We Interrupt Our Regular Post—To Bring You Trump Roasting Hillary At The Al Smith Dinner



Notable for the difference in applause.

Poor Timothy Cardinal Dolan looks as if he ate day-old oysters. And don’t we feel sorry for the fellow to the left of the dais wearing the medal? Those TV lights must have been murder.

After all, why get along? Why pretend to? This isn’t a sporting event where the outcome is meaningless. This isn’t a routine election. This is war. The Culture War. Being nice surrenders needless territory. Being nice says “I may lose and if I do it won’t be so bad.” Nobody thinks that; nobody should.

Now there are a small fraction of Hillary supporters who really do believe—I mean this—that she is honest and that she loves us and that life will only improve under her beneficent eye. The belief these happy people share is one of the blessings of Democracy.

Most instead accept Hillary’s soul is black, but they love Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism and all of modernity’s destructive forces, and they think they will flourish under Hillary. She dreams of open borders! Oh, sure, she’ll steal what she can, ruthlessly punish the odd enemy, break the law for herself and her cronies, start a lucrative war or two, declare victory in 2020 in 2018. But, hey, that’s the way life goes. A small price to pay to eliminate the biased restrictions foisted upon us by Reality.

A few know Hillary loves Hillary best and hope to cash in on that love. Indeed, some of these people will get lucky. But they’ll have to keep their wits about them. The in-fighting will be atrocious. Get ready for headlines like “Hillary administration’s John Smith found dead, four shots to the back of the skull. FBI rules the death a suicide. Will found leaving Smith’s assets to Chelsea.”

Figuratively! I’m speaking figuratively!

Of course, a small minority of Trump supporters believe the man to be the second coming of Reagan, or whatever. There are always enthusiasts.

But the majority know Trump is vain, crude, and rambunctious. They know he’ll expand government, albeit at a somewhat lower rate than Hillary. They accept Trump will smile upon his friends, but he’ll frown upon the country’s enemies more. He doesn’t need the government to grow rich, so those temptations will be removed. And, these folks think, there is at least a chance he means what he says about abortion, religious freedom, political correctness, legal immigration, discouraging terrorism, wanting NATO to (as Hillary would say) pay their fair share. not wanting a global war with Russia and China. How nice if that turns out to be true!

Trump’s inner circle is aware the private man, the CEO, is not the ball of bombast who appears on television. This a man who can make decisions. And has, to the tune of billions (they also know that nobody bats a thousand).

These candidates are nearly as opposite as possible. The only thing that would widen the gap were Trump to announce he was running for King.

Hail to the King, baby.


  1. Trump can’t run for king—Obama already has that title.

    This is a form of “democracy” that occurs in an uneducated, backward country run by the media and based on lies. It is not what the founding fathers envisioned, but it is the reality of greed and stupidity in a population. What was envisioned for America ended long ago, about the time of the industrial revolution when life became easier and people no longer needed their wits. They appear to have tossed out the wits in favor of binkies and blankies. A couple of world wars provided temporary need for wits, but thereafter, all wit was removed and replaced with the blankies.

  2. Fr. John Rickert

    By the way, I am all the more certain now that we ought not to use the term “mainstream” media, because they are definitely not mainstream in the true sense. What should the term be? Dominant media? Domineering media? Hubristic media?

  3. Phil R

    Biased media? Bought-and-paid-for media? Progressive State media?

  4. Max

    I prefer “the corporate press.”

  5. Ken

    “…there is at least a chance he means what he says about …, political correctness, …”

    I think its safe to assume that “political correctness” slipped into that sentence that includes “abortion” and “religious freedom” etc. out of a sort of typing inertia. Anyone might understand some doubtfulness about his true position on a topic like “abortion” … but I think the record is pretty clear about his disdain for “political correctness” — no real doubts at all about his position there.

  6. Fr. John Rickert

    Belshazzar’s feast.

  7. Phil R

    Would it be sexist and politically incorrect to ask who is the one with the rack in the background? She seemed to really get a kick out of Trump (lot of smiling, clapping & laughing).

  8. Frederic

    “1984 happened in 1930 and nobody knew it.” M. Mcluhan

    This in reference to the almost complete consolidation of
    press and media ownership into an empire of their own.

  9. Yawrate

    Phil, I like it, Progressive Media. Simple, to the point, and easier to type!

  10. Mohammed Amin

    “And has, to the tune of billions”

    Where? Where are these billions? Hillary Clinton has more money!

    Donald Trump is a misogynist and racist.

    – –

    “Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism and all of modernity’s destructive forces”

    Yes. Blacks were hunted prey… how dare a Black Man rises to become the president! Shocker!

    – –

    “Political Correctness”

    Yes. That really is just Right Wing Whites desperate to say the N word. Trump like to be politically incorrect… as long as he is the one doing it.


  11. Mohammed Amin

    “but he’ll frown upon the country’s enemies more.”

    What enemies? America has only one enemy. And that is [Extreme or otherwise] Muslims. China, Russia… they are not America’s enemies. And there isn’t anyone else.

    – –

    “He doesn’t need the government to grow rich”

    Really? Billion dollar losses. Failure at virtually every project except Property. 2 bankruptcies. Estimated wealth from $150 million to $10 billion. Ho one knows the truth. He failed to prosecute O’Brien for estimating it at $150 mill. Couple that with the fact Trump likes to be known as “the Billionaire”…

    Those temptations are the sole reason he is in there. And I won’t be one bit surprised if the Clinton’s are far more richer than him.

    – –


    What position is that? He has changed it so many time, like other issues… what position is that?

    “religious freedom”

    As long as you are not Muslim and to lesser extent Atheist.

    “political correctness”

    As long as he is allowed to make vile crass, statements against others and no one makes them against him. But, we know he likes the N word…

    “legal immigration, discouraging terrorism”

    Lol! See above.

    “wanting NATO to (as Hillary would say) pay their fair share. not wanting a global war with Russia and China.”

    He wants to wind America’s neck down… yep one thing I can support him on! But as soon as there is a bit of conflict he will carpet bomb the hell out of most of Middle East. Trump the Warrior!

    – –

    Yeah right.

  12. DAV

    OK Trump isn’t perfect but infinitely better than the other choice.
    Whether he means what he says remains to be seen. The leaked emails clearly indicate Hillary is definitely less than forthcoming given her public/private stances.

    So the election is coming down to a choice between South Park Douche and the McExcrement. Frankly, I’m getting tired of being force-fed the latter. Time for a change.

    I’ve been floundering about who to vote for against Hillary. Our Lefty friends are providing good reasons to vote for Trump by indicating what life will be like with the Obama surrogate.

  13. Dean Ericson

    Briggs wrote:

    “After all, why get along? Why pretend to? This isn’t a sporting event where the outcome is meaningless. This isn’t a routine election. This is war.”

    I watched the whole thing; what you wrote is just what I saw – it’s war, and Trump intends to win. Can you imagine Bush or McCain or Romney(!) going into that event and throwing down the gauntlet the way Trump did? That took nerve. I think Trump got into the campaign in the spirit of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington not fully expecting the scope and depravity of evil to be thrown up against him. It’s awful to watch, even from the sidelines. He’s promising to destroy the corrupt, establishment, globalist empire and they’re fighting back like they believe him.

    Ann Barnhardt insists Trump’s campaign is all kayfabe to position his brand for profit after throwing the election to Hillary. That doesn’t square with what he did at the Al Smith dinner. He’s in this to win and destroy his – our – enemies.

  14. Dean Ericson

    Mohammad Amin wrote:

    “America has only one enemy. And that is [Extreme or otherwise] Muslims. China, Russia… they are not America’s enemies. And there isn’t anyone else.”

    Oh yes there is: Liberals Our very own Liberals are a far more potent and dangerous enemy than you Muslims and are in fact the most serious enemy we face. Our Globalist, One-World Liberals are the ones promoting every form of satanic revolution conceivable in their soul-destroying, open borders, one world sodomite empire. Next to them you Muslims are pikers. If you Muslims stayed in your countries and we stayed in ours there would need be no conflict between us. But our Liberals love conflict and thrive on chaos. They are the ones who threw us together, and with disastrous consequences for us both. They are the ones fomenting endless war, not Trump. Yes, Trump has promised to deal harshly with ISIS, but he has also denounced our endless Imperial wars and many, many of us, on both left and right, think he’ll be far less
    likely to engage in Globalist Empire Warmongering than our godforsaken Liberal overlords.

  15. Mohammed Amin

    @ Dean Ericson

    You people are a wonder to behold!

    “He’s in this to win and destroy his – our – enemies.”

    What enemies is that exactly? Mexicans? Really?

    “not fully expecting the scope and depravity of evil to be thrown up against him”

    Like his comments on women and how dare these “things” accuse him of doing what he says he does!

    Like his Racism?

  16. John Watkins

    How about ‘Megalo-Media’? That of course does a dis-service to ordinary megalomaniacs, but so what?

  17. SStuart

    @Mohammed Amin

    I am curious. Your name is Muslim. Do you share your religions views?

  18. Dean Ericson

    Mohammad, excuse me – I thought you were a Muslim. But now I see you are a Liberal. That makes you an enemy.

  19. Paul H

    The first part of his roast was great but I do think Trump went off the rails in the last third. By drawing attention to Hillary’s hatred of Catholics he embarrassed both her and his hosts, including Cardinal Dolan and Smith IV. If he had a joke to lighten the mood, it would have been OK, but he didn’t. So he got booed. The press reported this (of course not reporting that he got some great laughs too, including probably the best one of the evening: ‘pardon me’).

    If I wanted to bring up the subject I would have worked in the quip that the Holy See’s Secretariat reportedly once made to Napoleon (or one of his generals) when he invaded Italy: “Sir, so you think you can destroy the Church of Rome? We priests have been trying it for more than 1500 years!

  20. You make an awful lot of assumptions about Trump, Briggs. It seems people just wishfully imbue whatever they want into him.


  21. Oldavid

    I suppose that Hillary expects to woo the “Catholic” vote by praising T’Googlio Monster (Pope Francis) for being the mindless sock-puppet of George Soros and his racist, plutocratic New World Order. The real shame is that it is very likely to work.

    Bill Clinton is on record as having endorsed Prof Carroll Quigley’s tome “Tragedy and Hope” in which Quigley slyly says that the “hope” of mankind is that an oligarchy will have to control the whole world and the tragedy is that most of the people in it will be slaves if they are “useful” or be “eliminated” if they are not. One can only assume that Hillary shares that worldview because if she did not the malignant plutocracy would have jettisoned her long ago.

    Even though I utterly reject the “capitalism” that allows the likes of Trump to stuff his wallet with the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary people I have to allow that he is, perhaps, just an opportunist who doesn’t know or understand the real purpose of money and economy. That still makes him way ahead of the megalomaniac perverts who regard debt money as the ultimate tool to enslave the world.

  22. Oldavid

    Heh, heh!

    Maybe with the careful avoidance of “trigger words” I got a comment in.

    I guess that “free speech” only applies to them misanthropes out to destroy what’s left of civilisation.

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