Stream: Most Idiotic Aspects of the Paris Global Warming Conference


We’re already sick to death of global warming. If it were up to me, I’d never write about it again. There are far more interesting subjects. But, our dear leaders give us no choice.

So go to the Stream: Most Idiotic Aspects of the Paris Global Warming Conference.

COP21 is upon us; a darkening gloom gathers; apprehension builds. It was therefore a tense and important moment Sunday at Charles de Gaulle airport when China President Xi Jin-ping stepped off his aeroplane into a sea of cameras. The Communist-party approved announcer said Xi was in Paris to “combat climate change.

This is my entry for the Most Asinine Statement About Global Warming. I admit that it has stiff competition. With politicians, bureaucrats, activists, and, bottoming out the list, mainstream reporters converging on the City of Light to try and convince the world that the sky has long since fallen, and that the only way to prop it back up is to spend, spend, spend your money, the idiocy is going to fly thick and fast. My humble entry might therefore not appear to stand a chance. But it’s a sure winner, as I’ll prove in a moment.

But first, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, doubtless upset President Xi had scored first, and, anxious not to be blamed for a widening asininity gap between these two up-and-coming carbon-fueled economic powerhouses, retorted that the West suffered from “climate imperialism“.

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  1. John B()

    Laurent Fabius, French minister of foreign affairs, and no piker in the silly sayings department, said, “The coffins containing those slain by les voyous ISIS have been removed from the main meeting hall so the global warming conference can start on time.”

    Kidding! He actually said …

    Community-Organizer-in-Chief Barack Obama said that the global warming conference would be a “rebuke” to the Allahu Akbarists who bloodied the streets of Paris.

    Please be more careful with sarcasm:

    If Obama actually said that, it wouldn’t have been any dumber than the fake quote from Laurent

  2. MattS

    “Most Idiotic Aspects of the Paris Global Warming Conference”

    Picking out the most idiotic aspects out of a festival of cubic stupid is an exercise in futility.

  3. John B()

    it wouldn’t have been any dumber than the fake quote from Laurent

    I mean Laurent’s fake quote couldn’t be considered any dumber than that

  4. From USA Today:
    In his speech, Obama said that he saw “the effects change first hand in Alaska, where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines” and “where glaciers are melting at a pace unprecedented in modern times.”

    He called his summer trip to Alaska a “preview of one possible future.”

    He is as stupid as Al Gore, who also does not realize that summer is warmer than winter. There were no swallowed villages, by the way. That had the truth value of “you can keep your doctor”.

    I also heard Obama ranted on and on and on and alarms were going off trying to SHUT HIM UP. Can’t verify that—I toss bricks at my radio or TV if exposed to this complete propaganda birage for very long. Maybe someone else has more tolerance and can confirm this.

    Actually, the conference is a waste. Even if we shut down all economies for six months, we can never make up for the CO2 emitted by the conference. A few more of these conferences, and the world is dead if the CO2 nonsense were right. Obviously, CO2 is NOT what this is about, or else the conference is designed to kill us all.

  5. John B()


    My Sarcasm sign was on the fritz

    I knew it was true – and it IS even dumber than the fake quote.

    What Xi’s spokesman said wasn’t stupid WITHOUT every one buying into it. Xi’s there to make certain the West cuts its own throat (similar to why India made its statement).

    My vote goes to Obama

  6. MattS

    John B()

    A Festival of stupid would indeed look something like that but COP21 isn’t a Festival of stupid, it is a festival of stupid cubed.

  7. John B()


    Yeah! Instead of destroying Main St., they’re going to destroy the whole world … in order to save it.

    And (most of) the AGW gang can’t understand John 3:16

  8. off-topic:

    I have an equivocation joke for you – “the original business plan for was largely copied from” .

    I have yet to tell this to someone who understood the equivelancies, but I live in hope.

  9. MattS


    “And (most of) the AGW gang can’t understand John 3:16”

    Most of them have trouble understanding 1+1 = 2

  10. smamarver

    Prof. H.J. Schellnhuber’s 784-page epos ‘Self-immolation’ (2015), just published in time for COP21, commencing in Paris today, is a masterpiece piece of missionary work – for doom mongers.
    Peter Höppe, Head of Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre: “Self-combustion’ is the book of one of the internationally most renowned climate scientist, that is written with lots of personal commitment. There is probably no other book that depicts the physical processes and political discussions about climate change as comprehensively and understandably as this one. Time and time again Hans Joachim Schellnhuber intentionally changes his perspective from an objective role as a scientist, takes side and works with his unconventional style of writing. It is a captivating book worth reading.” Really?
    As early as 1978 Schellnhuber talked about a carbon dioxide problem. In 1989, environmental Bill McKibben said humanity was in danger of burning up in “a few more decades” if we didn’t overcome our “addiction” to fossil fuels. Now activist scientist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber insists we’re on track for self-immolation. He pays little attention to the seas, their extreme low mean temperatures of about +4°Celsius, and the much greater danger that the oceans one day may trigger a new ice age again – then we would be happy that the world has been warming since the end of last Little Ice Age about 1850.
    We shouldn’t allow the doom mongers to missionary the world, based on insufficient knowledge of how climate ticks.

  11. “And (most of) the AGW gang can’t understand John 3:16”

    I understand it, and what it means is you guys are disrespectful little bratty bastards who piss all over God’s Creation.


  12. Ray

    Environmentalism long ago turned into a doomsday cult. AGW is obviously the most important thing in the world because it has driven the true believers and politicians bat guano crazy.

  13. Gary

    There he goes again, pollutin’ the comments.

  14. JMJ: Says the guy smoking up the environment and disrespecting everyone. Again, still waiting on your listing of how you’re helping the planet. Or are you to busy pissing on anyone who dares question the god you perceive yourself as? Oh, yeah, that’s it. You’re a hypocritical jerk and proud of it, aren’t you? Damaging the planet and dissing God—what a guy, what guy. I personally prefer disrespectful, bratty bastards like conservatives who actually DO save the planet, not just b*tch all the time about how the planet needs saved. You’re a piece of work, but a wonderful example of what idiot progressive philosophy does to any brain matter you actually once had, assuming you had any to start with. LOL, I know. Proof of the lack of brain function.

  15. JMJ: Want to do something useful? Start bombarding Walmart for their idiot shipping practices. Just got a 12by14by6 inch box delivered by Fed Ex with ONE tiny pill bottle in it. Even I, the “evil, earth killing conservative”, can see how totally irresponsible and idiotic this was. So get on Walmart’s case.

  16. DAV


    Aha! Guess it will be released to the public after Dec 7 else no one might sow up at the red carpet (what Morano said) premiere.


    You are complaining about getting more than you bargained for?
    Las time I shipped something via UPS they charged by volume.
    Maybe Walmart has other arrangements.

    Could be Walmart isn’t really setup for small orders. Amazon won’t let you buy certain things by themselves if they are small (and marked as Add-Ons). Tried it Sunday, You can’t get to checkout with only add-ons totaling less than some amount ($25 I think).

  17. DAV: More than I bargained for? True, extra paper for use in starting my wood stove and a ton of cardboard to recycle, but I think this is over the top. It wasn’t a small order—it hit their $50 for free shipping mark. There are about a dozen other items. Why this one bottle was in a huge box makes no sense at all. I’ve kind of gotten used to the extra paper and cardboard, but this was ridiculous. I did learn why there are FedEx trucks at the post office—it’s called FedEx smart post and the post office delivers the final leg of the package’s journey. It’s for small, light-weight items. One of the other companies I ordered from offered this option. That I understood. (I usually put the Add-Ons on Amazon when I order cause I always order enough to get free shipping.)

  18. Sheri, they ship that way because they use standardized logistics. You can’t make the boxes smaller than what you’re shipping, but you can make them bigger. If that makes everything ship more efficiently, safely, and cost effectively, that’s what they do for anything. It’s not a big deal. Most all of it is recycled material. You may recall we have a large trade deficit here in the good ol’ US of A. We’re still the breadbasket of the world, and we export a lot of oil of petroleum and planes and such, but a huge volume export from the US is scrap. Scrap paper, scrap metal, scrap plastic, and a lot of other not-so-benign scrap. The paper and plastic, in particular, become much of the packaging we use and receive here in the US, since much of what we buy is made wherever we are shipping the scrap. This is a very small-margin business that operates in very large volumes. Anyway, keeping the processing of all this packaging to a minimum makes overall production of the packaging cheaper for all involved. I know this seems counter-intuitive, but it’s just the Invisible Hand (no, not God’s) moving things along.


  19. DAV


    Form the article, The summer that just ended was the planet’s hottest on record., says it all. It’s a half-truth as if the only thing that matters is the thermometer record and all evidence that the Earth has been hotter during Roman and Medieval times doesn’t count.

    Then too, this is changing the subject with a straw man argument. The claim is that humans have been the cause of the recent temperature rise and the mechanism is the CO2 output of humanity. And the specific claim is that we will see a rise in the Average Global Temperature. The “pause” we have been observing just jibe with that hypothesis. Of course some places still show a rise but other places must be decreasing to keep the average temperature stable. It’s an average. But for the theory it’s only the average we that should be out concern.

    Two words: cherry picking. … Because 1998 was a particularly hot year, it often serves as a convenient starting point for skeptics … What looks like a slowdown is merely one statistical cherry that climate change deniers have picked because it suggests a downward path.

    Which is completely false. It overlooks that the starting point is now and the line has been extended into the past — not the reverse,

    But the mercury did not actually stop rising: 17 of the last 18 years have been among the hottest on record,

    This is just plain silly. If this were a distance/time graph, it would be the equivalent of saying there has been no traffic jam lately because we averaged 60 mph for most of the graph and besides this is the furthest distance traveled on the record. The traffic jam is just an illusion caused by cherry picking,

    One would think a scientist would know better but not these scientists apparently. Could it be the “Atomic” in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a reference to cranium size?

  20. DAV

    Should have been:
    And the specific claim is that we will see a rise in the Average Global Temperature with rising CO2. The “pause” we have been observing just doesn’t jibe with that hypothesis.

  21. JMJ: Okay, that mostly makes sense. I have gotten used to the “one-size-fits-most” array of packaging (toilet paper and paper towels take bigger boxes, of course). I guess in this case, it just seemed excess. As noted, I do recycle the packaging, so it’s not just getting tossed. I am impressed at your understanding of how the marketing works. You amaze me sometimes! Keep it up! 🙂

    Francsois: It’s disturbing that Dawn is so lacking in science and mathematical knowledge. First, .8 degrees over a century is no where near the warming predicted and is within natural variation, I believe (note that the planet warmed “significantly” in the early 1900’s, long before there was a significant increase in CO2—also, NOAA graphs show another flat period between around 1945 to 1975 or so. Only by carefully drawing the trendline does one get warming overall). The fact that Heartland gets named indicates “NO SCIENCE HERE”. Only politicians name drop and use slander. Scientists do not.

    Concerning the 1998 El Nino: I am curious if this El Nino will get ignored—NO! WAIT! We are already “cherry-picking” this El Nino to prove it’s getting hotter. Can you say “hypocritical”?

    ONE study to date, with a NEW statistical method using antiquated measurement techniques has “erased” the pause. ONE study does not constitute proof or anything else. It’s again political propaganda.

  22. John B()

    Sheri and JMJ:

    I agree with your assessment of JMJ. There have always been glimmers of intelligence in what he’s written. He’s also provided engaging reveals about “who he is”. Which is why it’s so frustrating to read his simplistic ideas about CAGW, CO2, etc.

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