The Theory of Diversity Explained

The new Chief Diversity Officer at

Thanks to Google we are reminded that Diversity is the dumbest idea in the West, bar none. Even communism, even atheism, makes more sense. Diversity is our weakness. Diversity, based on the false ideology of Equality, will if it is not stopped destroy us.

There are no inherent differences in people, says the god Diversity, hearing whispers from the dark caves of Equality, caves which conceal the pit of Hell. This is why we need strict mandatory quotas based on differences that are not inherent.

Men and women are not inherently different, which is how we cannot tell men and women apart, except by self-identification, which itself must be based on a fiction since there are no inherent differences between men and women.

Men and women are not different, which is why we need quotas to ensure in this position there are equal numbers of men and women. The outcome of the position will not be changed if we have enforced equal numbers of men and women, because men and women are not inherently different. But since Diversity is our strength, the outcome under mandatory quotas will be better, because there are no differences in performance between men and women.

Race or any of the fashionable victim statuses may and must be substituted for sex. Further, race doesn’t exist. This is why strict mandatory quotas based on race must be enforced, to teach people that race doesn’t exist. There are thus no differences among people based on race. Yet Diversity is our strength, so ensuring quotas based on race, which doesn’t exist, will make outcomes better, outcomes which must be the same, since there is no such thing as race, therefore there can’t be differences in performance among peoples of different races. This is why Diversity is our strength.

All disparities are formed and held in place by power. Where there are more men than women in a position, or more whites than blacks, it is because of the power men have over women, or whites over others. Yet Equality says men and women and the races, which do not exist, are not inherently different, therefore this power must be illusory. This is why the men who think men and women are different, or those who say race exists, must be fired from, or kept from securing, their positions, so that they may not wield the dangerous power they by theory cannot have.

Further, our actions in enforcing Diversity—in hiring and firing and quashing and even forbidding the opinions that men and women are inherently different and that race exists—are not manifestations of power, because power is only held by those who are against Diversity. Under Diversity, there are only victims.

Now there are no inherent differences in people with respect to any outcome. Equality says this is true. And Diversity is our strength. There is thus no way to tell people apart. This is why under Diversity we must create and track categories which inherently make no difference in people’s performance in any act. These categories, such as sex and race, are potentially infinite.

We could and sometimes do track age, object of lust—especially object of lust—geographic location, birth place, height, weight, genetic predispositions, presence of certain diseases, hair color, participation in some previous act such as military service, and on and on. None of these categories are meaningful and all are held in place, and simultaneously discriminated against, by anti-Equality, anti-Diversity forces.

This unjust discrimination is why the precise same proportion of combination of categories that exist in all of humankind must be mandated and enforced to be found in any position. There thus must be, in any position, in every position, proportionally just as many old fat red-headed Kansas City faggots as there exist in the world. If there are not, then the structures that keeps this from happening must be broken. This will not be an exercise of power, only a reaction, because power is only held by those holding back Diversity.

Further, because there can be no inherent differences in the performance of any act between Kansas Citians and any other group, there cannot be any change in outcome once Diversity is fully in place. Yet because Diversity is our strength, there will be only benefits from mandating there be the exact same proportion of Kansas Citians here as there.

Also, when Muslims say they are coming to rape, convert, kill, rule, and eliminate all forms of Diversity except those directed toward Islam, they clearly do not mean it. This is why all forms of discrimination against Islam must be eradicated.

Because of the eminent importance of Diversity, we at, like at Google and every other major entity, will be hiring a Diversity Enforcer. So that when anybody claims to be troubled by what is written here, we can point to our black female lesbian Jewish Enforcer (who will be paid very, very well) to show how devoted we truly are to Diversity. And then you’ll leave us alone.


  1. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Briggs for your amusing article. Much more attention needs to focused on ‘diversity’ which is one of the key strategies of the grievance industry as part of the overall Cultural Marxist plan to subvert society and replace it with Communism. The primary proponents of seditious enterprise is the Democrat Party and many professors in large universities.

  2. Sheri

    Does your new CDO have a tax stamp and paperwork on that “enforcement tool”?

    The incident at the Tower of Babel was NOT a reward.

  3. Joy

    “All the ingredients needed tone successful at a higher level have to be there if they are not there you will not be successful at the higher level.”

    Right at this moment channel 404 Sky, on quoters in cricket in South Africa.

  4. Joy

    ‘to be’ not ‘tone’

  5. Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

    I will believe in “self identification” when a by-appearance straight, white male can self-identify as a gay black female on an employment application and be accorded the corresponding affirmative action preferences. Sounds like a fun lawsuit.

  6. Mike

    This right here touches on a philosophical tenet I tried to form and flesh out today in my head, and the short story to go along with it is in a post-presidency interview with Michelle Obama in which she made the comment, “Knowing that after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who won’t see me for what I am because of my skin color.”

    Later on in that article it references some comments made about her, like being compared to an ape, or being scolded for not being classy enough – and on top of these comments was the overlay of race. Yes, objectively harsh.

    This and a multitude of other things struck me in the same way and it made me desire to go deeper into that “stereotyping” or “presupposition” area and to find out why I had a bad taste from that comment and to find out why something sounded wrong.

    And as it turns out, I came out on the other side of that conundrum with the answer that you simply cannot separate the two (the “spirit” and the “body”) and argue from the perspective of one as if it is in some vacuum. You can’t simultaneously be the “first black president” and also be “sad that no one saw past [your] race”. This right here actually infers a level of shame or maybe inferiority complex on her part about her blackness, as if there is a little grain of truth somewhere in the argument. Many and most whites would laugh off insults pertaining to their race, like cracker or white cheddar, and actually own that kind of stuff. Not so for blacks, they have to reinvent reality and mold the language of others.

    To imagine a scenario where you can make someone be black but not black at the same time, which is what Michelle Obama wants you to do for her (which also requires the separation of body and spirit), is to go so far into the realm of abstraction that the whole system just falls over. This ties a lot into the post-modern feminist ideology as well – that they want to be seen as “not female” … or whatever. Your spirit and body cannot be separated, until maybe after death where your spirit is released like many before have proposed. You are your anger, your fears, your doubts and you cannot exist without them as they give balance to the positive, just as death must unfortunately balance with life. This balance in turn leads to the ability to engage in rational thinking, meaning that rational thinking is just a thin overlay on top of your emotional spirit.

    So this means that the further you go into abstraction, the more likely it is that you are going to get manipulated and abused by someone who is more in their emotional reality. Therefore, it is most probably wrong to even pretend to be able to see past Michelle Obama’s race.

    This reminds me of another example that I came across which was actually on the TV show The Bachelorette, where the girl was the first black bachelorette ever and also there was a very mixed race group of guys. I saw this, and even before the show started I knew exactly what was going to happen, but nonetheless I awaited eagerly for “it” to pop up and when I did I burst out laughing … the black guys brought up the fact that they were black but they were also angry that the white bachelor was racist and that he treated them differently or something and he didnt see past their race. Well, sorry man, but YOU ARE different, otherwise you wouldn’t have to bring that [crap] up as it wouldn’t make sense. To top it off they called him misogynist. The black negress then goes on to the typical “it’s a big world out there … you’re close minded, open up your mind white guy.” He white guy looked almost terrified and he was definitely disassociating on some level. He couldn’t have been more cucked in the ways he apologized for the way he naturally sees things, but what do you expect, whites have a larger time horizon and see the futility in making a stand when it really isn’t necessary.

    Sorry for rambling.

  7. John Dietl

    Note to MSM writers: this, unlike the Google memo, is an anti-diversity screed.

  8. Gary in Erko

    Sie müssen alle gleich vielfältig sein.

  9. Nate

    “Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades, that all the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings? Only get rid of Man, and the produce of our labour would be our own. Almost overnight we could become rich and free. What then must we do? Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race! That is my message to you, comrades: Rebellion!”

  10. DMA

    Your chief diversity officer may have qualified under the diversity requirements but she’ll have a broken nose if she doesn’t get a better grasp on her situation.

  11. Richard A

    @DMA: on no, she’s a woman, she’s strong enough to handle the recoil. Even if she self-identifies as a man.

  12. Kauf Buch

    Gotcha beat:
    MINE is a
    Left-handed, lesbian, Latina librarian with a limp.

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