Stream: Spirit Cooking, Simulated Cannibalism & The Election: More Satanism

Baphomet, any one?
Baphomet, any one? Hat tip to Mike Cernovich.

Today’s post is at The Stream: Spirit Cooking, Simulated Cannibalism & The Election.

People thought I was exaggerating about the return of paganism, the creation of neo-paganistic rites, and the mainstreaming of Satanic practices (here and here). Lo, I was not. The horrific video described below will be proof enough. But first things first.

In one of the Wikileaks emails, Marina Abramovic, invites the Podestas to dinner (I only show part of the correspondence). But not an ordinary dinner.

Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina

If it lasts, there is a video by Abramovic explaining the nature of Spirit Cooking. Recipes are painted on a wall in blood. The first is “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk; Drink on earthquake nights.” The other recipes are similar; most revolve around sex (Abramovic spent much of her career stripping off).


[WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES AT THE LINK.] Or how about the 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art Annual Gala in Los Angeles—what an inapt name!—with Abramovic and Deborah Harry? Fairly realistic nude effigies of the two women were brought in on gurneys to a crowd and then—wait for it…wait for it—the breasts of the effigies were sliced off, then the arms sliced off, then other parts sliced off, revealing guts which were also realistic.

The “body” parts and guts were then served by shirtless men on fancy plates to the Gala attendees. The attendees were thus able to fulfill their cannibalistic fantasies. One man sidled up between “Abramovic’s” legs and ate what was there. It was obvious the expensively dressed patrons of the “arts” enjoyed their feast.

Is this the kind of Spirit Cooking Abramovic invited Podesta to?


Unfortunately, I’d like you to go to Stream and read the rest. Especially the bit about cannibalism.

This post first appeared in different form at One Peter Five.


  1. Anon

    Say that you have a purely secular mindset, or maybe you are not a total atheist, but think there is something “out there”–but that something has no direct bearing on your life and doesn’t ask for and deserve your acknowledgement—when you are confronted with evidence of satanic worship and other occult activities—do you stop to ask yourself WHY? If the purely secular worldview is to prevail, WHY are the elite taking part in this this activity? If there is no God, no Lucifer, what do they hope to accomplish?

    If your answer is to enhance team-building in the workplace, you have to be kidding.

  2. Uncle Mike

    I used to think “progressives” had regressed to the Dark Ages. I see now they have regressed to paleo barbarism. There is no bottom to the pit of dysanthropy.

  3. DAV

    Don’t think this is much of surprise when if comes to Democrats. Didn’t they openly support “Gore” in 2000? Note the capitalized “Gore” (and the all-important scare quotes) however I think “Gore” had been previously Capitolized. He later published his autobiography, An Inconvenient Truth. Cheeky fellow that — growing more cheeky in recent years.

  4. Sander van der Wal

    Is this worst than the Satanists from the early 20th century? Of the ones from the Victorian Engeland of the 19th century?

    This kind of nuttery seems to be a constant of history.

  5. JHS

    Thanks for being politically correct with the use of trigger warning.

  6. diddams

    The covenant of Abraham did away with human sacrifice, cannibalism and all other forms of pagan worship in the service of the one true God. Christianity brought it all back. Pot meet kettle.

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