Happy New Year!

Predictions for 2017 and how we did in 2016 will commence tomorrow. For now, lie to us and tell us of your resolutions.


  1. DAV

    Happy Nee Year!

    I resolve to make no resolitions.
    No point in making goals that won’t be met.

  2. DAV

    OK maybe one.
    I will not kill the Android spell checker.

  3. DAV

    Vell dere goze an udder won.
    Enybuddy no vere two downlode a smell czecher?

  4. Dan Diego

    I’m looking forward to 2017.

    I’ll endeavor to be less cynical and stay away from unnecessarily nasty political discussions. To focus on the real world and stay away from social media traps. To listen more and speak less. To think before I act.

    My caffeine intake won’t change.

  5. Michael Dowd

    Happy New Year when Donald Trump realizes his potential.

    On resolutions. I plan to lighten up physically and heavy up–at least a little–spiritually.

  6. Joy

    Mine are secret.
    I wrote one for Mr Briggs though and all the other miscreants:

    Book a twice weekly session in the gym or not with an instructor. Sessions must include stretching and balance, boxing might be helpful and only closed chain exercises. Avoid weights. Use the cross trainer and the leg press, being closed chain.
    Walk a dog, (for free), borrow one! for an hour a week to start.
    Take up singing lessons, one on one with a proper classically trained singer. 1/2 hour only. Tone deaf isn’t an excuse.
    Hydrotherapy: Get into the water, swim or float in a small pool if you are too lazy to swim. Take up scuba if swimming is dull. Don’t swim endless breast stroke. Bathtubs don’t count.
    I would say dance but some things are a lost cause.
    Go out and drink coffee alone in a public place once a week.

    If there’s no funds for the above, walk more dogs and charge for it! Buy one of those multiple leeds and take all shapes and sizes. That will keep you entertained! You will discover whether or not animals can abstract universals from minute particulars.

    Incidentally, real good is done in minute particulars.

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    I resolve to make no resolitions.

    Fails by retorsion!

    I’ll endeavor to be less cynical and stay away from unnecessarily nasty political discussions.

    As regards the necessarily nasty ones, no promises are made. And less cynical than what?

    My own resolutions are to desist from over-analyzing resolutions. Staring tomorrow!

  8. Nate

    I resolve to spend less time commenting on the internet. E-holiday? I will make an attempt. Blocking DrudgeReport.com from my browser.

  9. DAV

    Indeed! Take that, you, you resolvers!

    I’m still applying my 1979 resolution to put off resolving to cease procrastination. But with the growing ground swell, soon everyone will be on board.

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