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  1. Wonderful comic. Didn’t know you did it til now. What comes next? I didn’t know statisticians were funny. My son certainly is not, and neither am I.


  2. Mr William M. Briggs (44)

    I should like to buy a copy and I look forward to seeing you on Oprah Winfrey.
    Have you considered approaching documentary makers? I’ve never seen them cover statistics specifically and yet we are subjected to them all the time. It’s in the public’s interest to understand them a little better.
    It would be topical so programme makers might be interested right now as never before.

  3. I was being deadly serious although not about Oprah. They wouldn’t need much persuasion.
    I can see it happening, you might want to start with a smaller company like a Canadian, Ausie or British documentary maker. You’d have a sympathetic ear with Martin Durkin, Lord lawson of Blaby and my friend Lord Moncton of Brenchley. Even Jeremy Clarkson (who loves Americans really) might have some useful contacts! This idea, might be very amusing to the shy statistician but consider it like a coming out party for the profession!
    Mark my words, someone will do it, it may as well be you.

  4. Joy,

    I met Lord Monckton at the Heritage Climate Conference back in March (or April?). Smart guy. Passionate.

    Anybody who knows me would never use the term “shy” to describe me, so bring on the cameras!

    Matt (44.0493)

  5. Hey Briggs, an autographed copy for me? Autographed by Wayward Robot and the author of the book. I am willing to pay more.

    Neat book cover.

  6. Matt:
    How come you didn’t reply to my question about your relationship with John Briggs? Are you trying to pull an Obama?

  7. Bernie,

    You know I don’t allow bad language on this blog.

    Yes, Wayward Robot is drawn by my number 2 son. He’s 20, in school for computer science.

  8. Matt:
    Excellent. Congratulations. The strip is clever and pretty funny.
    My profound apologies for the bad language.

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