Stream: Catholic Cardinal Introduces Pagan Environmental Sin

Stream: A Sinful Environmental Holocaust!

…The lesson, though, has not been learned. Take the case of Charles Cardinal Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma). In a voice loud enough that others might hear and quote him, he said, “Today we find ourselves faced with an ecological holocaust”.

Holy conflagration! A holocaust!

Why, everybody knows holocausts are bad things, ecological or not. True, when looking out the window, the environment doesn’t appear very holocaust-like. But perhaps there are gradations of holocausts? Maybe that the earth’s average temperature last year didn’t match precisely the earth’s temperature from the year before that is a kind of mini-holocaust? A holocaustlette?…

It is a very delicate moment. Pope Francis has raised a great shout loud against this impending disaster talking about modern sins, the ‘ecological sin’ made individually and collectively by humans who destroy Mother Earth.

We can allow that destroying “Mother Earth” is a sin, but the good news is that since no man has destroyed the earth, and no man can destroy the earth, there won’t be a lot of this sin about. Do you know how much it would take to destroy the planet? Well, let me tell you: a lot. Something on the order of pushing Mars out of its orbit so that it intersects with Mother when she isn’t looking. Kapow!…

He said, “Humanity has broken the pact with nature, and that’s why it is a profoundly moral issue: an ecological original sin, who needs an ecological conversion and an ecological evangelization.”

Now this is a strange thing for a Christina leader to say because humanity never had a pact with “nature.” Does anybody remember signing a contract with Mom? You also cannot commit a sin against a rock, let alone be tainted from birth by the “ecological original sin” of our distant forefather sinning against a rock. There is no such thing as an “ecological original sin”…

Cardinal Bo appears—I say only appears—to believe it’s possible to sin against a nonexistent Mom. Which sounds like paganism. So does calling for an “ecological conversion” sound like paganism. So does asking for an “ecological evangelization” sound like paganism. He also in his speech calls for “ecological justice”, which sounds like he wants to put the squeeze on somebody’s wallet…

Go there to read the rest—before the atomic bomb of climate change destroys us all!


  1. Gary

    I miss the trilobites. There was a spot up the lake near Ithaca where I chipped them out of the shale many years ago. I’d suggest you find it during your summer session at Cornell, but the rock has all been dug out by the salt mine operation. It’s now a parking area.

    Btw, what’s a “Christina” leader?

  2. I think he’s asking for people to be better. You don’t have to concern yourself. He wasn’t speaking to worshipers of Mammon.


  3. Richard A

    @Gary: They were delicious. I remember summer afternoons when we’d fill a half-bushel basket with trilobites from Lake Superior and then we kids would spend hours with rocks cracking the shells and getting the meat out. Dad would throw them on the grill with salt, pepper and melted butter with lemon juice. Ah, the memories. Michigan’s DNR tried to control the damage by instituting a limited license to harvest them, but they couldn’t stop the poaching. The Dogpatch Bar in Munising served the last commercial platter of trilobites just before I went into high school. We stopped vacationing in the Upper Peninsula because the enjoyment was gone.

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