.

  13. Bob: I was hoping that was what you meant. LeGuin will obviously have to wait on less sex in society. Being more like Vulcans might be okay. I think we’re already too close to dogs and cats in our sexual behaviors.

  14. Erich

    ‘“Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts…”’


    That’s the definition of straight, is it? If you can get over, you are showing up bisexuality.

  15. Ray

    Re the story of Claire.
    Reminds me of when I was on active duty in the Navy we went to Cebu in the Philippines for some shore leave. We were in the Starlight Club in beautiful Cebu City and one of the guys was dancing with a good looking young lady, or so we thought. Suddenly the sailor dancing with the young lady walked off the dance floor very upset. We asked what was wrong and he replied that was a guy, not a girl. This was unbelievable so another sailor was dispatched to dance with the girl to confirm this claim, which he did. We were amazed because he sure looked like a girl. Maybe Claire needs some lessons in makeup.

  16. Steve E

    Sheri: LeGuin will indeed have to wait. Huxley’s description of the casualness of sex in Brave New World is far closer to our own reality. Vulcan’s are prepared to kill in order to copulate when they are in heat…so it may be better to be a dog or a cat. 😉

  17. MattS

    “Vulcan’s are prepared to kill in order to copulate when they are in heat”

    Can you blame them, they only come into heat once every 7 years?

  18. Sylvain

    Wow you really to conflate irrelevant things as if they were now mainstream.

    I guess that if Trump believes Obama is a Muslim then all republican believe it also.

  19. I’m fairly certain that most Republicans think Obama is a Progressive, which is technically much worse than being a Muslim, at least in the eyes of most conservatives. (The logic being all Progressives are crazy, whereas only some Muslims are crazy.)

    While I’m not overly impressed with Trump, the Progressive movement is not exactly in a position to mock Trump, given the fact that Obama had infinitely fewer qualifications, but still managed to get elected. Fortunately, their complete absence of self awareness is not a hindrance in that regard.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean I agree with Dr Brigg’s opinions as to which sexual practices or life styles he approves of and which he doesn’t. He is perfectly free to express his disapproval just as everyone else is perfectly free to ignore him.

  20. hannuko

    So what they are saying is that a gay man should be perfectly fine having a sexual relationship with a woman, if only the woman had short hair, small tits and a beard?

    And a lesbian woman should be perfectly fine having a sexual relationship with a man, if only he had a long hair and wears a dress?

    No, of course not! Unlike heterosexuality, homosexuality is something *you are born with* and *cannot change*. Heterosexuality is … you know … evil n’ stuff.

  21. Sander van der Wal

    Guys not wanting to date with a transgender fits the ‘all men are evil’-mantra. Even more so as one of the guys has seen the light and is trying to become a woman.

    So, still business as usual.

  22. Matt S: Killing if necessary when one comes into heat only every 7 years seems logical. Besides, Vulcans appear to be rational about the whole thing and stay out of each other’s way. Not many love triangles there (except when needed for the plot of an episode).

    Dog and cats will also kill when they go into heat, as will humans. The sex drive appears to add to the irrational nature of most everything. (Not saying we don’t need it, just that it definately can destroy things when left unchecked. Species have gone extinct due to mating practices. Something about survival of the fittest and those most violent during mating were not fit enough.)

  23. Vulcan’s what are prepared to kill in order to copulate when they are in heat? And how many does Vulcan have? Should I be worried?

  24. Cricket: You probably have nothing to worry about.

  25. Angela Wilson

    Can I just say that I love your brain? Your articles are like a ocean of sanity in this push for a new definition of ‘normal’. Thank you for the time you put into this blog.

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