R Lectures

R Lectures



This is the homepage for the links to all of the R lectures. Look for this on the main page under Statistics.

Each lecture is followed by a difficulty number, higher means more work on your part. The progression of difficulty will be, more or less, straightforward, but there will be occasional departures for subjects that strike my fancy.

All videos are on YouTube under the username “mattstat” (wmbriggs was taken). That service imposes a ten-minute limit of videos. Accordingly, lectures are short.

All questions to matt@wmbriggs.com.

  1. Installing R [1] Where to find it, packages, the all-important documentation.
  2. Prepping a folder [2] R is a command line language: we need to set up a file to save these commands.
  3. Our First Program! [2] We do some simple math and examine what R output looks like.
  4. Help & Plotting [2] How to find functions, get help on them, and simple plotting.
  5. Reading Built-in Data [2] Built-in datasets, help on them, summary statistics and plotting.
  6. Reading External Data Part I [5] Downloading datasets, paths, and the read.csv() function.
  7. Reading External Data Part II [6] Common typos & errors, the na.strings argument to read.csv().


  1. Ed

    Thank you for your efforts on this. I began playing with R in December – what a great tool. But I have much yet to learn and look forward to future installments in your tutorials!


  2. Tim

    That was quick!

    I posted my comment about needing a category for R lectures, and when the page reloaded, there was a category R-lectures! I have never had a blogger respond to a suggestion so quickly before (actually, I have never had a blogger respond to a suggestion before — but I’m sure they’ll answer me once they get to my comment).

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