Easter Egg Hunt

Hidden in this post is an Easter Egg. Easter it is, of course; and so the egg’s theme is appropriate for this day.

It’s not the most cleverly designed puzzle. Since this is Easter, I’m trying not to do any real work.

Naturally, readers should remember that I used to be—in another life, long ago—a cryptographer. Once, that is, a creator of (electronic) codes; not a breaker of them. Too tough a clue?

Hidden Easter Egg

Here’s a hint: this is a pre-math code. Extremely easy, actually. Really, it’s the kind that, when you see it, you’ll smack your head for not seeing it sooner. Each person who thinks he has found the code should post the result and the method used to find it.

First things first is your best clue. Order is important. Respect the spacing!

Have no fear. Elbow grease, mentally applied, will see you through.

I think that’s enough clues. So let’s talk about something else.

Rather, one more. It’s not the picture of the egg. See it up there? Easter egg it is. Not our egg, obviously: because it’s not hidden!

All right then. Switch topics.

Holidays like this have always been my favorite. Easter, I mean.

Sense memories—mine, of course—are strong for Easter, especially revolving around breakfast. All the women would gather in the kitchen the night before an bake quiches. I recall vividly watching them cool on the counter. Don’t know why they picked quiche, but I was never that big a fan because of the strongly flavored cheese.

Come morning, we weren’t allowed to eat first. Off we would go to church. Man, was I starving by the end of the service. Easter sermons were always interminably long.

So once we got home, we would be off on the hunt for the Easter baskets. Each was full of candy, of course, and by the time I finished gorging, it’s no wonder I didn’t enjoy the quiche. Especially delicious were the malted milk balls.

There’s still a soft place in my heart—and on my palate—for those malted chocolates. Have a bowl full? Eat them all, I will, and come back for more.

Pews in my grandparent’s church had hooks on the back where men could clip their hats. Lots of men still wore them when I was a boy (why I’m remembering this, I don’t know). All have bare heads now. Could be that too many worry about their hair. Except that these men don’t understand that a hat provides balance.

Where was I? Here I am going on about hats, and I have forgotten the main topic. Easy enough to do when discussing a topic as important as hats. Really, I should shut up about it. Easy to say; not so easy to do.

The main topic? Holidays: Holy Days, that is. Easter in particular.

Let today be a day of hope and happiness for you. Of course, for some of us, that joy and happiness seems far off. Remember hope, then. Don’t forget that hope, and its brother faith, can work miracles.

Lastly, lots of luck on solving the puzzle. All should be able to do it. Yes, it’s not that difficult.


  1. Mike P.


    (From the first capitalized letters in the sentences of the paragraph of note…)

    A blessed Easter to you!

  2. Mike P.

    A-ha, actuallty the whole verse, Matt. 28:6

  3. JH

    Happy Easter!

    Why does spring break always fall on Holy Week? My children want their spring break to begin right after Holy Week.

  4. Briggs

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence, JH.

  5. John R T

    Capital exercize. Oh! Really? Every rock shall sing.

    Because we hear, and accept. Expect a miracle. Lift every voice. In love, with Truth: Eternally gathered. Free at last!

    The Lord has risen. So be it

  6. And that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations.

  7. Tenuc

    Thanks for a nice Easter puzzle WMB.

    Answer: For he is…

    The clue for me was non-numeric, order, spacing.

    Here’s another simple puzzle in a similar style.

    Find the next three letters in this series:-

    E, O, E, R, E, X, N, _, _, _

    Happy Easter to all.

  8. Briggs


    Cute. Answer is “10”.


    Next year I’ll make it harder!

  9. sylvain

    Is 10= the number of Easter in the post.

  10. George

    Did anybody solve the cryptogram you posted ages ago? I didn’t get the answer, but didn’t see a follow-up either.

  11. Briggs


    Nope, nobody ever did. But then they weren’t supposed to. It was to demonstrate the near one-time-paddedness of short poem codes. If I have the time, I’ll do a follow up.

  12. Joy

    While it’s still Easter, here’s childhood nostalgia.
    Mr McGregor has a lot in common with Mr Briggs!
    Easter bunny that’s not for eating. Bunny’s are strictly off the menu.


  13. Briggs

    Joy! Long time no see.

    Bunnies are delicious, though.

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