Predictions Relating To Racist German Women Taunting Innocent Migrant Men

Non-"migrant" men receiving an oral vaccine.
Non-“migrant” men receiving an oral vaccine.

Here are the prediction of events following the Cologne (and other cities) sexual assaults: more “migrants” will be admitted to Germany, more attacks (of various kinds and not entirely sexual) will occur but we’ll hear less of them. Germany, like all post-Christian democracies, is doomed. The only question is timing.

That we’ll hear less of attacks by “migrants” is assured, and the easiest prediction. Indeed, the only thing of real surprise in this was that Reality slipped one past the Diversity goalie. Word got out and around the globe, fast. That will not be allowed to happen again. From now, crimes committed by, say, fewer than five “migrants” will never see daylight. Newsworthy incidents, caused by, say, five or more “migrants”, will still be reported, but only locally and drenched in euphemism, much like in the States when we hear on local television and for one day that “youths” have sacked a mall (or worse).

My guess of the euphemism to be employed in Europe will be the dry “young men”, which can also be applied to non-“migrant” men. This is a clever trick, because when, as is inevitable, a non-“migrant” man commits an atrocity, his picture and description as a “young man” can be widely circulated, thus giving the impression that this is what “young men” look like.

Don’t forget the police in Cologne initially issued a press release saying it has been a “peaceful” New Year’s Eve. They only recanted after intense pressure. The poor police chief who ordered that cover up was thrown under the bus, but only because he was caught.

Bild is already reporting that police forces are “under orders not to report crimes involving refugees to the press.One cop was quoted, “‘There are strict orders from the chiefs not to report offences by refugees,’ the unnamed officer said. ‘We are only allowed to answer if journalists ask specifically about such incidents.'”

Too, the line diversitites are already taking is…wait, what’s a diversitite? A person who dwells in the ever-sunny Land of Diversity. Anyway, the line diversitites are taking is to say, grudgingly, that unfortunate things happened in Cologne and elsewhere, but that, really, these unfortunate things happen all the time men, “migrant” or non-“migrant”, are allowed to roam free. And when you think of it, they say, non-“migrant” men are worse. Pity the poor “young male migrants [who are] exchanging life under repressive regimes, where they…have enjoyed superiority over women” and now who are “scraping by at the bottom of Europe’s social and economic food chain. It is not madness to ask if this has anything to do with attacks that render confident, seemingly lucky young women humiliated and powerless” (source; The Guardian, naturally).

Plus, we have all heard the advice from the Cologne mayor, since repeated and amplified elsewhere, that it was wrong of mädchen to entice the “migrants”, who were pushed beyond the bounds of endurance. Be nice and keep away, say authorities, or dress such that “migrants” can’t tell if you’re female. No slut walks are scheduled for Cologne.

Incidentally, from all the available information we may conclude that the wave of false accusations and exaggerations on American college campuses are the product of a rape culture. And we may also conclude that the wave of actual rapes and sexual assaults whenever “migrants” gather are the product of, not rape culture, but systematic racism—on the part of those raped.

Recall the Rotherham rape scandal? “Migrants”, many of whom were British citizens, had a sort of rape culture club, into which an untold number of non-“migrant” girls were systematically inducted. It was allowed to flourish because non-“migrant” citizens and officials did not want to be called racist. But the funniest thing—you do have to laugh—was that the city, long after the facts were known, sought to ban “anti-child rape protests“.

Fear of being called a “racist.” Recall San Bernardino? The neighbors of the “radicalized” “migrant” neighbor didn’t want to be called “racists”, either. And—

Oh, but that’s enough. If you’re not convinced by now, you’re a diversitite and congenitally unable to hear the sad song of Reality.

Why is Germany doomed? Many reasons beyond the “migrants”, of course, but also because of them. See, the plan of German diversities was to open their doors to all and sundry “migrants” and then inject those “migrants” with the Progressive virus hoping it would take its inevitable, debilitating toll. But diversitites have never realized there are two effective inoculations against progressivism: Realism and Religion. Of course, the efficacy of the inoculation depends on the strains used, but you get the idea.

Most “migrants” are well protected against progressivism; thus, these “migrants” will never be diversitites; they will insist on playing the game by their own rules. And they will meet little resistance because the inoculation non-“migrants” can have for free, they reject. In the end, because Germany is a democracy, it’s a numbers game. When the “migrants” reach critical mass, they’ll vote themselves in and the diversitites out. Right Hamtramck? Doesn’t the call to prayer sound sweet?

Update After writing this, I saw Ed Feser’s mandatory reading, “Liberalism and Islam“. He amplifies and explains fully the point that progs hope to infect “migrants”, but that “migrants” are immune.

I also saw reports indicating Germany will take in another 8-10 million “migrants”, which will put their total at about 12% of the population, plus or minus. A substantial minority; more than enough to do the job. You also have to enjoy Germany’s efforts to salt “migrants” roughly evenly throughout the country. This was decided, almost certainly, because officials thought the prog virus would take easier. Instead, “migrant” culture will be everywhere.


  1. TheRealAaron

    I believe @salondotcom is an account run as a parody of Salon, not the magazine itself.

    What it says when parodies are difficult to distinguish from reality….

  2. Steve E

    “What it says when parodies are difficult to distinguish from reality….”

    It actually has a name. It’s called Poe’s Law.

  3. The New York times is apparently calling for Germany to close its borders, deport invaders and Merkel to resign. (Obama is probably regretting those “selfies” he took with her at this point…..)

    My suggestion is Merkel be thrown into the middle of one these mobs. Plus the reporters at Salon. It’s no big deal to them. For Salon, they should also be subject to the mob then a microaggression and let them see if they can then equate the two with a straight face.

    Let’s just all be honest here—these people are TERRIFIED of Muslims. Female leaders are the worst. They will do anything to appease. These women apparently care nothing about other women, only themselves. So much for women making the world more caring.

  4. Briggs, is the photo that of men receiving the host, as in Holy Communion? Is this why they’re kneeling? And do we then make a connection between “oral vaccine” against sin and the Body of Christ?

  5. John B()

    Speaking of Salondotcom parody issue.

    Steve Goddard has a link to an Online Daily Mail article (Brigg’s knows my view on the Daily Mail) that suggests the mass sexual assaults were planned.

  6. John B()

    The Mail is supported by other news sources

    Bob Kurland

    Saw that as well about the picture.
    Besides the polio vaccine, are there any major oral vaccines?

  7. The other side was getting the same vaccination. And had been, for centuries.

  8. Of course, not this particular other side (this picture is during the battle of Iwo Jima).

  9. Joy

    This is more of the same from a media now more like an orchestra. Where’s the conductor? They’re all afraid of retaliation. The longer they keep this up the worse the resentment grows.
    Leytonstone tube attack:
    Mr. Pether’s comments were only reported fully by the Daily Mail and that even seems to have an omission of his original comments. TV and Cameron? It’s all about the tweet, nothing to see here, move along. Don’t panic! but “the terror threat remains at highly likely”;
    “but remember that this sort of thing happens very rarely” What?

    How to make the public, in this case informed Londoners very angry very quickly: keep them in the dark address them “like sheep”, and fully underestimate the depths of their capabilities. Anyone who does this in the defence of multiculturalism is in contempt of their own people’s culture. They are treacherous. The media are treacherous.

  10. Refugee crisis might have something to do with some wars, which have been fought in the Middle East. Just a wild guess.

  11. Ken

    “Our society has collectively lost its damn mind.”
    – From:

    You Will be Made to Care: Washington State Makes it Illegal to Ask a Man What He is Doing in a Women’s Restroom

    Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath (band) identified the core issue in 1971 — children…or a childish mindset:

    Revolution in their minds – the children start to march
    Against the world in which they have to live
    and all the hate that’s in their hearts
    They’re tired of being pushed around
    and told just what to do
    They’ll fight the world until they’ve won
    and love comes flowing through

    – Lyrics from “Children of the Grave”

  12. Gary in Erko

    “one million microaggressions equals one aggression.”
    10^-3 kiloaggressions = 1 aggression
    10^3 milliaggressions = 1 aggression
    10^12 picoaggressions = 1 aggression
    10^infinite multicultaggressions << 1 aggression

    << means extremely less than.

  13. You know, this must be made up. I mean, all of Europe and Canada are socialist nations with very benevolent governments that just want to take care of their people. And they are welcoming the migrants, unlike evil Trump who says he’ll keep them out of the US, so it’s like impossible for this to be happening. This is an April Fool’s joke early, right? Nothing this bad can be happening in the utopias of Europe. It just can’t be…….

  14. Sander van der Wal

    I am not as pessimistic as Briggs. Which is just as good as I am living a lot closer to Germany than he is. First, the impact of these events is huge over here, and even though there are plenty of useful idiots, their grip on the media is not that strong anymore. Secondly, more and more details are becoming known and they are quite horrible. As of today, it became known that so ething similar happened in Sweden more than a year ago, and the police kept that a secret too. Until now, that is.

    The political situation is also much better than in the USA. The bigger parties might want to put a lid on it, but they just don’t have the kind of cloud that happens in winner-take-all democracies like the USA or Great Britain.

    Amd finally, people know, and people care. That’s why Nationalist parties are getting bigger all the time. Really big, like 25, 30%.

  15. Briggs


    Let’s pray you’re right and I’m wrong.

  16. jan smith

    Brilliant!But no mystery how journalism got this way

  17. Sylvain Allard

    Rape is an horrendous crimes whoever commits it.

    Sadly for the author of this blog, it seems that rape can only be committed by muslim. If they are committed by Christian in college or university then the women are false accusers. The woman in the Rolling Stone article represent all women and they are all liars.

    Germany as a rape rate somewhat lower than that in the US and a little bit higher than in Canada. In each countries rapes are underreported and the vast majority of rape are done by men that the victim usually a female know.

    This blog seems to suggest that if there were no refugee there would have been no rape. Rape is a male crime (99% of rapist are male) and female is the usual victime (90% of the time). Not one race or religion is doing worst or better, it depends on each individual ability to control their urges.

  18. Briggs


    See Sylvain’s reply for the true voice of the left. He didn’t even notice I made the same points as he in the main article. The gentleman has no apparent recognition of what has happened. Doom, doom, doomed.

  19. Sylvain Allard


    So for you rape committed by muslim must all be reported while rape committed by whites or Christians are usually not reported in the press (except on rare occasion, I.E. mostly when there is a trial, or public figure).

    A huge difference is that no American believes that all Christians or White are rapist. Yet blacks are all assumed criminals and deserve to be stopped and frisk more often than white (even if they are found to have drugs on them less often than whites) or even better they should be shot on site. And off course it takes only a group of Muslim men to assume that they are all rapist.

    The number of assault against Muslim and mosque in the US are on the rise. Do you hear or read much about it in the news. Their are some article, and I’m sure Fox-news denounce those attack on religious freedom.

  20. Briggs


    Notice how Sylvain attempts, for the second time, to change the conservation to what happened to what didn’t (along with some asinine emotional appeals). That progs can’t bring themselves to acknowledge Reality is why the forecast of doom is where the smart money is going.

  21. Sander van der Wal


    You forgot the Communists next to the Christians as well-known rapists. Look up what the Red Army did to the German women after Hitler was defeated.

    One wonders why these women are complaining, no? After all, assault is not that bad, compared to rape.

  22. Sylvain Alard


    Do you really think that I try to diminish what happens? My point is quite the opposite. Women are not rape by religion or race they are rape by men who cannot control the very small serpent in their pants.

    Over 7 millions woman are raped yearly in Germany, much more in the USA but in the US women are liars and cannot get pregnant “because the women’s body as a way to shot that down” (Akin) according to Briggs past comment and post.

    Are those rapes/assault done by some Muslim (they were not all Muslim) worst that the 7 millions done by white/Christian men?

    Where is/was Briggs outraged toward white/Christian who commits rapes by millions?

    Where is Briggs outraged toward the Church who hid all those pedophile for centuries?

    Briggs outraged is only seen against black that most be shot on site or killed in prison, or Muslim who are all secret ISIS members.

    These guys did not rape women because they are Muslim or from the Middle East. They did it because they are men that do not respect women, and know that they can get away with it because most male don’t care about women.

    Saying that those rapes committed by Muslim were horrendous means that women in Germany should be happy to get rape by local man. These rapes are not as important as those one. These local men don’t deserve to be called out in the press their crime are not as horrendous as those committed by Muslim. This is absurdity at its best, the kind of logic that lead to the triumph of Hitler.

    Look at the perfect Duggar family in the US. It was okay for this family to protect the son who abuse is younger sisters.

    I would not be surprised that most men on this site raped or assaulted a woman in their past.

  23. Briggs



  24. Joy

    Sylvain I went to post a different comment but read of your deterioration and I feel sick. Europe doesn’t need defeatism I hope you are in a minority.
    You cannot play this down. It is happening and as you admitted yourself has been doing so for some time.
    You do not speak for women and you do not speak for rape victims.
    Failure is not an option.

  25. Common technique here: Accuse someone of saying what they did not say—ie “Some rape is okay, just not by Muslims” if someone is speaking about Muslims raping and fails to add every single possible group into the comment. It’s like asking if you still beat your wife. The answer is designed to “prove guilt” and as such, the question has no validity, but the speaker is hoping you are stupid and emotional and won’t notice that the subject changed. Like the gangs of black activists burning down black-owned buildings and businesses because they just want to destroy something. They are excused because if you say anything, you’re racist because you didn’t include whites. Of course, few, if any, whites were involved and if they were, both races are of the same caliber. No one except the progressive fools would read it any other way. However, the techniquess is designed to force people to write endless disclaimers (as I have illustrated elsewhere) trying to avoid the problem. This effectively kills the exchange (I won’t call it communication—it’s bullying). Ignoring the speaker, walking away, is the only viable option.

  26. Sylvain Alard


    It also make me feel sick what men do to women. If you read about human trafficking you will discover that the main beneficiaries of this practice are U.N. blue beret, and in the case of Bosnia and Kosovo NATO (See whistleblower with Rachel Weisz and corresponding report).

    You can also look at the series ”Sex slaves in America” , you will feel very sick.

    You can read:

    Human trafficking: a global perspective by Louise Shelley.
    Invisible chains by Benjamin Perrin (a Canadian study of human trafficking).

    Where is Briggs outraged toward this reality?

    Yes white men can do no wrong.

  27. Sylvain Alard


    You are racist because because yourself has complained that women lie about rape (it seems that for you they only lie when the one doing it is white or Christian), because somehow you believe all of them now that they are accusing Muslim. Consistency has never been your strong point.

    I believed them then and I believe them now.

  28. Sander van der Wal


    You are trying very hard to diminish what has happened in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Very hard indeed. The reason those men disrespect women is because these men are muslim, and the women are not even muslim women. Simple as that.

    their actions have nothing to to with the actions of other men, they have their own reasons for doing things.

  29. Sylvain Alard


    You guys really want to read what you want to hear.

    For you removing the word Muslim makes the event more horrendous because you hate muslim. Making rape done by non-muslim somehow less of a traumatic event.

    For me who has read about human trafficking and done research about rapeI, know that that rape is horrendous for any woman by whomever it is. That the woman get rape by her father, brother, uncle, friends, boyfriend,husband (90% of all rape are done by someone close to the victim), boss or stranger. The crime is just as well horrendous.

    The difference is that these crime are rarely published. Adding adjective only satisfy man that refuse to see they’re own action.

  30. Joy

    Sylvain I can only give my opinion.
    Your approach strains to find an angle to keep migrants in the clear.
    Trafficking doesn’t impinge on this does it? Since when was Briggs the arbiter of sexual crimes? You think there ought to be a tally? No, send them back.

    You overlook that Officers in a given country have responsibility to bring citizens in their country to justice who commit, in this example, rape.
    However, When the perpetrator is an immigrant without indefinite leave to remain, is demanding of perceived sexual rights to take what he wants, then does so, that people have no cause to be outraged? That this is happening in alarming numbers and as if it were cynically carried out in manner of a plan seems lost on you. Are you that gullible? It was threatened and it was carried out.

    Secondly there are the obvious logistics of catching the barbarian who has no fixed abode and who disappears into the heaving mass. So maximum time is wasted on them.
    You know they have been refusing to give DNA samples? That was way back last year.

    some Video titles out of hundreds of choices:
    “Eritrean Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered”
    “Muslim man explains his real motivation for leaving Syria.”

  31. Sylvain Alard


    I have no problem with the punishment of the people who do those crime. For my part any male committing rape could be sent to Mars, or dropped from an airplane in the middle of the pacific.

    The problem is to attribute to single out all male from one groups. Their are hundred of thousands male Muslim that reach Germany. Of those 1000 to 2000 committed these horrendous crimes less than one man in 100. The 99 innocent male don’t have to pay for the stupidity that person.

  32. Sylvain Alard

    In Germany there are 7 to 10 millions rape yearly about 20,000 daily. Why are 516 in Cologne (the last number I saw) those different than the others 19,000.

  33. Briggs


    7 to 10 million rapes yearly in Germany. In a country of 80 million (40 million women). Uh huh.

    If I were a doctor, I’d advise you to start drinking. Hard. Whatever happens to your mind can’t be worse than what it’s going through now.

  34. Sylvain Alard

    Statements like these are the very reason I said what I said above. Refusal to acknowledge the reality of rape in the US and abroad.

    The vast majority of women I know have been rape. Some multiple time. Only one reported it.

  35. Joy

    Sylvain Germany doesn’t want the non rapists either. Only Angela wants them and she won’t say why! To start something big, really big. She was out of line inviting any without referring to protocol. The Hungarians were right to call her out for breaking asylum rules.
    Your 10 million in house rapists will be tried and convicted in the normal way won’t they? Nothing new there.

    Ay. Hirsi Ali on the treatment of women makes a most impressive witness and Douglas Murray, as always, entertaining! Have you listened to her? Watch the now old intelligence squared debate. I think it will blow your mind wide open.

  36. Sylvain Alard


    German don’t want the non rapist either exactly because people keep saying that Muslim refugees did this.

    1) The reality is that some of them were Muslim refugees, some were locals.
    2) many woman Muslim refugees are among the victims
    3) the number of rapist could be lower because some of them might have been part of several rapes.

    In all countries, reported rate rape are much lower than the number of events since about 5 to 10% of events are reported. So the vast majority of rapist go free.

    I would really like to have the solution to be able to catch rapist and convict them. False reports are very few but they do happens. And then there’s the false identification that sent an innocent to jail for 13 years in “making a murderer”.

    Never heard of Ali or Murray.

  37. Dean Ericson

    Here is why Breivik simply started shooting leftists.

  38. Sylvain Alard

    Here is why the right is dangerous, they are ready to kill people for their absurdity.

  39. DAV

    Nice to see you finally realize the left is absurd.
    If you truly believe you are living dangerously why don’t you stop?
    Yet another absurdity.

  40. Sylvain Alard


    “Their absurdity” refers to the right.


    As for the “supposed” unbelievable number of rape you assume that rape is of a different woman.

    Every year in Canada alone (where there is only 15 millions women), 800 women from across the world are trafficked for sex purposes each of these women are violently rape thousands of time 800 x 1000 = much higher than 800,000 rape for those women alone. And this number does not include the number of Canadian that are trafficked whitin Canada.

    Violent rape is a lot more common than deniers like you presume.

  41. Joy

    No no, no, Sylvain, some people don’t think before they type. I hope you didn’t because that’s your only excuse. I have only just dared read ALL of your remarks, honestly I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

    I have to take you to task about,
    1 “most men don’t care about women” and that
    2 this , by my understanding, is the reason that rape is rife and going unreported and unpunished…leave that for a mo.
    Number one is the problem. It isn’t true.
    If you defend it you’ll be stuck and you will waste time.

    If you care about women you will square up to the next rapist you see at the bus stop if you don’t trip over one before you get there.

  42. DAV

    “Their absurdity” refers to the right

    Yet stated as being the left. Sorry, I will recant the thought of your mental improvement.

    Just remember this: if you’re on the left you can’t be right. But then, who on the left wants to be right? Obviously, not you.

  43. If we are going to discuss under-reported rape, men are the victims thereof far more than women. Men are rediculed if they dare report rape, and may be labeled homosexuals. Yet I see no great outpouring of tears for these victims.

  44. Geezer

    Hypothesis: Sylvain’s command of English is tenfold better than his command of rational thought.

  45. Sylvain Alard


    If I ever witnesses a rape the guy will have it.

    But you have to realize that a rape doesn’t take much time. If you divided it over space and time.

    I Just watch a documentary about BTK and how he was the perfect devout family man. Going to church, scout troop with is kids. All the while killing ten person over the span of 17 years.

    If a guy can kill ten people over while receiving award for model citizen of the year. What can a guy committing rape can go away with.

    Also, having had discussions with prostitutes for research you realize that it takes money to seek them on regular basis. There are two kind of prostitution. The 1st one is the kind that the women choose to do. They can refuse client and can charge anywhere between 300$ to 5-10k$ to meet. They are too few to meet the demand. The 2nd is the slavery kind where the women have no choice they make no money and can’t refuse the client. They forcibly get addicted to drug, an the craving makes it hard for them to leave. This is the common kind, and each of these women are raped everyday and all day long. They never lack costumer. And big events like World Cups, Olympics or formula one races all necessitate an importation of women to satisfy the demand.

    Wherever you are in the worl you’ll find the same situation.

  46. Sylvain Alard


    Having had been harassed in my teen by a guy who intentionally groped my ass (which is very minor) and remembering how I felt about it. I really don’t laugh when men get raped. It is just far less common.

    This is why I have never touched a women before asking if it was okay. And I really hate when guy don’t respect personal boundaries.

  47. Joy

    BTK: one of the worst men that ever lived. What is going on? Having watched true crime and given up, I realise that my Dad is right. You can’t reason with a mad man. They just do what they want to do and there’s nothing more to it. There is no depth, no illness, just animal cunning. They’re without conscience.

    He wasn’t suspected by people because people are not evil, are trusting and wouldn’t even notice someone who is by nature a criminal conman.
    Not that the public were casual or unconcerned. That’s a healthier way to look at this.

    I’m still amazed at your most men are rapists assertion. Don’t you think you were a bit over the top saying words to that effect? Am I wasting my time?

    The last and only time I ever heard that assertion it came from a colleague who was a lesbian. She wore Doc Martin’s, shaved head, did something to flatten her top, a wolf tattoo, and wondered why the elderly patients called her a he. “All men are rapists” she would declare.

    Just watch Lt Jo Kenda.
    …and watch the intelligence squared debate on youtube.
    …and don’t believe every statistic you read. “let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent”.
    That’s it! Back to the Germans and the migrants.

  48. Sylvain Alard


    Other than myself I don’t know of any men who didn’t force themselves onto a woman. But I have to say that for me sex is blah which I’m not a unique case but it is very rare.

    You really underestimating the number of men that visit prostitute. Sex trafficking exist because nowhere on earth exist a place who has enough women to supply the demand of male. Of course, none of these men will admit to doing it.

    The holier than though one claims to be the more corrupt he is. Looked at the majority of clergyman that were either gay or pedophile.

    It seems that state of denial is a good place to protect conservative ego. Better hide your flaw you than trying to be a better person.

  49. Geezer

    Other than myself I don’t know of any men who didn’t force themselves onto a woman.

    Perhaps that helps to explain the distorted worldview.

  50. Richard A

    I love the easy assumption that anyone who expresses skepticism about the wisdom of unfettered immigration can only have base motives for the skepticism. If you want to restrict immigration, it can only be because of racism, and poor progressive journalists need above all to avoid seeming to support those hating, racist, xenophobic, immigrant-hating racist haters, but that unfortunately caused them to spike a real story. Poor dears.

    Well, Germany doesn’t have this, but America does. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness …” The first wave of Irish may drink too much, and the Sicilians may be overly prone to omerta, but eventually the vast majority can be gotten to sign off on this America-defining proposition. And it should be easy to deny entry to a culture that obviously and radically differs in its ability to accept that proposition.

    This should make “immigration reform” easy. What might be harder is a program of “emigration reform”: where to put all of our home-grown progressives, who obviously don’t believe in every man’s right to life or to liberty.

  51. Fred

    What ever happened in Cologne was intentionally induced; bring in some sociologists to analyse this. What would you expect when you let thousands of people of all creeds in without any previous preparations or at least precautions due to the simple cultural shock wave effect, by precautions I really mean it all, including special rules for the new stock. And I have a question by the way, why did this not happen in Lebanon, some Lebanese women dress exactly like European women and even though nothing happened, the answer is because in Germany as in other lands like Sweden this was intentionally planned for inducing an inter confessional crisis otherwise Ms Merkel would have done the proper job as to how many people should be let in, who exactly should be let in and how all this refugee crisis should be managed in the first place, my guess is that Angela has other plans and her intentions are not as one might think (helping) these people are already lost as they have lost all they had and that was because of the west ISIS being a product of the CIA and MI6 along with Turkey’s great help to accomplish the biggest plot ever to re-make Syria at the expense of the Syrians who lived to see Jekyl vs Hide made in Europe by Daesh and co with the west including France, the UK and Germany along with Belgium closing their eyes and letting this diabolic plot take place and even providing the weapons to these monsters, you want an evidence ? just go to YouTube and enter Eric Harun a would be Muslim revert from Texas volunteering for Syria ? Wrong! He just happens to be a CIA agent as it was explicitly stated by his own father. So there you have it enjoy your harvests.
    And just to prove what I have been saying, here is for your eyes and ears :

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