Vatican Hosts Conference With Pantheistic Theme

Stream: Vatican Hosts Conference With Pantheistic Theme

So the Vatican, under the auspices of its Pontifical Academy of Science, directed by Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, is hosting another global warming soirée. The first was not a rousing success, seeing as it failed to stop the planet’s climate from changing.

But then, the planet’s climate has never, can never, and will never cease changing. No power on earth can ever stop climate change.

So don’t put too much hope in the new conference, “Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health“.

The title should shock you. Why? Because the planet cannot have “health”. It cannot therefore have a lack of health. Only living organisms can have health or suffer its deprivation. The planet is not a living organism. It is not an organism of any kind.

Our planet is a rock in space equipped with a coat of air, soil, and water in which some things live. We call this coating “nature” or “the environment”, of which we are not separate, but rather an intimate, part. The air and water is not itself alive. Scientists used to know this.

Return of the pantheists

Yet it is not surprising Archbishop Sorondo should choose an unscientific conference title which implies the false (and surely heretical) view that the earth is an organism. Why? Because one of his speakers is the pantheist Hans Schellnhuber, whom we have met before.

Perhaps overawed at being made a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his services in frightening the population with exaggerated threats of doom, he now goes by “John”.

Our John believes the planet is alive, after a fashion. Being “alive”, he says the planet can suffer “syndromes”.

Can you guess what causes these “syndromes”?


The way to cure the earth’s sickness is thus obvious, at least to John. Eliminate the source of infection. About that goal, more in a moment.

Tipping points and UFOs

Our Johnny will speak on “Climate Change Extremes, Tipping Points and Health Risks”. A “tipping point” is a date before which if we do not “do something” we will be forever doomed (to suffer a changing climate). Many, many of these tipping points have come and gone, and surely we can expect many more.

Yet not unlike the cult that keeps advancing the date at which the UFO invasion force will arrive, the effectiveness of tipping points as warnings is beginning to diminish. Johnny might better serve science if he can instead speak on why he always looks like he’s been sucking on an unripe persimmon.


Gaia herself commands that you click and read the rest.


  1. Michael Dowd

    Why have the conference at all? The solution to the “syndrome” is to let the climate change as forecast and then nature will take it’s course supposedly killing off masses of people. Presto, problem solved. Or another approach would be for the conference to conclude atomic warfare has it’s upside and encourage Kim Jong-un in his proclivities. This is the new Catholicism at work folks, do you dig it?

  2. Joy

    No I don’t dig it and I don’t dig the man in the picture either. He’s a mutant ninja
    turtle with that supraclavicular notch. His bicipito-deltoid grove is too deep and he looks like he’s had some kind of quadriceps rupture in the past.
    More cream in the milk and less holding up the planet. It can hold itself up.

    All that talk reminds me of one of our patients who
    “had an organism in the hydro pool”. Gaia would be proud.

  3. James Bradley

    Seems kind of counter productive for the Vatican to suggest faulty workmanship of God who created this planet.

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