Looks like an own goal to me

Friend of humanity, meteorologist, and philosopher Tom Hamill reminds us of this clip:

Which reminds me to this clip, one of the very few songs the lyrics of which I have manage to memorize:


  1. Alan Bates

    As a Englishman, I am not sure whether to be very proud or highly embarrassed.

    Maybe you can work out the probabilities for me …

  2. Joy

    Socrates, off side as usual!

  3. deadwood

    A little levity in troubled times is a good thing.!

  4. George Crews

    It’s “debatable”, but perhaps the teams changed ends at half-time. So not an own goal?

  5. Briggs

    By George, I didn’t think of that. I think you’re right!

  6. Luis Dias

    Mr Briggs, it’s not own goal because it’s on the second half of the game, thus it was the german’s side.

  7. Luis Dias

    oops, guess it had already been said.

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