Global Thermonuclear War: A Small Price To Pay To Stop Trump

I’m interrupting my e-holiday to write about prospect of global thermonuclear war (which is on the same scale as alien invasion) with Russia.

What is it that Russia has done to us that we need risk the annihilation of tens of millions? More importantly, what has Russian done to threaten the annihilation of you?

One charge is Russia has been supporting Syria, which is bad because the progressives, neo-cons, and “conservatives” in and around our government, and the Noble Peace prize winner in the White House, aren’t fond of Syria. What, then, has Syria done to us? Why, nothing.

Assad, the President of Syria, is, we are told, not a nice man. But many men are not nice, and the state of Assad’s soul, black or white, does not and could not imperil the security of these once United States of America. Even the propagandists at the New York Times would not dare suggest that waves of Syrian troops would, if not checked by our blowing Russian military planes out of the sky, invade Washington DC. As of last count, Syria has zero submarines. That number is not expected to increase.

The frequent rebuttal to this is that Assad is not bad, but he is mean-bad. He kills his own citizens. This is so. But then some of his citizens are trying to kill him, too. Fair is fair. None of this is endearing behavior; however, at least a substantial portion of the folks under Assad’s gunfire are members of ISIS. Hearing reports of dead ISIS soldiers is cheering, one would have expected.

One would be wrong. Why? Because it is Russia who is doing some of the killing. Not only is Russian killing ISIS, but Russia is killing the rebels who are trying to kill Assad. Except for the benefits of dead ISIS members, none of this is our business.

The answer returns that if Russia’s endeavors in Syria are successful, then Syria and perhaps other countries in the Mideast would look with smiles on Russia and so might frown harder on the USA. God bless Russia, say I. If they can make friends in that dispirited land, let them.

Again, what business is it of yours what happens in Syria such that you would risk dying, such that you would risk having your own children killed? Is it our duty to police every dispute everywhere everwhen? If so, why? Because America needs an empire?

Because Israel, say some. Israel shares our nearly defunct system of government, and misery loves company. The Shared Misery theory demands democracies should team to kill those who threaten other democracies, and Israel might be threatened, though nobody knows for sure, if Assad triumphs; thus the USA should risk war with Russia and save Israel. Honestly, now: if you had to choose between yourself and Israel, who would you pick? Anyway, even if you pick the latter and somehow there are people left after the Russian war, we still have to ask our dear leaders why, if they love Israel so dearly, they appeased Iran, a country that has sworn its enmity against Israel.

Maybe you say we don’t have to be the world’s powerful sheriff, intent of having others respect our authoritay. But Russia hacked Hillary’s and the DNC’s emails and showed them up to be the duplicitous, deceitful, people-hating, conspiracy-driven folks everybody already knew them to be (how anybody can trust the media after these leaks is a story in itself). And since Russia hacked our emails, they deserve payback.

Wait. Russia hacked our emails? Does that includes the wedding planning emails on Hillary’s illegal private server which she swore were secure? Let’s ask Comey, see what he says, or get Bill to ask Lynch. Skip it.

Anyway, the charge of Russian hacking is rich, considering that, if true, it has Russia doing less to the DNC than what our own government via NSA did to us.

“But Briggs! The NSA was, and actually still is, conducting unconstitutional warrantless searches to keep us safe. That’s why Yahoo just gave the private emails of millions of citizens to the government. They only want to keep us safe. Don’t you want to be safe from prying eyes?”

No comment.

Anyway, how do we know Russia did the hacking? Guccifer says he did. The only evidence of Russia’s guilt is that senior politicians in government, known for fibbing and stretching points, say they did. Can we trust that Barrack “If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor” Obama isn’t lying to us?

Trust, but verify, to coin phrase. Let’s have real computer geeks known for their hostility to big government independently review the evidence. Part of that evidence must also include proof that we ourselves did not also hack Russian systems. We want to know who started it. Anybody want to venture a guess whether evidence along these lines would be revealed?

Joe “The Groper” Biden thinks Russia guilty. He wants to “send a message“. Meaning we’ll conduct cyber attacks. A.k.a. acts of war.

Yes, acts of war. Acts of war. Why? Because we claim Russian hacking are acts of war, thus so are our return hacks. And, say, do these sort of things ever escalate? Wouldn’t it be cheaper, in terms of souls, to beef up our proven cheesy security rather than start a Global Thermonuclear War?

Last question: where the hell is the anti-war Left? Are there none but hypocrites left?

I now return to the bliss of my e-holiday.


  1. A bright 8th grader could hack the DNC and virtually any government computer system. Who needs Russia?

  2. Anon

    It’s no fun attacking a middle school.

  3. Matt!

    “Except for the benefits of dead ISIS members, none of this is our business.”

    This is brilliant! Your holiday is doing wonders for your worldview!

    We’ve sent our bodies and treasure to fight for others for far too long now.

    The next step is to realize that, wait for it…..killing ISIS members is none of our business either!

    ISIS is engaged in an intra-regional, intra-religious civil war. If you think back to how the neocon/PC-Prog media instigated Americans to care, you’ll remember the 4 foolish Americans who went into ISIS territory, got captured, and then beheaded. Their fate was the only reason provided for us to blunder into the regional war, which is quickly leading to World War 3.

    ISIS, and its friends, only strike out at the USA (and our manipulative NATO “allies”) because we are daily droning, bombing, attacking, and massacring their people. Read the terrorists’ manifestos, after, or during their attacks on the USA. Every single one tells us explicitly, why they’re attacking us. Nothing to do with spreading Sharia, or any of the other misinformation the neocons plug into our media. The attackers uniformly ascribe their attacks on the USA to the USA’s attacks on their comrades in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalie, Libya, Egypt or the other god-forsaken hellholes that we bomb and strafe daily. Stop attacking them, and we remove their justification for attacking us. Let them hash it out among themselves!

    All the while, the USA is actually being invaded, overrun, and culturally destroyed by terrorists from the South.

    Thanks for breaking your e-vacation. Now get back to relaxing!

  4. Unmentioned — ever — is that Russia has the same GDP as Italy. Italy!?!

    Would anyone fear world domination from Italy should that county’s government fall into the wrong hands?

    Rhetorical question. The very same folks (the neocons) who are spreading fear today, of course.

  5. Joy

    Kent, (When I first read your name my eyes read Kent Clarke and I almost called you superman. That was months back. I hope you don’t take what I say the wrong way if you read this.

    Uncharacteristically I disagree on two points in the comment.
    1 That there is not a real threat playing out against the West or non Muslims from Islam. Do you ignore what is actually happening around the world and what happened on 9/11? not to mention the mass shootings and beheadings that have happened on Us soil. The beheadings of Christian citizens that have been happening for years without media reporting the goings on. Beheading, crucifixion and all sorts of atrocities and actual genocide. Islam in it’s current unreformed state is the biggest threat. Far worse than the phoney Russian threat.The Russians and the west have a joint interest and more in common than they differ. The Russians have always feared Islam more than any other world threat. I believe they have been quoted historically as saying so.

    “The next step is to realize that, wait for it…..killing ISIS members is none of our business either!”

    Well it might be none of OUR business but how else can one manage terrorism if one is commissioned to do so?

    “Remember the 4 foolish Americans who went into ISIS territory, got captured, and then beheaded. Their fate was the only reason provided for us to blunder into the regional war, which is quickly leading to World War 3.”

    No, that’s the point when THEY couldn’t keep the truth from the public any longer. I agree wholeheartedly about the media and that sovereign nations are just that. To say that Isis is not a real threat or any other version of the same Islamism to, in this case America is wishful thinking.

    “ISIS, and its friends, only strike out at the USA (and our manipulative NATO “allies”) because we are daily droning, bombing, attacking, and massacring their people. Read the terrorists’ manifestos, after, or during their attacks on the USA. Every single one tells us explicitly, why they’re attacking us.”

    No, that is precisely the wrong way round. This is what the radical preachers teach their young to persuade them they are being persecuted. I think you have this point wrong about ISIS. America will be alone if the rest of the West does nothing to prevent the Lebanisation of the rest of the world. Then you will have to fight when you have nothing left. No allies because they will all be infected with the islamic culture and sympathy. The same is true for each nation but America has a slight head start and that is why a more non PC and real attitude to Islam, as implied by Trump, is to be welcomed. He also has a more sympathetic and realistic attitude towards Russia. Both wise positions. That and mainly that is the reason I like Trump aside from his toadish behaviour which is refreshing all be it unfortunate timing with world politics as it is.

    “Nothing to do with spreading Sharia, or any of the other misinformation the neocons plug into our media. “ This is not correct, the media is busy trying to hide the truth from the public about the real intent of Islam and it’s orthodox teaching.

    “The attackers uniformly ascribe their attacks on the USA to the USA’s attacks on their comrades in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalie, Libya, Egypt or the other god-forsaken hellholes that we bomb and strafe daily. Stop attacking them, and we remove their justification for attacking us. Let them hash it out among themselves!”

    Absolutely, but it doesn’t alter the fact that this is the purpose of ISIS or the ideal of the Caliphate which is written into the teachings of Islam. Which obtained before any bombing of those soils, which was promised and is now being delivered in front of everybody’s eyes with the help of the internet.

    “…Our manipulative allies”? So the US is noble and the allies are just manipulative. When I remember our soldiers who died and were maimed horridly for life, which for some of them, is worse than death, I don’t think any of them think they were in pursuit of their enemy for purposes of manipulation. All nations have their own interests and America is no different from the UK in that regard.

    The rest of the world lives closer to the threat of Islam, perhaps the US should learn something from their very real threat and not just blame that on the media. Most, as in almost all of mainstream media are treacherous and you can’t trust them without cross checking or knowing differently in a given circumstance. In the case of the threat of Sharia, it is very real. The media plays this down not up. The worst thing America can do is to sit back and not recognise this threat which is what media wants you to do. Why they want it is another discussion.

    When those two sick coward sad excuses for men killed our Lee Rigby they said what they wanted. They want holy war. What should have been given was holy war, on Islam, not in other sovereign countries but within our own borders and each nation should do the same. No more mosques to be built, ever. National DNA database and our soldiers allowed to do what they want to do which is to defend their own territory if an where necessary and with use of deadly force where required. The UK is a Christian country, our monarch is the head of our church and it must stay that way. it is not up for debate.

    Terrorists must be rooted out. A certain Marine told me that, and he was right when everybody else was saying something else, that if we don’t take the fight over there they will be back home on our streets bringing the fight to us anyway because that’s what this particular group wants. This was even before we had been fed any information about Syria, before Lee, it wasn’t even on people[’s lips. If you know how the philosophy works and see it working and look at history you can only conclude that there is a very real threat to the west and particularly to anyone who is not Muslim.

    To anyone who can’t read properly I don’t advocate violence against innocent Muslims nor do I advocate hate towards Muslim people. Islam is the problem. It’s time we were allowed to say that other than on the internet.

  6. Joy,

    Your (UK) situation is NOT the US’s situation.

    I’m an American, and Matt’s comments seemed to be directed at the American situation.

    Without getting into great details about the differences, the UK has an extensive imperial legacy, that includes extensive colonial possessions, which resulted in extensive immigration from former colonies. Sorry, but that’s not America’s problem. And it’s high time that we Americans seperate ourselves from Europe’s self-imposed and continually exacerbated problems.

    Again, essentially every terrorist attacker on our country who provides a justification is this (quote from the Orlando attack): “The gunman who massacred 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Sunday said the attack was meant to get “Americans to stop bombing” Afghanistan, according to a survivor who witnessed the attack.”

    That’s it. Nothing to do with religion. Nothing to do with Sharia. Nothing to do with anything except our meddling in foreign countries.

    When we, America, stop meddling in intra-religious, intra-regional civil wars (usually at the behest of foreign powers), we’ll be able to focus on our own actual problems.

    (Not a lot of illegal Hispanics pouring across the UK’s borders, are there?)

  7. Anon: True, the Russians make the Democrats look more important and allows them to avoid the embarrassing truth.

    Kent C: One imagines you believe that grizzlies are harmless if they are not close to where you are and if they are not, who cares? Grizzlies don’t really eat people, except because we antagonized them by not moving out of their territory fast enough. You believe that nothing should be done until the grizzly eats your wife or child and then it is only to move as far away as possible so as not to upset the bear. It’s called “head in the sand” and you should remember what part of your anatomy is left in the air. I’m sure Europeans believed the same thing. I guess you’d also argue that drug dealers, gangs, etc are all problems because some idiot labelled them bad. You are right in one sense—there can be no wrong if you label everything okay. If murder, homicide, etc were never labelled, there’s be no killing, no raping, etc, right? We’d all be living in Nirvana and singing Kumbaya all day long if people would shut up and be nice and stop labelling people’s behaviour. There’s that part of your anatomy in the air again.

  8. Ray

    Last question: where the hell is the anti-war Left?
    Well, after the Vietnam war they went home and haven’t come out since. When North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam, nary a protest. When Vietnam invaded Cambodia, same thing. When China invaded Vietnam, silence. When the USSR invaded Afghanistan, crickets.

  9. “Kent C: One imagines you believe that grizzlies are harmless if they are not close to where you are and if they are not, who cares? Grizzlies don’t really eat people, except because we antagonized them by not moving out of their territory fast enough.”

    Why are you in the grizzlies’ territory? Why are you flying over the grizzlies and shooting entire families of grizzlies from the air? What do you expect the grizzlies to do when you massacre entire villages of grizzlies with drones?

    When your home is invaded by rats and bedbugs, why the hell are you out in grizzly country making trouble? Take care of the rats in your own house, and let the grizzlies deal with their own problems.

    We whacked Al Qaeda to kingdom come. And then we stayed, and tried to inflict PC-Progressive values on them. Then we destroyed stable regimes, one after the other in the Middle East and North Africa. And we continued to instigate and kill, and assassinate, and antagonize.

    That’s why they target us.

    Leave the grizzlies alone. We killed the one that ate our friend. Now let them fight among themselves, 5000 miles away. We are being invaded–not by grizzlies. We are being invaded by bloodthirsty terrorist savages from our south.

  10. Kent —

    Excellent analysis.

    Sheri, et al, while claiming otherwise, take their direction from the establishment, at least when they are told to fear. That is why Al Qaeda can be an eternal evil while also being a ardent ally. And we wonder how the Soviets citizens were duped by their government.

    Ray —

    You are forgetting the anti-war left got a Nobel Peace Laureate elected president. Remember the activism and agitation during that election cycle?

    Maybe Soros quit funding them.

  11. Joy

    This is a neocon’s take on America’s guilt complex about the middle East. Starts at about
    7:00m. I think he’s correct. Neocon means something different here.
    (and i’m not one last time I looked.)

    I agree, hence my remark about sovereignty and separation. Each country has it’s own interests. Of course I understand that America is a different situation but the threat is the same and that is my point. I hope you noted that I don;’t advocate, with the benefit of hindsight the military interventions that have taken place. It’s quite another thing to take the line that there is no threat from Islam.
    If you don’t recognise the threat then you are taking the same approach as our authorities, police, and media took for years whilst the numbers of muslims increased. Stopping the bombing is just the start.
    Not poking the Russian bear is also vital. Russia has joint interest and where Americas interest is the same as Russia it is foolish to pose differently. (as the current powers in America are doing).

  12. Gary

    We have always been at war with Eurasia…

  13. Kent C: Just keep up with the ostrich pose. It’ll all work out.

    JIm F: You’re mind reader and know everything, I see. No point in further comment when the all-knowing Jim is on the job.

  14. M E

    Oddly enough a growing number of Russian people are Orthodox Christians. The Soviet Union is long past. The Patriarch is visiting or has recently visited Britain.

    It seems that Americans were brought up on movies about fighting the Commies.Hollywood is not good at history.

    As to the accusations of hacking and spying I think you should read
    ‘Spy Catcher the Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer.’ by Peter Wright, Former Assistant Director of MI5. If US publishers handled it.
    Our opinions come from what publishers allow after all.

    All the great powers were collecting intelligence on each other as well as perceived enemies from the Post World War II period.They didn’t and don’t need the internet.
    Intelligence gathering started a long time before the internet.
    BTW be careful what you write. It stays on the internet and can be retrieved , you may regret it in the future.

  15. Sheri,

    So what is your experience in the global war on Islamic terrorism? Sounds like you’ve been really active and engaged, what with your nose to the wind? Please share.

    In the meantime, here’s some details on my experience:

    “Sabban’s primary American contact was a bald, trig dynamo named Kent Clizbee, a CIA officer who showed up in Zamboanga City raring to go. The term gung-ho was inadequate to describe this big, pale, muscular American. He was nothing like the conventional image of the retiring, blend-into-the-background spy. Looming over his new Filipino collaborators, dressed in a T-shirt, shorts, and hiking boots, he looked like an American tourist who had taken a wrong turn. But Clizbee was an expert in Southeast Asian languages and cultures. When Sabban invited him along on a strenuous uphill hike for some exercise one afternoon, Clizbee, a U.S. Special Forces vet, earned any marine’s deepest measure of respect by easily keeping pace. He was the perfect ally. He wanted no credit. He didn’t want to plan or run the operation. He was a good listener.

    “What do you need?” he asked Sabban. One of the first things the CIA provided was money to buy a new satellite phone—for Tilao. The guerrilla had asked Siglos to get one for him; his own had either broken down or been lost, and he’d been using his cell phone to make calls out of the jungle. There were several cell-phone towers on Basilan, but service was poor….”

    Happy to compare notes on your counter-terrorism experience.

    Until then, I’ll reserve judgement!

  16. Joy

    Superman! In disguise as Kent C.
    I was right all along.

  17. Just swimming upstream to make the contributions I can and help those with open minds learn….

    It ain’t easy, quick, or clean…but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

    And the friendly fire is a lot nastier and more deadly than that of our adversaries!

  18. Uncle Mike

    Last question: where the hell is the anti-war Left?

    Dittos, Ray. They became commie terrorist bombers. They bombed Belgrade for 80 days without any qualms, and then did Baghdad and most of Iraq. Add in 15 years of bombing Afghanistan. And the aspirin factory in Sudan. And more… Heck, they carpet bomb our own national forests.

    The anti-war Left were useful idiots who thought (and still think) Marxism is a religion of peace.

  19. Joy

    USS beginning with an A?
    Go Kent!

  20. La Longue Carabine

    Neither Russia nor the US have any significant interest in Syria. This just a feint.

    Russia only has a small force there, but to counter it the US would have to commit a much larger one, several times larger, which would spread US forces even thinner. That would leave Russia free to grab another former satellite, say, Poland? without having to worry about serious opposition.

    Yeah, maybe Europe would step in with their formidable military might. Or not.

  21. Frederic

    Lets not overlook the fact that our allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE,
    Kuwait, and Jordan were the principle founders and financiers of ISIS and
    that we are expected to believe this all was done right under our noses without
    the knowledge of our multi billion dollar Intelligence Services. God forbid
    peace break out, war is ten percent of our GDP.

  22. La Loungue,

    The neocon meme is that America has never been more weak, ill-prepared, or wobbily-led. Thus, they warn, we are at risk for being bullied by big-bad-men like Putin.

    Unless you understand the origins of the neocons and PC-Progressives, you’ll take them at their word. If you understand their origins and tactics (Comintern covert influence operations), you’ll laugh yourself sick at the irony.

    We are today involved in more military actions in more countries, in more ways than ever in modern (post-WW2) history.

    To riff on your Syria note, can you believe the nerve of those d**ned Russkies!? Look at how they’ve deliberately placed their country smack dab in the middle of our network of military bases!

  23. Sylvain

    ” where the hell is the anti-war Left? Are there none but hypocrites left?”

    who on the left is talking about going to war, no one.

  24. Sylvain,

    Great observation!

    And the answer is!

    Of course the Politically Correct Progressives do not publicly call for war! Because they cannot tell the truth about what they believe or want. That is the nature of their belief system–and their strategy and tactics.

    “PC-Progressives like Obama always are loudly vocal in declaring their humaneness, and love for mankind. And they are loudly vocal in chastising evil conservatives for war-mongering and immoral use of covert action. Yet, when the PC-Progressives actually gain power, they become addicted to covert action.

    “Obama and his clique love covert operations. They’ve demonstrated that in the Global War on Terror (or “overseas contingency operations building bridges to Islamic extremists”). Instead of actually pursuing the war in Afghanistan with the tools in place–soldiers and Marines–they prefer Predator strikes in the hinterlands of Pakistan. The number of these covert action killings has soared from 2009 to 2011–with estimates of 5 dead in 2009 under Bush growing to several hundred dead in 2010 under Obama.”

  25. Jim Fedako

    Sylvain is lost once again.

    Sylvain, drop your Derrida-esque use of left and right and the fog behind your corneas may lift.

  26. Sylvain


    I would have thought that you would have at least brought up some name. Oh wait there are none

  27. Oldavid

    I think that Google censorship has got my number again.

    My comment has vanished.

  28. Yawrate

    The only way groups like ISIS will abandon the fight with us is if we turn a blind eye to Israel while they finally obliterate the Jews.

  29. And America should spend $10 million per day in direct aid, trillions of dollars for our military and covert operations destablizing Israel’s enemies, and our good will and international prestige with the benefit to American interests being _______ (fill in the blank)?

  30. Yawrate

    No, all the Jews should die.

  31. That’s a pretty extreme position.

    But, again, the question is what is the American interest in spending all our blood and treasure to benefit one foreign group?

    The USA is bankrupt. We borrow trillions from China to finance our foreign meddling for AIPAC.

    American interests must be the only consideration when we evaluate the potential of flushing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in meddling in international affairs that do not effect the USA.

    There are dozens, hundreds of ethnic groups that have suffered at the hands of others–Buddhists, Yazidis, Hutus, Armenians, Australian aborigines, Cham, Poles, Chinese, Japanese, Czechs, Welsh, Eskimo, and on and on.

    Why does America need to expend money we don’t have to solve the human relations problems of foreigners?

  32. Sylvain —

    Recall you have said that all movements of the Left which spilt blood were actually movements of the Right, leaving the version of the Left that only exists in your mind with bloodless hands. Do you even understand the fallacy you committed here?

  33. Joy

    “There are dozens, hundreds of ethnic groups that have suffered at the hands of others–Buddhists, Yazidis, Hutus, Armenians, Australian aborigines, Cham, Poles, Chinese, Japanese, Czechs, Welsh, Eskimo, and on and on.”
    And British with the help of millions which came from directly from American purses to support the IRA but with the help of the propaganda and influence aided and abetted from Washington. When America stops pretending their friend is the UK and admits that Germany is their real problem they will be able to extract themselves and stop blaming Britain as a cover.

  34. Not sure what your point is, except that it is a Brit-centric point.

    The USA is NOT the UK!

    Irish are just another of the hundreds of oppressed foreign groups with legitimate, or not, grievances. Who’s the victim? The English or the Irish? From the point of view of American interests–not to be too blunt–but who cares?

    It’s none of our business!

    If Americans with Irish ancestry want to fight the Brits, then get over there and fight! If Americans with British ancestry want to fight the Irish, then get over and go to it! But don’t expect the rest of America to contribute our nation’s blood and gold to the thousands-of-years-old warfare.

    The point here is that millenia-old ethnic/religious/tribal/regional/national conflicts are NONE OF AMERICA’s BUSINESS! But the vile lash-up of the neocons and the PC-Progs pushes us into unwinnable conflicts:

    “American commandos in the fight. There are as many as 300 U.S. Special Operations Forces advising the Kurds as they push from the east, and American Apache helicopters have joined the fight, pounding militant positions in northern Iraq, the New York Times reports.

    “And those troops are getting closer to the front. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters Monday that while American forward air controllers would remain behind the front lines, “it’s safe to say there are Americans on the outskirts” of Mosul, where they’re embedded with Pesh and Iraqi counterterrorism forces. FP’s Paul McLeary writes that while in the previous battles for Ramadi and Fallujah U.S. advisory forces mostly stayed well back of the fighting, the Iraqi counterterrorism troops and Pesh traditionally push their command and control up to the front lines. This means that U.S. troops are “providing advice in a combat environment,” Cook said. “They’re not back in a building miles away.”

    Whether it’s in Eire, or Wales, the Golan Heights, or Sulawesi, or Pyongyang, or Crimea, or Mosul, or Verdun, or Sydney, or Kiev, or any of the thousands of conflict areas around the world–they are not America’s problems!

    Our problems include the invasion of foreign barbarians across our southern border.

    Our problems include the racist domestic terrorist conspiracy planning and carrying out massacres of our police officers. We have plenty of American problems.

    We’re the ultimate patsies to let foreigners manipulate us into funding and fighting their conflicts.

  35. Yawrate


    That’s what I’m saying…there is no compelling interest. Abandon Israel. Let them stand on their own. But do you really think the jihad will then pass us by?

  36. Yawrate,

    The “jihad” is directed at America in direct proportion to the perceived threats from America–constant droning and bombing, constant assassinations, constant attacks on their villages, constant overthrowing of regimes, constant meddling.

    If we instead concentrated on eradicating the actual terrorists invading our nation, and the domestic terrorists wreaking mayhem within our nation, and let foreigners fight among themselves in their countries, the “jihad” has no reason to attack us.

    Again, read the justifications that are set out for nearly every Islamic attack on American interests–nearly every one lays out their reason: “Stop bombing us. Stop funding, arming, and uncritically supporting those who oppress our people. Get out of our lands.”

    Or as bin Laden said about the 9/11 attacks:

    “To America, I say only a few words to it and its people…neither America nor the people who live in it will dream of security before we live it in Palestine, and not before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad…”

    The real-life situation on the ground is very, very simple. The neocons, and their blood-brothers, the PC-Progressives, love to complicate and obfuscate the simple truth. For they thrive on chaos and confusion. Under the cover of chaos and confusion, they are able to manipulate the foreign-policy-naive American public into supporting self-destructive policies. The neocons do this in pursuit of their foreign-sponsor’s interests. The PC-Progs do this in pursuit of their interest–destroying Normal-American credibility and prestige.

  37. Rhetocrates


    You write,

    “If we instead concentrated on eradicating the actual terrorists invading our nation, and the domestic terrorists wreaking mayhem within our nation, and let foreigners fight among themselves in their countries, the “jihad” has no reason to attack us. ”

    Small correction, I think. They still will have a -reason- to attack us – these movements by their very nature and direction are anti-American – but they won’t have the means.

    This is observable via a simple thought experiment. Take the extreme case: the US cuts off all contact with the outside world whatsoever, and deploys the Navy to sink any boats/down any planes coming within her controlled airspace/seaspace. Then she deports anyone who professes Islam, or who’s father or grandfather professed Islam.

    You’d clearly and obviously have no more domestic Islamic terrorism. Al Qaeda would still be angry at us, probably, but it’s not like they have IRBMs to make their displeasure felt.

    Of course, real policy goals must fall short of such an extreme, due both to foreign connections we would do well not to drop (e.g. trading and military partnerships in Europe) and the feasibility of actually driving such a policy into effect in the government we now have. But the thought experiment proves the case nonetheless.

    Aside, have you read Navrozov’s “Life in a Closed Country Once Called Russia”? I bring it up because your description earlier of the loud cries of “Peace, peace!” are exactly consonant with his description of Stalin’s foreign policy. In the book, he goes into great detail about Stalin’s plans and means to ‘wage peace’ against the ‘democracies’ of the world. You might enjoy it.

  38. Joy

    Kent, Of course I am Brit centric but I have whole hearted support for the US from a military perspective, that is I do believe in our allies. It is not the soldiers or the generals who are politicking.

    I am surprised at your comment.
    firstly it adds nothing to repeat the obvious that America is not the UK. It didn’t need saying the first time.
    Reading further down your comment it leads me to conclude that you are repeating the words or ideas of terrorists in justifying a political viewpoint regarding military strategy.

    You can say who cares but there are enough Americans who do care and who did pay from the comfort of their own towns, towards the efforts against the English. To say or adopt the line that this matters not makes as much moral sense as paying any terrorist organisation.
    It doesn’t impress me that Americans are free to claim their distain for England or Britain, of course that sort of thing is for the playground.
    The point is that terrorism is terrorism whichever cause. If we can’t agree on that then we are very different people indeed.

    Countries must be allowed to be sovereign as I have now said three times on this post alone and is simply agreeing with one of your points. It is something which I have always maintained. The important point is that Washington has not behaved like this is the case long before the first Iraq war by it’s involvement in Ireland. I can assure you that the ‘oppression’ of which you spoke is right out of the propaganda story I am referring to.
    That you don’t care about that isn’t important but that you repeat it is telling of the level of misinformation that has reached the psyche of many, particularly religious, right wing Americans. It is an axiomatic belief of the type which is hard to irradiate.

    And what’s this about Wales? who is oppressed in Wales? That is plain funny.
    Are we going back to the book of cells? or the doomsday book?

    Do you truly believe that all the terrorist troubles which befall a nation are all self inflicted and deserved? This is the language of victimhood in the making. I don’t accuse you of victimhood but the argument you make does play into the hands of terrorist’s forked tongues. There is no truth in the claim that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    Incidentally, the Welsh guards, of which my paternal grandfather was all his life, were destroyed en mass by an IRA bomb. ‘G’ who I spoke of the other day was a welsh guardsman. They are also the group who fought the zulus.
    I won’t apologies for our Airmen, Sailors or soldiers. They are the ones who face the terrorists and they have my full admiration and support forever.

  39. Joy —

    Forgive my ignorance, but in what year did the Zulus invade the Btitish Isles.

  40. Yawrate

    Ok, Kent, I’ll ask directly.

    Do you really think that if we did all you suggested and abandoned Israel the jihad would end?

  41. Then I’ll respond with a question:

    When did “Islamic terrorism” against the USA begin?

  42. Joy

    Are you still misrepresenting the truth about what is written?
    Where did I say that the Zulus invaded Britain? (Certainly many Africans from different tribes have, more recently along with many sub Saharan Africans but I know that’s not what you mean.)
    This is more assumption and I think, obfuscation. I’m still waiting to hear about the capitals, or lack of them. I note Luis Dias was also accused of a capital crime recently. What nonsense.
    Your fake question is loaded and your sarcasm is pure cheese.

  43. Yawrate

    Kent, the first Barbary War, 1801.

  44. Rheto,

    No, haven’t read that book. Sounds interesting. I am immersed in the Bolshevik/Comintern covert operations against our country, though. See my book, Willing Accomplices, which describes the Lenin/Stalin/Muenzenberg Comintern op that created American PC- Progressivism.

    Your thought experiment has nothing to do with reality–who said to “cut off all contact with outside world?” Our foreign policy, instead must be to pursue AMERICAN INTERESTS. Not to dance to the tune played by foreigners, nor to pursue the interests of foreign powers.

    That means to stop participating in intra-regional civil wars–whether it’s Kurds vs. Shia vs. Sunni, or Tutsi vs. Hutu, or Jew vs. Muslim, or Chinese vs. Filipino, or Russian vs. Ukrainian, or Liberian vs. Congolese, or Anglican vs. Catholic, or German vs. French, or any other of the thousands of permutations of millenia-old ethnic/religious/regional conflicts.

    They are none of our business. When they finish their massacres, then we can establish business relations with them, but we never allow ourselves to be dragged into their insane massacres. And history shows clearly the skill of the foreigners in manipulating naive Americans into fighting their wars for them.

    We have more than enough conflict on our own southern border to keep our military busy protecting us from those terrorists.

    Try that thought experiment!

  45. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    I’ll now assume you do not understand sarcasm.

    My point is the Zulus never invaded the British Isles. Yet you still honor those who slaughtered the Zulus on fields 1000’s of miles from the British Isles.

    Who were the invaders in this instance? The Zulus in their homeland or the British building an empire on the blood of others?

  46. Jim Fedako

    Joy —

    Regarding capitals … again, I am beginning to think you are tin eared, so to speak.

    You chose to capitalize certain nouns, but do not capitalize Christian. Is that just a miss or are you using it to convey a message?

  47. Yawrate,

    Can you be serious? You want to go back 200 years for evidence of “Islamic terrorism?”

    Ok, let’s play!

    Those damn Barbary Pirates! Remember during that time, 200 years ago, how they:

    1. Sent warships to patrol just off America’s coast, stopping American ships, kidnapping American sailors to be enslaved on their Muslim ships?
    2. When America responded to the damn Barbary’s barbarianism with forceful rejection, the Barbary Pirates invaded up the Chesapeake Bay, laid seige to Baltimore, then landed an army of Barbary Muslims which laid waste to the countryside on their march to the newly constructed capitol, Washington DC, sending our President fleeing to the countryside, and then those damn Muslims burned our capitol city, including the White House? Yes, sir, Islamic terror goes waaay back, doesn’t it?
    3. Then those damn Muslims invaded up the Mississippi, bent on destroying New Orleans. Luckily, the valiant Andrew Jackson’s army stopped the brute Muslims with a resounding defeat, sending the barbarians fleeing back to their country.

    Yes, sir, those damn Islamic terrorists! They have always been barbarians, right?

    Oops, sorry. Replace “Barbary Pirates” above with the royal British Navy and Army. Replace “Islam” above with Anglican. Then the scales will begin to fall from your eyes. We call it the War of 1812. It was our response to the brutal, despotic, imperialistic, arrogant, barbarian British actions against American interests.

    The British Anglicans and their brutal allies have killed far more Americans, since we forcibly expelled them from our shores in 1778, than Muslims have ever dreamed of.

    In the history of barbaric enemies of America, compared to the reprehensible British, the actions of the Barbary Pirates against the USA were miniscule.

    Now, back to the modern era. I’ll try again, when did “Islamic terrorism” begin?

    Hint: “Islamic terrorism” against American interests began in the 1960s. What might have been the motivation?

    Hint: The exact same motivation that drove Zionist terrorists to massacre thousands of British, Palestinians, Americans, and others, from 1920 to 1948, beginning the modern day cycle of terrorism. And it worked! They got their country as a result of their brutal terror tactics.

  48. Joy

    Really you don’t deserve a response for that phoney remark.

    What hidden message did you have in mind?

    In particular for someone who is outraged by the offence of missing a capital letter on christian, your remarks are the very definition of unchristian.
    You are supposed to respond to the comment instead of attacking the innocent person. If the person isn’t innocent you are STILL supposed to respond to the comment, that is, if you don’t want to lose the point, if it matters.

    There’s something I’ve learned in life and that is if someone, usually a female but not in this case, is nasty, unpleasant, vicious or otherwise rude who doesn’t know you or where you have done nothing to provoke it, jealousy is almost always at the root. It took a long time for the penny to drop.
    I’m getting that same queazy feeling from reading your comments to me Jim.
    or there’s always this:
    Sleep well.

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