The Ultimate Conspiracy Part II– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Read Part I (in this case, a very necessary prerequisite)

Don’t laugh yet my friend. Words must be spoken. And the spoken word is audible. It is audible because it is a wave. A detectible wave of energy. And as any physicist knows, matter and energy are interchangeable. And neither can be destroyed. And if an omnipotent voice speaks into an un-resisting void then the energy of the spoken word can coalesce into the visible matter that represents the semantic meaning of that same spoken word. Ergo, creation. All you need to do is to accept the fact that without this concept of an omnipotent outside voice, you are left trying to explain where that original micro-dot of super-dense matter that drove the Big Bang came from. Go ahead, tell me. Where did it come from? Who (or what) made it? Quit dancing around. Where the Hell did it come from, if my idea is wrong? I’m waiting…

Yes, I know, you still think I’m wandering. Have you always been this impatient? By the way, if I’m wrong about the beginnings, what’s your hurry? Because if I’m wrong, nothing matters, correct? We’re all just a bunch of carbon-based matter bouncing around willy-nilly, to no good effect, right? So what the Hell’s your hurry?

All right, now let’s get back to the Kabbalah mind-experiment. Just remember one thing though; in Kabbalah, you are the driver of the bus. How you got your driver’s license is not open to theistic question. And you get to direct the direction of the trek. And now we’re back to the action. Take a word. Any word. Now move the letters around. Move them until you get what you want. Then you claim it as being the intent of the gods. Or The God. Take your pick. They’re both your subordinates, right? That’s the whole point of the game. Get it? No? Schmuck. Try again. You’ll get it, eventually. All you have to do is to believe in yourself. Now do you get it?

So here’s an example. Take the word Olympus and move the letters around. What can you get (that makes you happy)? The only thing I can see is this; poly sum. Yes, I’m speaking the language of The Empire, Latin. Why? Because The Empire still exists. Sure, the headquarters has moved. First to Constantinople. Then to Old York (and not Moscow, as the Patriarch would have us believe). And then to New York, home of The Fed. Taxes are still paid, the Legions are still fed, the Barbarians still die, and the Emperor still rules. Who cares where the paychecks are mailed from? Hail Caesar. Hail Donald. Hail whoever sits on the throne.

What? What’s this got to do with anything? Well, where did you ever see that phrase before? You know, Poly Sum? Can’t remember? Well, what did the demons reply to Jesus when He asked them their name before driving them out of the possessed man? What did their spokesman say? ‘We are many’. Poly Sum. Welcome to Olympus, my friend. The home of the real conspiracy.

Yes, I know, invoking the gods is a surefire way to lose your interest. And they really appreciate that, believe me. After all, what rational being can put up with the idea? Ah, if only mankind were as rational as these skeptics. There’s only one problem though. That problem being that the skeptics aren’t the purely rational beings they pretend to be. How so? Well, when faced with some problem that defies a solely-rational explanation, like the question of where that first super-dense dot of matter came from, they resort to the supra-rational. You know, things like string-theory and multi-verses. Anything to distract you from their inability to empirically explain our existence. Anything will do. And the more untestable it is, the better. At which point, they have become believers, rather than provers. That is to say, they have become religious.

That is fine with me. We should all become religious. Because we all die, correct? And in fact, we have all become religious, whether we know it or not. And that’s the whole problem. We don’t seem to know it. At least, a large number of us don’t. We still think that if we invoke techno-babble terms that sound scientific, no one will notice that we haven’t an empirical leg to stand on. And so, what then is the difference between this and Kabbalah? After all, each throws around words, in convoluted forms, until something sticks on the walls of our minds. Forget the fact that you have to destroy the original meanings of these words in order to make this silly exercise work to our satisfaction. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? To get what we want, regardless of reality?

Now we are back to the matter of semantics. The original science. And the home of the true Empiricists. That would be the gods. Now I’ve said all this before, in my book The Barbarian Bible. And this should tell you why the true history of mankind should be dated from the time of Troy, and its fall. Why is that? Because that is the story of how mankind has fallen for the conspiracy of the gods.

Still can’t see that cat? Here, let me explain. Mankind happens to be the playing field for the gods, in their attempt to overthrow The God. And the way it works is simple, even if it is doomed to fail. Think of Professional Football. Now imagine that each of the gods (demons) has assembled a team, each with a theme. The names of the teams are the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the CIA, the Communists, the Zionists, etc. etc. etc. And each team is owned by one of the gods. And the whole point of this Olympic exercise is to win the crown amongst the denizens of Olympus. In other words, the essence of this exercise is Competition. Which is really another name for war. More semantics, eh?

Now to understand Olympus, you must understand Hell. And that Hell is ruled by this same law of competition. There is no love in Hell, so why would there be any co-operation? Each of the demons hates the others. And each seeks to carve out his place of pride by trying to win the Super Bowl of hate. And the prize will go to the demon that accumulates the greatest number of acolytes to their theme. And each of these human acolytes is thoroughly convinced that their team’s theme is the one that can overpower all of the other teams in the league. Humans are such idiots. No wonder the gods thought this would be a cake-walk.

So is this version of Conspiracy Theory silly? Is it incomprehensibly stupid? Well yes, of course it is. Who, in their right and rational mind could think that they could overcome The Champion? Only an idiot, of course. But haven’t I just described mankind today (and yesterday)? Read the front page and tell me mankind is not insane. Go on, tell me. And so then, why do we think that the gods are not idiots as well? Well, it’s because we don’t think of them at all, do we? And that suits them well. Because after all, if you don’t think of them, you’re not likely to think of their ultimate opponent, are you? And why is that? It’s because you are busy thinking about your opponents. You’re busy competing. In the Rat Race.

So mankind is divided into those who join one of these Olympic teams, and adopting their themes, or else you are simply a spectator in the stands. And neither of these two groups ever notices that the ultimate result of each victory by each team results in the slaughter, in some fashion, of the masses that they are supposedly sent to save, or enlighten, or whatever. How many have died in the name of Rule Britannia? Or Pax Romana? Or Workers of the World Unite? Or Survival of the Fittest? Or Tikkun Olam? Or any other, smaller and more esoteric mystery religion? And make no mistake, each is a religion. And each is in competition with the others. All of them are mutually abhorrent to the others. As any true religion must be, of course.

Now we must speak of the True Champion, and his team. They are known by their skeptics as The Losers. Also known as The Martyrs. Those guys who have hung on through every ecclesial disaster since The Great Flood. The team whose theme is cooperation, not competition. The team that is waiting to play the winner of The Current Geo-political Olympics. In a word, it’s Caesar versus The True God. That’s what the Super Bowl of all time is all about. And here’s why I’m speaking about this particular conspiracy. The Russian Plan. No, not the Communist Conspiracy. Not the Zionist Conspiracy, or any of those other teams in the National Fallen-Angels League. No, it has to be the Russian Team.

Why is that so? It’s so very simple, as all true things are. It’s because in this match-up, we have the two opponents who are truly opposites. The True Champion has been waiting for this time. Waiting until the field has been narrowed to the one opponent that will make the most outrageous claim of all time. The team that will claim to be both God and Caesar. God and Man, in one. That would be Russia.

Huh? What am I possibly talking about here? Well, just look at the facts. All of the past opponents of the True Champion have made either one claim or the other, but never (with any credibility) to both. The final game, the last playoff, has to be between two contenders who claim the rightful title of both leagues. And what is this claim? It is this: that the final opponent claims to be the legitimate heir to both the title of the Throne of Caesar and to the Chair of Peter. To be both Romulus and Remus. And that challenge cannot be ignored by the True Champion. And only Russia can make this claim.

Yes, Russia certainly can make the claim to the Throne of Caesar, both by marriage and by might. You might think that The Empire has more muscle than Moscow? Well, is she willing to use it? Of course not. We will never nuke another nation again. Are you willing to bet against that statement? And are you then willing to bet that Moscow would not? I’m not. Ask the residents of Grozny what they think the Russians are capable of. Ask the remaining residents of Kazakhstan if they think the Russians are afraid of nukes. Then ask yourself if Caesar would be willing to use a nuke if he knew the Tsar wasn’t afraid to nuke himself? That’s what Russia has done for over 60 years. It has nuked itself (or at least the Khazars of Kazakhstan) nearly a thousand times.

As for the thought that The Patriarch of Moscow could rightfully claim the Chair of Peter, ask yourself this: do the Orthodox have true Dogma? Do they have the True Sacraments? Do they have Apostolic Succession? Of course they do. Even Holy Rome acknowledges that. Then what else do they lack for this pedigree of being True Holy Rome, besides a submission to the Chair of Peter? Well, what if that chair was vacant. Perhaps soon? By death or resignation, it matters not a bit. If the chair was empty, would the Patriarch have any scruple in seating himself? Really, Komrade? Let me ask you, did Napoleon crown himself?

So there it is. Until now, there hasn’t been a Challenger who has had the ability to make the credible (yet incredible) claim to both the Throne of Caesar and the Chair of Peter. But now, finally, there is a qualified contender. Behold, the Slavs. ‘The Undefiled’ is their theme. They have a claim to both the Chair of Peter (look at the White Cowl the Patriarch wears) and the Throne of Caesar (as the last Emperor’s daughter Sophie married Ivan III). And if you think that Russia today has no link to the Romanov claim to the Byzantine (and thus Roman) Throne, let me give you this thought: Michael of Tver. Yes, that’s who Vlad is rumored to be the descendant of. Which would make him a Romanov, in some degree. Which would make him Caesar. And all he has to do to prove this is to get The Donald to accept him as co-emperor. Just ask Diocletian how this works.

When it comes to the real final contender for the throne of God and Man, forget the Middle Kingdom blather. There’s no God on their roster, and no marriage to Caesar. And forget the Muslims, they say that Peter is an Infidel and that Caesar is dead. And the Zionists despise both the Romans and Peter, and wouldn’t sit on their defiled thrones for love nor money. Well, maybe money. But whose got that kind of dough?

Well then, Komrade. Who could have predicted that the Idiot Slavs would be the ‘salvation’ of the world? Surely the gods have foreseen it, and they have planned accordingly. But who else has seen it, and predicted it? Prophesied it, in fact? In 1917, to be exact. Do you believe in anniversaries? Does your mother?

So there it is. The final choice. The choice we will all have to make, like it or not. The choice of who we believe in. The choice of who can save our sorry arses from our idiocy. The choice that is screaming at us, daily, as we studiously ignore the reality of life. The reality is this; that there are only two real religions. And you’ll end up in one or the other, even if you do nothing. Why? Because it comes down to this; either you eat The God, or the gods (and their cats) eat you.


  1. Are you paid by the word?

    You may have a point in there somewhere, and I’m sure I’d be interested in hearing it. But your style is incomprehensible.

    Sort of Umberto Ecco meets Jack Kerouac.

    Is there a Readers Digest version?


  2. oldavid

    Yes! I agree that Lanto has been tippling my home brew.

    However, is there some method by which we could judge him wrong or right?

  3. Oldavid asks,

    “Is there some method by which we could judge him wrong or right?”

    Yes, and the method is to watch and see how events play out. He’ll either be proven right or wrong. I’m putting my chips on “right”. I hear the clock tick, tick, ticking, too. Mr Watt takes Christ, Christianity, and prophesy, seriously. I understand what he’s saying (at least, the broad outlines) as basic Gospel learning applied to history and current events sprinkled with a leavening of gonzo. As for what Ianto has been drinking, well, let me know what it is and I’ll send him a case of same, as it does him good (and me as well). There’s only one objection I have with what he’s written, above, and it’s this:

    “But whose got that kind of dough?”

    Oh well — and whose got an editor these days? Maybe I’d better send just half a case instead.

  4. Yawrate

    The Gods must be crazy.

  5. Briggs, this guy is deeply insane. Why are you posting this stuff? He needs a psychiatrist, and certainly not enabling his neurosis.


  6. “However, is there some method by which we could judge him wrong or right?”

    What in heaven’s name is he trying to say? If he’d just say it, then maybe you could begin to judge the rightness of it.

  7. He has been saying it clearly. He that has eyes to see, let him see. He that has ears to hear, let him hear. He that has an intellect to think and act, let him think and act.

  8. Hrodgar

    Re: Kent

    Near as I can figure, basic contention is as follows: Demons are competing each other. Whichever is behind the “Russian plan” (which plan was behind both the rise and apparent fall of Communism) will come out on top, at least for a while, and make a play to usurp both America’s spot as geopolitical top dog, or “the Empire,” and the Papacy. He further contends that this attempt was prophesied in the Fatima apparitions, and that even most folks who’ve managed to hold off so far will have to make a choice between the true and false Church in the near future.

    I don’t know whether he’s right or not, but it seems plausible enough on the face of it. Time will tell, I suppose.

  9. oldavid

    Communism was not a Russian invention… it was an invention of Kabbalah and Freemasonry that was imposed on decadent Russia by the same plutocracy that is stealthily imposing the same ideology throughout the rest of the world via the “Frankfurt School” and its Masonic lackeys.

    Good ole Lanto! A good dose of home brew can neutralise “diplomatic” political correctness.

  10. oldavid

    Here it is. [quote Lanto]Take a word. Any word. Now move the letters around. Move them until you get what you want. Then you claim it as being the intent of the gods. Or The God. Take your pick. They’re both your subordinates, right? That’s the whole point of the game. Get it? No? Schmuck. Try again. You’ll get it, eventually. All you have to do is to believe in yourself. Now do you get it? [/quote]


  11. I’ll repeat my comment for Part I. If this is meant to be satire on apocalyptic blogs, it falls short. It is neither amusing, insightful or comprehensible. Jonathan Swift, he ain’t.
    If it is meant to be a treatise, I suggest a paid editor and some anti-??? medication.

  12. oldavid

    [quote Bob Kurland] I’ll repeat my comment for Part I. If this is meant to be satire on apocalyptic blogs, it falls short. It is neither amusing, insightful or comprehensible. Jonathan Swift, he ain’t.
    If it is meant to be a treatise, I suggest a paid editor and some anti-??? medication. [/quote]

    Yair, Bob. The Lanto Watt’s up is incomprehensible to the Frankenstein Googlio Monster’s programme and its lackeys.

  13. Hoyos

    I hesitate to say anything because if Watt is mad I don’t want to encourage him. However…

    This kind of groks to me. If you’ve read That Hideous Strength the idea that nations have their own spiritual manifestations, and parts to play in the spiritual drama of mankind this doesn’t read crazy. There is some Biblical support for the idea as well.

    As a long term, I guess Russian hobbyist is the term, he has hit on some true things.

    The spiritual game is played differently the further east you go. The Russians are a very smart people and have an almost sociopathic love of their own country and people. These are people who can praise the Tsars and Stalin in the same breath (the Tsars glorified Russia, and Stalin brought glorious victories to Russia, it was all very glorious you see).

    This is a weird combination. Usually the high IQ portion trends a bit more universalist because you are more capable of viewing yourself and your own country as an outside observer, warts and all. I’m not saying a higher IQ means you’re universalist because you’re smart, I’m saying it takes a special kind of smart to be special kind of fool. You’ve got to have pride before the fall, as it were.

    The Russian gets to this vantage point and thinks, “We are clearly a people with the highest destiny.”

  14. swordfishtrombone

    @ Llanto Watt on the Big Bang: “Go ahead, tell me. Where did it come from? Who (or what) made it?”

    I don’t know, but saying “god did it” isn’t an explanation either.

  15. oldavid

    swordfishtrombone, logic compels the conclusion that something did it or you are left with the absurdity that nothing magically turns itself into everything without any cause, mechanism, or purpose.

  16. swordfishtrombone

    oldavid: “nothing magically turns itself into everything without any cause”

    Me: “nothing magically turns itself into god without any cause”

  17. oldavid

    [quote=swordfishtrombone ] Me: “nothing magically turns itself into god without any cause” [/quote]

    Your egomaniacal adolescent absurdity is showing. God is, by definition, the necessary uncaused First Cause of everything that is caused.

  18. Frederic

    Things we don’t know:
    1. There was a big bang.
    2. Black holes exist.

    Things we do know;
    1. Wall Street ate Russia’s lunch in 1917.
    2. Einstein plagiarized Lorentz & Poincaré.
    3. Wall Street is once again trying to eat Russia’s lunch.

  19. Frederic,

    “Things we do know;
    1. Wall Street ate Russia’s lunch in 1917.”

    Can you please expand on this (apparently basic) knowledge?

  20. Frederic

    You could do a (basic) google search for material much of
    which can be found in our Library of Congress.

    But there’s this:

    And this for the more esoterically inclined:

    I would also recommend Solzhenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together’ but it
    hasn’t been translated into English despite having come out in 2001.
    German and French translations can be found.

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