Diversity! Update (Now With More Diversity)

Do to a screw up by certain powers (me), the post I thought would run today won’t run until later. Meanwhile, given that there is nothing more important than Diversity, here is Diversity diversity diversity.


Diversity. Diversity, diversity diversity diversity diversity. Diversity?

Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity. Diversity diversity diversity diversity? Diversity diversity diversity diversity: diversity diversity diversity.

Diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity diversity. Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity. Diversity, diversity.

“Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity; diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity diversity.”


  1. Diversity, diversity.
  2. Diversity diversity diversity diversity.
    • Diversity?
    • Diversity: diversity.
  3. Diversity diversity diversity.
  4. Diversity.

Diversity diversity diversity—diversity? diversity!—diversity diversity diversity.


Diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity diversity. Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity. Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity; diversity diversity diversity, diversity diversity diversity.

Diversity diversity diversity diversity diversity chicken.

Update Diversity, diversity, diversity, diversity.


  1. Tom Galli

    Funny, entertaining, provocative and true. We are locked into Pandora’s Box.

  2. Briggs


    This was inspired as a result of an interview at a university.

  3. Tom Galli


    How do we change the dynamic? Diversity is being used as a least common denominator and its effect will be devastating.

  4. Ray

    I thought the diversity key on your keyboard got stuck down.

    Diversity is the new affirmative action.

  5. MattL

    Diversity diversity diversity dirka dirka Mohammed jihad! Diversity?

  6. MattS

    Orange, orange orange orange orange, banana.

  7. Sheri

    Interviews must be very stressful!

  8. Jim S

    Definition of a Minority in Portland, Oregon?

    Answer: Republican.

  9. DAV

    Enjoyed the P&T segment. Unfortunately, they are expressing common sense which is beyond too many and those lacking it would undoubtedly say the P&T show is aptly named.

    Diversity, as it seems to be practiced is the exact opposite of its claims. But you’ve said that before,

  10. JH

    Oh, Briggs, you could have at least used different fonts, assorted sizes and various colors to make this post appear diversified.

    Something is wrong. If diversity were properly practiced, you shouldn’t have been invited for an interview at all. I know we did not practiced it correctly because we just hired a regular, white male faculty.

  11. Gary

    Cheer up. Those adhering to the Christian faith are the most diverse group of people ever known.

  12. Man, you get any more diverse you’re gonna have us all totally gacked up on whoop chicken.

  13. tom0mason

    How diverse!

  14. Mike Ozanne

    Dr Briggs, I’m not convinced that your analysis gives sufficient weight to alternative points of view…..

  15. Briggs


    Oh, I wasn’t not considered because I myself was not diverse, but because my views on this most sacred subject were found at variance to the (university) cultural norm. I sought to rectify my attitude with this most respectful essay.

  16. JH

    Oh, I wasn’t not considered because I myself was not diverse,…

    How do you know that was the reason? Has it occurred to you that you were invited for an interview because white math/stat professor are among the minority now? No, you won’t accept this reason. Why?

  17. Briggs


    You read too fast, my dear. Or might be my fault for the double negative followed by another negative.

    It wasn’t me or my physical characteristics but my lack of faith which condemned me.

  18. Scotian

    Both positive and negative flaws are possible. Positive meaning, in this case, expressing unwelcome views and negative meaning failing to express the proper views. Silence is not an option. The latter is why I hear colleagues constantly engaged in moral posturing under the most unlikely of circumstances. I seem immune to this for some reason. When in doubt say it loud.

    You were misunderstood, Briggs, because you have taken my advice to pack as much meaning into one sentence as possible. Thus multiple reading is required.

  19. JH


    Whatever. Still, same three questions to you. How do you know that was the reason?

    I have heard many reasons why a candidate was or wasn’t considered or chosen. I have known many outstanding Asians who are not considered because of their skin colors. I have never known of any applicants or candidates that were not considered because of their political views on diversity or anything else. Having been a professor for nearly a quarter of century, so you can imagine why I have doubts about your claim.

    However, you could be the first one. So, evidence please.

    The point of my second question: it seems that you don’t mind taking advantage of being a white male, but you do mind when certain advantage is given to other.

    Perhaps diversity is an important issue for our President and his vice presidents. Well, their definition of diversity is quite different from yours.

    Your political views do scare me though.

  20. Briggs


    Like you, I was able to swallow the Allegiance to Karl Marx oath, and I did make the sign of The One, though it was an effort.

    But I couldn’t finish. It was when they asked me to kneel in front of the Noam Chomsky statue and beat the buttocks of the Edmund Burke doll with the wood paddle that I quailed. I fled the room and never looked back.

    I’ve since seen the error of my way, hence this most respectful essay.

  21. Scotian

    You’re in fine fettle tonight, Briggs. I sometimes feel sorry for those who engage you in debate. They seem so outclassed, myself excluded of course. You need your own MOOC where you charge a million students $9.95 each.

  22. JH

    Briggs, liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Scotian, your comments show that you are such a classy guy!

  23. Scotian

    Why, thank you.

  24. JH

    For no particular good reason.

  25. Gary in Erko

    They’re not regulation types of diversity – some are different.
    All diversity must be equal.

  26. Ken

    Here’s the link to a site/organization started to address (or at least analyze), objectively, the issues observed, in college campus’ in particular, about the squelching of free speech and diversity of opinions:


  27. Milton Hathaway

    The Diversity movement is just another manifestation of Liberal fear and loathing of honest competition. In the short run there will be casualties, but in the long run, the Diversity movement is not Sustainable.

  28. PhillipW

    My daughter went to the International Grammar School in Sydney. Good school, but a little too infected by political correctness. The school song was:

    Unity, Diversity
    by Dr Ross Edwards, AM

    Unity, Diversity
    Unita, Diversita
    Unidad, Diversidad
    Unité, Diversité
    Enotita, Poly Morphia
    Chorwa, Henka
    Einigkeit, Vielfalt

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