R Lecture 1: Installing R

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This is the first in a series of lectures on R. For most of my regular readers, this entry will be on the too-simple end of the scale. But it’s a good way to get started.

Here, we find R, introduce it, and install it. A brief tease of the availability of extensions is shown. R is free and open source.

R can be downloaded here: R-project.org. A direct link to the CRAN package archive is here.

Next time: our first program!

All videos are on YouTube under the username “mattstat” (wmbriggs was taken). That service imposes a ten-minute limit of videos. Accordingly, lectures are short.

All questions to matt@wmbriggs.com.


  1. kdk33

    Perhaps you could create a new category – “R-lectures”, for example – so these can be easily retrieved later.

    I’d like to spend some time with R, but I’m kinda tied up, but I’d like to know I could get to these lectures when I’m freed.

    …just a thought.

  2. Briggs


    I have. Look to the left column on the main page. A link to all the lectures. Plus, they’ll be tagged under “podcast.”

  3. Tim

    As far as I can see the “Lectures” link goes to an advertisement for your lectures. I read the 4th R lecture, then had to search for the others. I tried “Lectures” first and read your advertising, and then eventually found them under podcasts.

    Perhaps you could create a new category – “R-lectures”, for example – so these can be easily retrieved later.

  4. stephen richards

    Mr Briggs

    Many thanks for starting the ‘R’ series but I have to agree with TIM that at the moment they are not so simple to find. I wouldn’t mind downloading so I could read them in my own time.

    Neverthe less, I very much appreciate what you have done.

  5. Briggs

    stephen richards,

    The main page (click on my name at the top) has a link to all the R lectures. What I’ll do is try to get that link so it shows up inside posts. It does show up inside each R Lecture post already.

    You can also search on YouTube for “R Lecture”.

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