Poland, God Bless It, Sends New York Times Into Conniption Fits Over ‘Migrants’

The official reaction of the  New York Times to events in Poland.
The official reaction of the New York Times to events in Poland.

One of the clearest indications that you’re doing something right is when the official voice of godless materialism starts to sound like Lost in Space’s Dr Smith being chased by a spider. Polska, Poland, has been causing the New York Times to squeal like a teen-aged girl told she can’t have the newest cell phone. It’s a pretty thing to see.

In mid-December the oh-so-manly voices at the NYT ran the story “As Poland Lurches to Right, Many in Europe Look On in Alarm“. Who are the alarmed? Realityphobes. The opening salvo, if that’s the right word for such a limp stick, was this:

In the few weeks since Poland’s new right-wing government took over, its leaders have alarmed the domestic opposition and moderate parties throughout Europe by taking a series of unilateral actions that one critic labeled “Putinist.”

I realize it’s difficult to imagine, but we are meant to gather “Putinist” is insulting. O rhetoric, where is thy sting!

Seems the main thing wrong with Poland was that the new government said “repeatedly and emphatically, that they would overrule the previous government’s promise to accept refugees pouring into Europe.” Pouring. Wanting to preserve its culture and national heritage became so onerous that “antigovernment protesters” felt forced to march “peacefully through central Warsaw chanting for” demokracja, which is Polish for suicide.

Incidentally, Poland has not only refused to jump on the “migrant” bandwagon, they played a clever trick on pro-“migrant” Europe. Seems the former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and now EU Council chief called a “migrant” meeting early last November, an event Poland was expected to attend. But according to one report, “President Andrzej Duda, backed by the Eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) party, set the first sitting of Poland’s new parliament for the same day, precluding both the old and new Prime Ministers, as well himself from attending the EU summit.”

Back to that bit about suicide? Last week, the NYT’s brave Editorial Board cried “Poland Deviates From Democracy,” a piece which began plaintively. “It has been distressing these past weeks to watch Poland”, whimpered the editors. “[I]t should be made clear to the Polish government that its retreat from the fundamental values of liberal democracy is reprehensible and foolish.”

Why, we wonder, is the NYT so keen on another country adopting this poor, and ultimately self-destructive political system? Is it as simple as misery loves company? Or is it the manic desire for Equality? Aristotle said, “Democracy arose from men’s thinking that if they are equal in any respect, they are equal absolutely.” Democracy is thus premised on egalitarianism, which is partly the pernicious belief that everybody’s opinion counts on everything, and partly the ridiculous idea that no distinctions between men should be recognized. Right, Caitlyn?

Famously, the United States Supreme Court is staffed by strict egalitarian principles (we call quotas “Affirmative Action”), so it’s amusing the NYT complains Poland is “packing [its] highest court” with “conservatives.” Just as it’s odd that in the land of government-funded off-the-leftist-cliff NPR the NYT isn’t happy that Poland is reining in its “state-owned media.”

It’s not all bad news. The Times admits, “Liberal democracy and its institutions elsewhere in Europe (and even, to some extent, in the United States) have been threatened by people frightened by the influx of large numbers of refugees and by economic uncertainty.” It’s far from clear this concern will lead to derailing egalitarian democracy, especially since Poland is making eyes both at NATO and Russaia. They’ll be forced to choose eventually.

Meanwhile, there’s this inspiring video (below) from a Polish priest who spoke to throng of citizens at a “March for Independence”. The video opens with the priest, Fr Miedlar, saying, “Praise be our Lord Jesus Christ” to which the crowd responds, unprompted, “Forever and ever, Amen!” Fr Meidlar continues, “the foes of our homeland and the foes of the Church must be going mad seeing this huge army of patriots, the army of our nation.”


It’s not difficult to imagine a NYT writer having what’s left of his meager cojones shrink to the size of desiccated peas when he hears the crowd respond lustily, “God! Honor! Homeland!” President Duda, it’s easy to think, is right there with them.

If that’s not enough inspiration, contrast Poland with, say, Sweden, which is doing its best to cut its own throat in an attempt to maintain progressive values. Things are so bad there that last week a headline ran “Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore in case they sound racist.

About Germany, we already know. But keep your eye on Hungary and Slovakia (Hungary and Slovakia). And Czech Republic.


  1. DAV

    “Many” could be three. It’s likely the biggest number a NYT reporter can imagine.

    There is more pressing news today: http://tinyurl.com/Unkeyed Imagine losing the key to happiness.

  2. One wonders how “Putinist” could be an insult when the US Congress is now financing terrorism, including ISIS, by failing to keep sanctions intack on Iran. Not to mention destroying their own economy. As far as I’m concerned, the US has hit Hitler’s level of evil on this one. Of course, the US would never directly send money—they just hide and pretend like they have nothing to do with the evil. Like hiring a hit man to do your bidding and thinking you’re guiltless. Pure evil.

    As for the invasion of one’s country by able-bodied muslims, I say “Go Poland”! Save your country, unlike the idiots elsewhere are doing.

    Poland deviates from democracy? Seriously? The US hasn’t been a democracy for years. So who cares? At least Poland understand what a democracy is and how to preserve it.

    Lubos Motl has written some interesting posts about this invasion force and its problems from the view of a Czech citizen.

    DAV: Sad story—the fireman got the belt off. 🙁

  3. MattS

    “In the few weeks since Poland’s new right-wing government took over, its leaders have alarmed the domestic opposition and moderate parties throughout Europe by taking a series of unilateral actions that one critic labeled “Putinist.” ”

    So now on top of thinking the Nazis were right wing, they think communists are right wing?

    Just how far to the left has Europe gone?

  4. Joy

    Europe was never so split far right and far left. There are going to be clashes.

  5. MattS


    “Europe was never so split far right and far left. There are going to be clashes.”

    You say that, but what Europe calls the far right seems to be somewhere to the left of the most extreme leftists in the US.

  6. I spent a bicycle racing season in Switzerland in 1987. A beautiful, clean country. I visited there 8 years ago and was shocked by the graffiti. My Swiss friend said that was due to immigrants not respecting Swiss culture and courts unwilling to sentence offenders.

  7. I’ve been thinking for a while that if Christendom was going to remain in Europe, it would remain in Poland.

  8. Steve E

    DAV: Brings new meaning to the expression, “I need a stiff belt.”

    Sheri: It’s only a sad story if the fireman used his hose.

  9. Joy

    The political continuum is a false choice. It’s one we’re forced to use and plays right into the hands of the divisive media. That’s my view.

    I don’t know what Europe calls the far right. I know a lot of Americans who tell Europeans what they think, and what they are with little reference to fact.

    As for padlocked in Padua it’s made up, obviously and no fireman joke is complete without mention of a hose.
    That Anders Breivic makes it in and fireman’s hoses shouldn’t? Well, what can I say.

  10. PMT

    The Poles don’t apolgise for their history. They remember with pride the deeds John Sobieski and the Winged Hussars.
    So next time you’re having a bagel or a croisant with a cup of coffee remember to celebrate their victory at Battle of Vienna stopped the expansion of the Ottoman empire.
    Wiki:-“Several culinary legends are related to the Battle of Vienna.
    One legend is that the croissant was invented in Vienna, either in 1683 or during the earlier siege in 1529, to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman attack on the city, with the shape referring to the crescents on the Ottoman flags. This version of the origin of the croissant is supported by the fact that croissants in France are a variant of Viennoiserie, and by the French popular belief that Vienna-born Marie Antoinette introduced the pastry to France in 1770.
    Another legend from Vienna has the first bagel as being a gift to King John III Sobieski to commemorate the King’s victory over the Ottomans. It was fashioned in the form of a stirrup, to commemorate the victorious charge by the Polish cavalry. The veracity of this legend is uncertain, as there is a reference in 1610 to a bread with a similar-sounding name, which may or may not have been the bagel.
    After the battle, the Viennese discovered many bags of coffee in the abandoned Ottoman encampment. Using this captured stock, Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki opened the third coffeehouse in Europe and the first in Vienna.”

  11. Sylvain

    It is so funny to see people claiming to defend freedom and liberty are ready to use the same methods the extremist use, baffling their own values and becoming just as extreme as the moron from the other side.

  12. Sylvain


    Wow, you should revisit history someday. Maybe you would learn about the Napoleonic war, WW1, and WW2!!!!!

    A clash is much closer in the USA where sovereign citizen kill cops for breakfast and beat and rape their slave/wife for dinner.

  13. Well, here’s what’s at stake in this petty little tale…

    “Under the plan, agreed by the outgoing centre-right, pro-EU government, Poland was to take in 4,500 refugees, adding to some 2,000 it has already accepted.”

    The pouring! The pouring!!!


  14. Steve E

    JMJ: An EU quota number of 120,000–of which Poland agreed to take 4,500–has no basis in reality. According to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical agency, there were 213,200 first time asylum seekers in the second quarter of 2015 alone. There were 185,695 in the three months previous with a growing backlog of 600,000 pending applications. That does indeed sound like a pouring.

    The EU seeks to distribute migrants across its members with little regard for the wishes of the migrants or its country members. It pulls a fictional number of 120,000 out of its collective butt and then tells everyone what it must accept. Migrants have shown little interest in settling in Poland yet the EU knows better.

    Poland is exercising its sovereign right to control immigration.

  15. Joy

    Steve E has it about right.
    Nobody knows exactly how many. They haven’t been counted.
    Have you been to Europe lately?
    It’s not the multicultural tapestry we were ‘promised’ and forced to accept, without our consent for thirty years, It’s not even that. Our infantry will get what they wanted and sooner than they would have expected. “we should be back home defending our own borders.”

  16. Peter A.

    “One wonders how “Putinist” could be an insult when the US Congress is now financing terrorism, including ISIS, by failing to keep sanctions intack on Iran. Not to mention destroying their own economy.” – Sheri

    Sheri, this doesn’t make any sense at all. Iran is virulently opposed – yes, ‘opposed’ – to I.S.I.S. and everything it stands for. I.S.I.S. is Sunni, Iran is Shi’ite, and these two main factions within Islam cannot stand each other. The lifting of sanctions will actually have the very opposite effect to the one you imagine here; it will inevitably loosen the grip the current theocracy has on the nation, due to the influx of people, new ideas, capital et cetera.

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