Islam Asleep, Islam Awake — Guest Post by Ianto Watt


Editor’s note: Watt’s previous essay generated quite a bit of controversy. Watt answers those criticisms here. As is clear, Erdogan has at least made the best of the coup.

Well, I’ve evidently hit a nerve. Or two. And that’s good. A number of you took umbrage or worse at my previous contention about the recent events (a.k.a. false-flag coup) in Turkey. Specifically, about my comparison of it to previous examples, like Hitler’s use of the Reichstag Fire, as an excuse to purge the party, army and nation of dissent. Erdogan is no different, I contend. Why waste a good crisis? Who cares who delivered the pizza when you’re hungry?

The next point of contention was my assertion that Erdogan wants to be the leader of the revived Ottoman Empire. And that he prefers medieval Turkey to modern Turkey. Especially when it comes to subjugating the West. And that is the goal, my friend. Turkey is not trying to outdo the tolerance of the West. The 6,000 plus Turks he has arrested are quite aware of this fact.

Then, a number of folks literally melted down when I claimed that there is absolutely no essential difference between ‘moderate’ Islam and ‘radical’ Islam (nor Sunni vs Shiite Islam). I suppose I have been impolitic in my thoughts, but I haven’t changed my mind in the least. And here is why.

The essence of Islamic belief is that it is destined to rule the entire world. Literally, the entire world. Including the penguins. And that Islam is to achieve this world-wide domination through two means. The first is through the weakness of the infidels. The second is through the ferocity of Muhammad. When the infidels are strong, Islam is simply to sleep. When the infidels are weak, Islam is to awaken, and take them by the sword.

What do I mean by sleeping? Well, sleeping is a physical function of the body. It’s totally natural. The body is alive but inactive. Yet it still grows. It shows no activity, but it still grows. On the other hand, an awakened body can engage in many activities, many of which can cause death. And so, in order to avoid death, Islam will sleep whenever there is danger to its existence. Witness its somnolence from the time of its defeat at Vienna in 1683 until Beirut in 1983. A nice 300 year nap. Everyone needs a nap occasionally, right?

But what of this growth I have mentioned? What is the natural form of growth? Apart from an individual’s growth, that is. The name for the growth of a people is Procreation. And that is what Islam has done. They have continued to grow their sleeping numbers. That growth continues unabated even today. It is their secret weapon. And ironically, it was the secret weapon of the West until 1930, when the Protestants first succumbed at the Lambeth Conference. Fecundity was spurned, in favor of self-indulgence. The Catholics succumbed in the 1970’s. The result is rather simplistic. The East has waxed, the West has waned. And the West is now caught napping.

Now regardless of the immediate cause (Zionism, colonial ‘exploitation’, or a demonic impulse, etc.), the result is undeniable. Islam has awakened. Not fully, and not everywhere. But the fact is quite visible to everyone not given to idiotic platitudes of religious equanimity. That fact is fully evident to anyone who is even dimly aware of world events. Ask the priests of France if you’re not sure.

But here is the truly important fact; all Muslims are called to Jihad. All of them. This doesn’t change the fact that not all Muslims are awakened yet. And this fact, that not all Muslims are fully awakened to their opportunity (for that is what demographic reality has brought us to), doesn’t change the fact that all Muslims will finally be awakened. After all, that is what Jihad is all about. Taking control when the time is ripe. And biding your time until that time arrives. And that is what they have done. They have outgrown us, by our own choice. And now the numbers have told them that the time of their victory is at hand, and that it is time to arise from their slumbers.

Yes, I know, there are those who still naively believe that there is the possibility of transforming Muslims into moderate, passive and tolerant beings, by being exposed to ‘Western values’. Muslims who are willing to live in harmony with their non-Muslim neighbors. But you know what? That willingness would actually make them non-Muslims. That’s what the Koran says. Have you bothered to read it? And while there are some in the world of Dar al-Salam (the house of peace) who believe this, these imaginary moderate Muslims will find that those who do take Mohammed seriously are willing to take their life if they dare to speak this belief in peaceful co-existence. And those who will take their life are the Muslims who dwell in Dar al-Harb, the house of war. These are the Muslims who have been awakened first. These are the suicide bombers, the Jihadis who live to die, in the name of Allah.

So there you have it—the ones who awaken first to the Jihadi anthem will make sure no one is allowed to speak the heresy of accommodation. And so, regardless of any individual’s desire to live in peace, the vast majority of ‘good Muslims’ will be cowed into silence and submission by those willing to kill for the sake of Islamic honor. After all, if you can kill your sister for having been raped, what in the world would prevent you from killing a neighboring Muslim who espouses tolerance of others?

No, the only answer at this time is conversion. A Muslim has to convert in order to be believed when he espouses tolerance. But this is an act that brings immediate personal danger, as this act is apostasy to Islam. An act punishable by death in the land of Islam. By the way, that includes all of the West now, as we have lost the spine to stand up to Islamic terror in our own land. Which means that most nominal (non-enthusiastic) Muslim won’t dare to speak thoughts such as these. Why rock the boat when you’ll get offed for doing it?

Besides, where are the brave souls of the West who will dare to try and convert these poor souls? Who is telling them the error of their murderous ways? What brave bishops will lead them? Yes, it would take a bishop, as that task was entrusted to them, So, don’t bother looking at the Protestant world. Even the Episcopal world. They’re too busy ordaining lesbian bishops. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a Western Catholic Bishop to lead the counter-Jihad. Remember, faith cometh by hearing, but who’s trying to speak the Gospel to these poor Muslim robots? Anybody? Nope, we’re just trying to drone them to death, as if there are enough drones to do that job.

But now, let’s move on to the last part of my previous scandalous post. The part where I mentioned Russia as the last hope for the West (and itself). I suppose it had to come to this, eh? After all, if the West won’t evangelize them then someone has to do it. I don’t think it will be India. Or China, although the Gospel, in some fashion, is making inroads there. But the guardians of the Forbidden City are just as fierce as the guardians of Islam, so don’t expect another Tiananmen Square anytime soon.

No, it has to be the Russians. After all, they have the two things necessary to do it. First, they have a Christian heritage, regardless of how badly formed it is. Second, they aren’t afraid to do things that bring down ‘progressive’ damnation on them. Things like killing people, in large numbers. Level the howitzer tube, Komrade! And yes, this is part of their deformed heritage.

And actually, it won’t be proselytizing that is tried first. Because the Orthodox are as chauvinistic as the Arab Muslims (who look down on all non-Arab Muslims). No, they will try force first. That is the Russian way. But only when they have been begged to do it. Begged by Europeans. The Europeans who begged Tsar Alexander I to save them from Napoleon in 1812. The Europeans who have fallen asleep in their faith. And now their Euro dreams have become nightmares. Shall I make an easy prediction? There will be another atrocity, soon. And another…and another…and another…and another…and another…Get my drift?

And let me make another safe prediction; after the next (ad infinitum) atrocity, there will be verbal outrage across the Continent…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and not a damned thing else.

And at some point, which has already passed, the Russians will have decided that Islam must be destroyed, else it will finally turn on Russia after Islam has consumed the effeminate Trans-Blendered West. And the point of confrontation will be Constantinople. Because no Russian worth his salt would deny that the legitimacy of Russian world domination, whether as Imperial or Holy Rome, hinges on her possession of her rightful inheritance of The Second Rome. After all, numerous Tsars were married into the Emperor’s family, beginning with Vladimir the Great all the way through Constantine IX. Even the Popes have recognized Russia’s claim to the throne of Constantinople. Every Orthodox Russian knows this. It’s only the stupid, somnolent West that doesn’t. Because they don’t know anything anymore. They’re all asleep. But the Turks and ISIS aren’t asleep anymore. Mark my words. Erdogan has.


  1. “Literally, the entire world. Including the penguins.” Can I just say how much I love that line?
    So your contention is that Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire with Edogan as caliph of all Muslims. IS, as we all know, has already revived the caliphate in its own mind and ALSO wants to rule all Muslims. According to Glenn Beck (I know, I know, but he was RIGHT about the caliphate, which he talked about for years before IS revived it), Putin wants to revive the Soviet Union/Russian empire. China, though facing a demographic crisis, has a few decades left in which it has a huge number of fighting-age men AND a deficit of marriagable women. We, like Europe, are practically begging all these folks to not kill us. Just let us enjoy ourselves until we execise our right to ultimate bodily autonomy and demand that our doctors administer our assisted suicide meds. After all, we’ve already killed our children (both metaphorically, by hating our culture, and literally, by abortion and sterilization). The world is sick of us and we are sick of the world. People are nattering about how Islam, which they don’t understand in the least, isn’t inherently violent while the entire world is roiling and spoiling for a fight. I think WWIII is coming (as Pope Francis says it’s already being fought “piecemeal”) and anyone who doesn’t see it is fooling himself. How will it end? I have no idea. I believe that the Church will emerge as she always has, but what she will look like and what the rest of the world will look like afterward is anyone’s guess.

  2. Some home truths about Islam, which I posted yesterday:

    Sebastian Gorka’s new book “Defeating Jihad” is a must-read. It’s short, matter-of-fact (by which I mean non-polemical, unlike most such books), and a great overview that tells you all you need to know. There is much more to know. But what you especially NEED to know about Islam is that it comes from a warlord (Mohammed) and its main message is that Islam is the one true religion for all mankind, so all men need to submit to it… no questions asked. How violent the requirements for submission are have varied over time, but submission IS required. Islam is political and spiritual, there is no separating them. Over the centuries many groups and peoples have moved to a more spiritual kind of Islam — so it definitely IS possible, because it exists now and has existed before. However, every time this has happened, Islam has undergone violent reform returning it to its roots. It is undergoing such a reform right now. Terrorist violence is not an essential or original part of Islam, this is TRUE. But influential imams have said it is not only permitted by Islam, it is now REQUIRED by Islam. And Islam is a religion of requirements.
    So yes, a more “spiritual,” less temporal kind of Islam is possible. But history shows that it is not likely to prevail, because it never has. If it is in the interest of the rest of the world for it to prevail this time, it’s going to take a lot of work on everyone’s part and a lot of bravery on the part of so-called “moderates,” who are literally risking their lives because the vast majority if Muslims do not accept them. This is the reality of the situation. Diplomacy is one thing — we all know it is a kind of falsehood used to bring about a desired future. But people who think that is already true have their heads in the sand. It isn’t already true, and its becoming true for any large part of the world and any significant length of time is a long shot.

  3. Marty

    Careful not to inject what you perceive in comments into the debate.. Unhelpful 😀

    As for moderate Islam vs Radical Islam. You are veering into the conceptual.
    The difference is surely in the people and their interpretations and varying degrees of devotion.

    I’ve traveled the world, did two UN peacekeeper tours in Lebanon and have met a significantly wide variety of devout Muslims. Only recently having met a family where I saw a mirror of my own relationship with my wife, as in I take a backseat on the minor issues and step to the fore on more serious matters, I give ground on most decisions except a few where I put my foot down for valid reasons, as such it appears to the external viewer that the wife is wearing the pants.

    Don’t try to eradicate the nuance of human negotiation of life.

    Erdogan wants power above all else and a following family Dynasty. He will use any means or method to get it, if that means Ottoman empire, so be it, if it means backing wars, starting wars, killing people, arresting people, he will do it, it’s megalomania.

    “And let me make another safe prediction; after the next (ad infinitum) atrocity, there will be verbal outrage across the Continent…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and further verbal outrage…and not a damned thing else.”

    Agree 100% with you here.

    There are far too many conceptual sweeping generalisations in this piece to be of any real use as an insight to the problems with Islam. Too many preconceived notions without the historical depth to support them.

    But hey, we can disagree, and I appreciate the willingness to discuss this important issue.

    #meltdowns and such comments, do they really have any use, why inject emotion into a debate?

  4. Marty

    Correlation is not causation but there is a strong correlation between lack of resources and conflict. It so happens that most of Islam is historically from places with less water and less arable land.

    This is not cause, but one in possibly many factors, as is the resource stripping Europe carried out in already resource stressed places.

    Nothing gets the stick shakers out there angrier than a threat to water and meals, and those people are most open to the rabble rouser radicals and recruitment of Radical ideas.

    Those (both east and west) who have used this as a tool for their ends is also a factor.

    Again what I say is not a total explanation, this discussion must go far deeper into historical understanding.

    Lastly, a man is his own keeper. He makes his own decisions. As such he is responsible for his own actions and knows right from wrong. Whether he chooses to see it or not is up to him.
    Isolationism has furthered the narrow view of many, Isolation of Iran has only served to make the problem worse and sell out the many in Iran fighting for change, both men and women.

  5. Marty

    “Putin wants to reforge Russian empire”

    Tell that to NATO ROFL NATO has grown it’s empire to Russia’s borders.

    Any counter claim to this is nothing short of denial.

    Crimea was a strategic annexation to counter a NATO move. I would have made exactly the same move, no way would I have let NATO take that port.

  6. BrianH

    Muslims are converting to Christianity every day. Many hide their new faith to avoid persecution, so the actual numbers are hard to pin down. Conversely, some Westerners are embracing Islam daily. I believe Islam appeals to the person who wants to work his way to salvation, the “I’m the captain of my ship” mentality. Islam is legalism. It affirms the works done in the name of Allah and this is what drives the faithful to strap explosives to themselves. The concept of salvation through unearned grace is foreign to this mindset.

    We can resolve to kill as many Muslims as possible to end this scourge, but the real answer is the Gospel. In the words of Joel Richardson, we should be revivalists, not survivalists.

  7. Sheri

    I watched a special on Hitler and the 1936 Olympics. A wonderful example of how one can hide one’s head in the said until the sting of gunfire on one’s derriere brings home the reality of the situation. People see what they want to see through the eyes of politics and it’s very powerful and very alluring. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to break through until massive deaths and war make it impossible to ignore. One would like to think the Jews could have been saved and one would like to think Islam is not invading the world with nefarious intentions. The first is not true and time will tell if the second is. Either way, no one is going to stop this until the deaths and carnage make it impossible to ignore, if then. Humans are born denial machines.

  8. Yawrate

    Demographics is destiny.

    The future belongs to those that show up for it.

    Watt, you magnificent bastard…I read your book!

  9. Dean Ericson

    I’m enjoying very much reading Mr Watt’s big-picture paintings; the bold strokes, grande vistas, and colorful details laid out in original compositions that yet demonstrate a thorough grasp of sound principles and hallowed traditions. Top drawer stuff. That he is a Christian who takes the bible and prophecy seriously is no doubt one reason for the compelling nature of his views. (That, and that there is little to nothing of the liberal in him — what a blessing.) He may be criticized for some overly dramatic embellishments — that sky looks a little too lurid, perhaps? — ( and look here, good fellow, Kennedy was killed by Oswald, and Oswald acted alone; cf, Bugliosi, “Reclaiming History”.) But who knows? — when the picture is done it may turn out that sky wasn’t lurid enough. Looking forward to the next installment of Mr. Watt’s fine opus, and thank you Mr. Briggs for hosting him.

  10. Marty

    Just been revealed, leaks show the State department was in on MI5 and CIA using militant supply lines to ship the Libyan arsenal to Turkey then into Syria.

    Clinton knew, more than knew.

    How does that fit into Erdogan’s empire? no it fits into a network of global elites working together to shape the world.

  11. Marty

    Hillary’s Foundation also took donations from Russia while her State Department gave Russia control over 20% of US Uranium production, plus a large shipment was moved from Japan and sent to Russia via ship.

    So much for the “cold war” nonsense and “Russia’s empire building”

    Given how I see things, Clinton’s election is guaranteed, always was. Decided before Obama even took office

  12. Oldavid

    I have a copy of the Koran and I have read it. A chilling read. If I have nothing else to be grateful for I must be grateful that I was not reared a Muslim…. but it’s really only a quieter version of the Kabbalah. The World and its (Infidel or Goy) people are only there to be feasted upon by the Rabbis or Imams who can remonstrate with “god” and make him do their bidding.

    Anyhow, I don’t think that Vlady Putin is cut out to be the saviour of the World.

  13. Ken

    For those of you who enjoyed this post, you might also want to read:

    The Barbarian Bible : The True History of Man Since the Fall of Troy, by Ianto Watt.

    Four [at least] reviewers at Amazon note that he refers to scientists thru-out, and those that disagree with him, as “weiner dogs.” One can’t find that fashion of verbal sophistication in very many places (and at 540 pages who says you can’t get too much of a good thing).

    While on the subject of weiner dogs, don’t miss out on the movie:

    Also, don’t miss out on the must-see summer event, the 18th Annual Weiner Dog Summer Nationals, which are just days away (Aug 13th) in Cincinnati:

  14. Andy

    Even moderate Muslims follow a child raping, murdering, slaving, wife beating ignorant, illiterate desert dwelling halfwit fake prophet Mohammed.

  15. Hoi Polloi

    Quote by Erdogan:
    “Democracy is like a train, you get off when you’ve reached your destination “.

  16. Anon

    Oldavid: Must it be Putin?

    That said, there is a lot that happens in the East that the West does not hear about, as it really gets in the way of the Really Important Stuff, such as what Will Smith is thinking and what Beyonce is up to.

    When some information, opinion, or conjecture that openly questions the party line (and says outrightly, “that’s not news… that’s an allegation…”) breaks through the media barricades, it can get warm:

  17. Milton Hathaway

    Ianto – Your previous false – flag post hit me like an optical illusion. At first I couldn’t see the image, but now I can only see the image.

    Sheri – I can’t find fault with your Hitler analogy, but I can’t help but wonder . . . if the world had ousted Hitler in the thirties, how would history remember him?

  18. Anon

    From the above article:

    The threat is the creation of an autocratic terror state run by a madman, a state of stonings and head choppings, a state of slavery and conquest, a state built on the Wahhabist extremism that created the model for ISIS but 30 times larger, encompassing North Africa, the Balkans to the Indus River.

  19. You have a comic-bookish understanding of geopolitics. I think it’s because you suffer the inability to differentiate rhetoric from reality. When you look at most crackpot conspiracy theories, the binding evidence is most always just words, ideas – quotes, speeches, political platforms. In reality, Erdogan, like Turkey itself, is in a weak state. It’s hard to say what the future holds for the whole region right now, but one thing is for sure, it will not be taking over the world. Russia is in a relatively weak state too, including their military. So, the second thing that’s for sure, they won’t be saving the world from anything until they clean up their act. Look all this up and see for yourself. This post is silly fantasy.


  20. It is not just you. I need more sources. I have a son in the Navy.

  21. Fr. John Rickert, FSSP

    “And the West is now caught napping.” I’m afraid “comatose” is more like it, as someone who is only napping actually responds to sharp external stimuli.

  22. Dodgy Geezer

    All these arguments are postulating a level of ‘world domination’ politics that are not happening in reality.

    Erdogan is a strong man – a dictator. He’s after power for himself – not to revive some historical empire. The easiest way to get power for himself is to mobilise the Islamic community that he represents, against the ‘modernist’ secular Turks.

    Turkey has a history of having the Army fight for the secular part of society. So it’s reasonable that Erdogan should plan to suppress it. And if the Army got to hear about his plans, they might well try to stage a hurried, unsuccessful coup. Which Erdogan would suppress by simply advancing his plans a week or so. There’s no need to postulate any more than that.

    Islam, as well as Christianity, has a belief that it is the only correct religion and that it should conquer the World. We have similar exhortations to spread the Gospel and slaughter unbelievers in our holy book – we just don’t take them literally. Erdogan may talk big for his religious followers, but the fact that he’s gutting the Army indicates that he is not expecting to undertake any foreign adventures any time soon.

    Of course, now is a good time for the Greeks to think about kicking the Turks out of Northern Cyprus…..

  23. Sheri

    JMJ: “I think it’s because you suffer the inability to differentiate rhetoric from reality. “ Pot-kettle, kettle-pot.

    It’s fascinating that you can tell who will and will not take over the world. A perusal through your past predictions shows you to be less accurate than you would have us believe. No reason to think that changed.

    Dodgy: As I have stated before, people keep their head in the sand until bullets hit the part of their anatomy sticking up. World dominion does not happen overnight. Don’t be surprised when the arial part of your anatomy is struck by a sharp object.

    Where does the Bible say to slaughter non-believers? In the Old Testament, there were times when God gave specific instructions to wipe out specific nonbelievers, but these were not blanket admonitions. No where in the New Testament is such a thing stated. It’s more on “loving your enemies”, as used to be constant refrain of anti-war protesters and now is the mantra of the leaders whose countries are being destroyed by the influx of enemies. The “Christians are violent” is only used to justify the invaders raping and killing the current residents of these countries. Until the world decided raping, beheading and killing were just “alternative lifestyles”, there was little of such talk.

  24. Anon

    JMJ: What conspiracy? Everything that Erdogan is doing, he is doing in the open. He is not hiding his true intentions. Only an expert will be surprised to see what happens next.

  25. John Moore

    I think you’ve gone around the bend with this one.

    Yes, properly interpreted, the sacred texts of Islam are pretty awful.

    But look at how many “Christians” manage to find approval of homosexuality and abortion in their belief. They are wrong that these are Christian beliefs, but they still call and believe themselves Christian.

    The same is possible with Islam. Islam can be “reformed” by getting lots of Muslims to misinterpret it. And that is not impossible.

  26. John Moore

    Hey, Dodgy Geezer…

    Christianity doesn’t follow the conquest, etc, stuff because that is in the Jewish part of the Bible, much of which is superceded by Christ as described in the New Testament.

    Islam is the other way around. The violent part is the most recent part of the Koran, and by Islamic jurisprudence, therefore the dominant teachings.

    Fortunately, not all Muslims buy it – in this day and age, a lot of people just aren’t into head chopping and Sharia law.

  27. Marty


    August 3, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I have a copy of the Koran and I have read it. A chilling read. If I have nothing else to be grateful for I must be grateful that I was not reared a Muslim…. but it’s really only a quieter version of the Kabbalah. The World and its (Infidel or Goy) people are only there to be feasted upon by the Rabbis or Imams who can remonstrate with “god” and make him do their bidding.

    Anyhow, I don’t think that Vlady Putin is cut out to be the saviour of the World.
    Case in point, did you want to kill after reading it?

  28. Marty

    So how can one claim reading the Quran leads to violence and killing, and yet those who claimed this after reading it, didn’t want to be violent and kill?

    Answer, the underlying people are different, the book is the same.

    Food for thought

  29. Sheri

    Marty: Yes, it’s the interpretation put on the book. Look how many argue that Christians are violent, because in their world view, that must be true. Same for Islam. There have always been violent sects of Islam but perhaps it is the interpretation that leads to the violence. Short of Buddism and Hinduism, there are few religions that have not been exploited, and those may have been somewhere in history. It’s not Islam that we should be checking, but the culture and region from which immigrants are coming and the culture people in this country are buying into. Background matters as do life experiences. Moving to America will not make a violent, angry Muslim suddenly change his ways, or at least rarely. A hollow, guilt-filled, directionless life in America may lead people to want the clear cut “morality” of Islam and the certainty therein.

  30. Briggs


    Important article:

    ‘Wait, the time will come when ye shall learn what the orthodox Russian faith is! Already the people scent it far and near. A czar shall arise from Russian soil, and there shall not be a power in the world which shall not submit to him!’ But fire had already risen from the fagots; it lapped his feet, and the flame spread to the tree…. But can any fire, flames, or power be found on earth which are capable of overpowering Russian strength? (Gogol, XII).

  31. Umair

    Absolute garbage from a psuedo intellectual. Pro-tip: provide evidence from Quran next time you decide to malign an entire religion on baseless age old false arguments.

  32. Umair: Comments have no value if you do nothing but name call. This leads people to conclude you doing are exactly as you criticized the writer for, maligning a piece on a topic you know nothing about. Follow your own advice and present examples for people to read and evaluate. Then you won’t look petty and clueless. You apparently did not read your own “pro-tip” or you don’t actually believe it.

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