Who’s Up For A Meal And Some Corpse Dissection?

Who’s Up For A Meal And Some Corpse Dissection?

Headline Diners offered two-course meal topped off by DISSECTION of a ‘human corpse’

A group of dissectors have found a unique way of getting one’s “insides out” as they are offering people a two-course meal topped off by the chance to get hold of a scalpel to dig out the insides of a ‘human corpse’.

In what some may consider a stomach-turning choice of dessert, anatomy experts who featured on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den over the summer will allow for people to dissect an uncannily realistic replica of a human corpse.

Attendees of the upcoming event in Cambridge will have a first-hand experience of chopping up VIVIT, weighing an impressive 18 stones and unveiled by ITAE Group, a company specialized in organizing live anatomy events.

Live anatomy events?

Well, yes: ANATOMY LAB LIVE : THE SURGERY | Cambridge 03/03/2019

The experience will see those quick enough to grab tickets enjoy a two course meal in our operating theatre dining room. The room will plunge to blackout and our centre stage operating theatre will spring into action. Ventilators, a crash trolley and full team will spring will race the clock to save a patients [sic] life as the show opens. A live patient will be rushed through the crowd into the pod before being anaesthetised in a state of panic. Broadcast to our live screens you’ll see Samuel Piri and his clinical team take the scalpel to the patients chest. As the scalpel goes in and the incisions are made the inside organs are revealed and surgery starts…[ellipsis original]

How much, did you ask? Only 76.05 — 970.79 pounds sterling! But wait, don’t answer yet, because you can upgrade to the “Overnight Package for 2 people” which “includes prosecco meet and greet, upgraded nitrile gloves and a room for two people (double or twin) and breakfast 300.00.” (You’d think for those prices they’d at least offer champagne instead of prosecco.)

Vegetarians are welcome: “The meal option is chicken or vegetarian, you will need to contact Anatomy Lab Live after purchasing the ticket to request a vegetarian meal. Chicken will be served by default.”

Where? At the DoubleTree in Cambridge.

The “live” event appears to be staged with a simulated corpse in a moderate state of decay. The first link has pictures, which are rather gruesome, and I say this as a man who has killed, gutted, and eaten many, many donuts.

Of course, all physicians, including those who become executioners, must dissect, but the frivolity attached to these “live events” is new.

This doesn’t appear to reach the level of spirit cooking, as favored by our more progressive political elites. Those enlightened folks actually pretend to eat a corpse, although the do dress in white coats.


  1. Sheri

    “Vegetarians are welcome” I never knew vegetarians liked cutting up meat, just not eating it. I could make a great video of cutting up a “fake” deer and they could watch it. Hey, it’s all in good fun, right? (Actually, I could use a live one that died of old age. My yard’s an old age home for the bambies out here. Some go to that clover-filled pasture in the sky while lounging in my yard. The corpse would at least go to good use then.)

    As for “spirit cooking”, good to our grandkids will celebrate cannibalism. Waste not, want not, right?

  2. Sheri

    “good to know our grandkids”

    Dang, missed that faux pas until after I clicked on that omnipotent button….

  3. Hoyos


    It’s not just that some psychos off in a corner act like psychos, it’s how “tolerant” everybody is being of this. There’s no libertarian argument against this, but, be honest, who thinks the people behind this need to have their basements checked for bodies?

  4. Joy

    In answer to your question, yes, people responsible for this article, and the article itself does need further investigation.

    More transparently fake news, spider embroidery, or maybe tapestry is a more appropriate word given the coarse nature of the thread. Big spider long-ish, legs, fat, from all the donuts, not hairy on top, enormous pincers and a pygidium to house whatever anatomical part the spinning thing is called. You can’t catch people, you can only frighten them and make the girls cry. CNN would be proud.

    Adenbrookes, Hinchingbrooke and Papworth are the university hospital affiliations for Cambridge.
    Cambridge, the colleges, don’t have a medical school in the City. They have a veterinary school. Again, not in the section briggs is describing as a boutique hotel. I worked at one for a few months in outpatients, but sticking with what I know rather than the ‘news bulletin’. could be wrong. Doubt it. Would put money on it. As you can tell I skimmed the article. It’s silly. Like the man eating himself made of butter or ice-cream was. It’s out of the same dustbin.

    It would be very unlikely to be holding dissections in human anatomy as it isn’t set up for them where that accommodation is described. The conditions are clinical/surgical. Not aseptic, but lab clean. Not math lab dirty. There would be logistical problems for the above.
    Regarding audiences for anatomy and surgery; In Victorian, pre NHS days, they used to invite groups to watch. Hence the word Theatre. Nowadays it is one or two at a time. There really were some dodgy characters about then, ‘joining in’ and ‘helping’. See Jack the ripper’s suspect list.

    Now then. If you attend any theory course at one of the Cambridge colleges, (as there isn’t one campus), there is accommodation information for summer school and weekend courses. So there will be generic ‘friendly and welcoming’, accommodation information for anyone attending courses of any kind. They may well read like the few lines in the above. People love a bit of cut and paste, especially newspapers, they invented the phrase. Just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

    So I don’t believe this story is true either. It’s pieced together. Somewhere in there will be a grain of truth, such as the accommodation. There might even be dissections as a course, at one of the hospital locations. The rest is dark embroidery by whoever wrote the silly dirty tale. Courses cost money, too. Some students’ courses don’t include dissections. They are supplementary. All physio schooling included it in the first term, or year, which is entirely patient free, excluding some nursing experience of about a week around exam time. Happy memories!

    Cambridge is near me, so could do a reckie’ but I’m not going to talk about snakes in someone’s earshot. Or pretend to read the paper out loud. Maybe just give them a fright! Phone them up. if you’re really fretting about what they’re up to. I did in similar circumstances! Might have to do again.

    Something tells me, that somebody is taken with the information about dissections. Being given to darkness. As long as you’re outraged about it?

    So here are a few facts:
    There are brilliant computer 3d anatomy programmes now, for the sighted. We didn’t have those. I learned anatomy from braille Grays and Derek Field. Now, I’m informed, classes are brief. Memorising and knowing all the necessary, which is an enormous amount, is left to ‘homework’. Unless it’s their field, of course, Medics do not require the anatomical knowledge that physios and orthopaedic surgeons require. Medical consultants need very little. Surgeons require the local map to be in their head. Trauma surgeons need it all. EVERYBODY is supposed to study it all. Even dentists. It requires a good 3d imagination as well as a head for lists of dry facts. Not everybody is tested on it backwards, forwards and viva.

    Dissections gives valuable instruction in shapes, dimensions and interrelationships of soft tissue. how the real thing feels on palpation. in each example. What real close approximation there is in the body, how structures really appear. How surface anatomy location might be made easily understood. So any new examples in areas not covered can be applied from that knowledge. It also teaches students the sobering reality of what they’re training to do. It’s a necessary reality check. Gloves are worn, students of anatomy don’t need to cut anything. Tutors do dissecting. Unless the surgical technique Is being taught. It’s also why some resort to joking around. No one in our group did, I’m sparing the anecdotes. I was only just turned eighteen. Some were mature students. *by age. The one that had me on to ask embarrassing questions was 34. Cheeky monster. An angel by this article’s standard.

    Derek Field taught us while he was writing what is now the core textbook. The dissections tutor was at UCL in Goodge Street.
    When you’re identifying what you are eating it is hard not to be vegetarian. I’m not, but think maybe I ought. There’s what you think and what you feel. It’s a close run thing. Maybe this newspaper article was paid for by “big veg”? Maybe Peta? It does appear to be doing their work. Meaning it’s Counterproductive. If it isn’t true, why repeat it?

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