In Celebration of Cult of Diversity, Google Sacrifices Employee

Stream: In Celebration of Cult of Diversity, Google Sacrifices Employee

Walk into Google’s headquarter’s and say, “Diversity is our strength.” Know what would happen?

A thousand identical unquestioning strident voices would echo “Diversity…Diversity…Diversity…” And then bots, preprogrammed monomaniacal cultic zombies, would roam the halls looking to administer pain to those who failed to amplify the call.

This isn’t surmise. It’s been tried, and it works.

The curious phenomenon was noted and experienced by Google’s now ex-employee James Damore, a gentleman with a many genuine intellectual accolades. And also a fellow without a job.

Did you get my memo?

Damore wrote an internal, never-meant-for-outside-eyes memo “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber“, in which he dared say “On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways”.

Now he might have got away with that, because those who worship at the cult of Diversity sometimes, but only sometimes and always with great reluctance, acknowledge men and women are biologically different.

It was what he said next that cut Damore’s own throat.

“These [biological] differences aren’t just socially constructed,” he said, “Because they’re universal across human cultures.”

The cult reacts

Well, that was it. One of the cult’s high priestess (former VP of Google, adviser to President Obama) Megan Smith said Damore’s remarks were “offensive.” She said Damore’s public admission that men and women are essentially different was a “microaggression.” She said Damore’s words were causing women and men “of color” to “suffer a death of a thousand paper-cuts.”

The low priests and (mostly) priestesses who suckle at the withered teats of the single-headed god Diversity went into their patented act. They screamed. They screeched. They claimed they were under siege. They said they were threatened. They called for blood. They demanded a sacrifice to appease the god.

The magic worked. Cowards fell before the barrage of fake tears and shallow outrage, frozen in fear as if struck by a thunderbolt from Heaven.

And so, in celebration and true worship of Diversity, Google fired Damore.

Irony for you and me

The irony in this fiasco is thick in the air.

In his memo, Damore said, “Google’s political bias has equated the freedom from offense with psychological safety”. Just so. After the memo leaked, many in and around Google claimed they felt unsafe because they were offended.


Diversity is a cult. Diversity is our weakness.

Unless you’re a Social Justice Warrior who faints at the sight of Truth, click here to read the rest.

Addendum Stuff that couldn’t fit in Stream article. My favorite is this: NPR: Women at Google were so upset over memo citing biological differences they skipped work.

Same thing happened to Larry Summers at Harvard. He suggested, tacitly, women are more emotional than men. Several women left his speech because emotions. They later condemned speech, in emotional terms, saying they disagreed women more emotional (on average).

Another: No, the Google manifesto isn’t sexist or anti-diversity. It’s science.

Quillette magazine tried a similar article but was DDoSed. Still down as I write this.

Now these are fine. Science blah blah. But they are utterly and completely unnecessary. All of mankind throughout all history knew men and women were different. They didn’t need “science” to show what was common knowledge. And we still don’t. We don’t need to encourage scientism, which is already at unsustainable levels, to coin a phrase.

Another: Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo.

WP blared, “A Google engineer said women may be genetically unsuited for tech jobs.” CNN, the liar of liars, “Google CEO cuts vacation short to address controversial memo that argued women aren’t biologically fit for tech jobs”.

The media lies, lies, lies, lies, then lies some more, the lies about the lies, then lies about that.


  1. Rich

    Does anybody know what percentage of women entering the workplace actually want a job in technology? Or want percentage of those get one? Does anyone know those numbers for men? Would it even be safe to ask, I wonder?

    It may be that the only way to enforce numerical equality will be to force some women into jobs they don’t want.

  2. Sheri

    Diversity is sameness.

  3. trigger warning

    Google’s womyn employees were so distraught, they were forced to take a day of Fainting Couch Leave.

  4. John B()

    …and people worry about what jobs graduates from Olympia Washington’s Evergreen State College will find.

    Google! The Diversity of Thought Police will welcome them with open arms!

  5. Michael Dowd

    Google’s negative reaction to Damore’s memo is proof that the last thing Google wants is diversity. What they want is anti-diversity. Particularly what they want is a zombie-ized workforce shouting down anyone who speaks the truth. Yes, George Orwell, you were right.

  6. Gary

    Time to buy stock in self-awareness. It’s becoming an increasingly scarce commodity so the price is sure to rise.

  7. Plantagenet

    Brian: ( to gathered crowd) “You don’t need me. You don’t need anybody. You must all be individuals.
    Gathered Crowd; ( in unison) “Yes we must all be individuals.”

  8. Ray

    I live in Fairfax, VA and we have a high school for science and technology. The diversitycrats always have their knickers in a knot because the student body is mainly Asian and Caucasian males. The school board is upset because there just aren’t enough females, blacks and Latinos in the student body so they are continually trying to “fix” this problem. I’m sure they will eventually get to quotas.

  9. Ray

    You won’t believe this. I was listening to a talk radio show this afternoon and they were discussing a school system in Virginia that instituted percentage quotas for the AP courses. The courses are supposed to be such a percentage white, so much Hispanic, so much Asiatic, so much black and so much mixed race. I was being sarcastic, but quotas have arrived.

  10. Rob

    Dear Plantagenet: I’m not!

  11. Sander van der Wal

    An interesting project for people with plenty of time in their hands would be to track how goog Google is finding this story in the coming years using Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

  12. RichieRich

    Briggs et al. Wonder what you make of this?

    I have now read that “google manifesto”. I read it more out of a desire to forestall people saying “but have you ACTUALLY READ IT?” than out of any expectation that it would contain new or unfamiliar information, and indeed it was your fairly standard evo-psych “just asking questions”, genus differences-in-tails-of-distributions. It’s a mulberry bush that was already pretty well circumnavigated when Larry Summers was still President of Harvard. But what really struck me was that I have changed in my old age; I used to be depressed at the generally very poor level of statistical education, now I’m depressed at the extent to which people with an excellent education in statistics still don’t really understand anything about the subject. I’m beginning to think that mathematical training in many cases is actually damaging; simple and robust metrics, usually drawn from the early days of industrial quality control, are what people need to understand. Let’s talk about distributions of programming ability.

    My contention is that the true underlying distributions of computer programming ability for men, women, liberals, conservatives and any other demographic slices of the population are a) more or less totally unknown, and b) not worth the time and effort to estimate with any precision at all, because c) they are totally irrelevant to the practical questions which anyone interested in them might actually want to solve. This is true whether we’re interested in “get the best engineers for Google” or whether we’re interested in “get fair representation for minority groups and women in the workplace”…

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