I would reluctantly serve

A regular reader sent this in: click here.

This feature been making it around the ‘net?


  1. Katie

    Cute. Cute. Cute.

  2. Harry G

    Well Matt

    That is one helluva way of making sure that our bet is a loser.

  3. when i stop retching because of that tattoo shot, i’ll consider sharing my opinion …

  4. Steve

    The dream ticket, Obama and Palin – pity you don’t have the EU to send them to.

  5. JH

    Campaign slogan: “For the Uncertain Future“

    Thank you for the laugh again!

  6. Joy

    Dear future president:
    Two things:
    1. Luis says you must look like the bloke on the dollar bill, and he knows about politics.
    2. How about your running mate? I mean at your time of life, sixty nine, one needs to consider such things very carefully. So who’s it going to be?
    I’d like to suggest Brad Pit.

  7. Briggs


    Your math is a bit off. I’m only just 44.

    Younger than Obama!

  8. Harry G

    Looks like Joe the Plumber is now outratimg Matt Briggss

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