A Clash Of Empires, Russia & USA Part II — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

What are Europe as a whole thinking about Vlad and his bid to replace Donald as the Emperor? Remember all those new sanctions the Peoples Parties wanted to impose on Vlad by the Senate Gang of 98—only Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul dissented: Think about that—over here in Washington? And that Donald was basically forced to accept? How come the Europeans are angry about them, and the impact it would have on the European economy? Why would they abandon their American benefactors who are trying to protect them from the Russian Bear?

Maybe Donald has convinced them that a new day is dawning. That maybe those Europeans need to fund the NATO machine at a much higher level. A level that might impact their social wunderland. Perhaps he has convinced them that maybe a Red Dawn is cheaper than a High Noon? For Europeans, at least. Maybe those Europeans are hoping Moscow won’t bill them for room service. They’re starting to think Donald will. Donald needs to realize that words count. All of them. And maybe he has. Maybe he has.

What else has the past year brought us? Well, another year’s deployment of new arms systems. No, not the Empire’s. Our best weapons get killed in the Senate Armed Forces committee. The F-22? Forget it, here, have a few F-35’s. You know, the one-size-fits-all aircraft that does everything poorly, but does nothing well. More troops? Sure, but they gotta be trans-blendered you know. It’s such a morale booster. Build up the Navy? Nah. We can get along fine with half the ships Reagan had. So what if there’s a few collisions and groundings in the Malacca Straights. Missiles? Well, those vintage Minuteman III’s are just fine. What, you’re against tradition? What are you, some kind of war monger?

Meanwhile, the Russians are getting T-14 Armatas, Ratnik suits and new Aero-Ballistic missiles. And top-of-the-class S-500 offensive/defensive missile systems. Their Bear Bombers have been completely re-furbished. Think about what the battlefield will look like to an American tank commander when the Russians have scrambled their GPS system for a radius of 50 miles with a simple hand-held transmitter that is already deployed. Ask those Ukrainian generals what happened to their armored units. What else does Vlad have that we don’t know about?

Now this brings up my little pet theory. Think with me here, Komrade. If the Soviet Union did really collapse in 1991, and all those state assets got sold off to the Oligarchs for pennies on the dollar, how was it that the Sukhoi Design Bureau never got sold? And the Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) Design Bureau never got sold? And what about the Russian boat works? You know, the ones that produced the new Kazan-class boat this year that is state of the art for submarine warfare? Who kept producing those RD-180 rocket engines that we have to beg Moscow to sell us? Tell me again. We’re the super power, right?

If nobody bothered to sell (or buy) the most valuable parts of the Soviet Armory, what happened to them? Supposedly, Russia was broke. Nobody could fund the ongoing Soviet economic machine. So then, did these quintessential parts of the Soviet war machine simply die of malnutrition? Did they dry up and blow away in 1991? Really? And yet, they magically re-appeared in the mid 2000’s, ready to produce these new weapons of mass destruction? Do you have any idea how long it takes to engineer a major weapons system? Or even a simple rocket booster, evidently? Now multiply that by over a dozen systems. A dozen that they have, and we don’t. Let me ask a simple question: how was it that they were able, after a fifteen-year hiatus, to re-appear, fully staffed, and fully capable, and able to immediately put forth the latest technological advancements in the art of war? In quantity. Large quantities. Already deployed.

Who kept them focused on the task at hand? And what was the task? The destruction of the West. How? The destruction of the Western technological lead. (Thank you, members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.) And the destruction of the Western moral capacity to resist. (Thanks also to all you Diversity freaks.) Who kept these Russian engineers and arms producers focused on the threat from the West, even if that threat theoretically no longer existed? Who the hell kept these men employed? In short, who was making the payroll? And how did they meet it?

Here is the second part of my theory. It has to do with several facts of life. Facts like this. Who is the world’s largest producer of gold? If you include Uzbekistan, and exclude China, it is Russia. Who is the largest producer of diamonds? Russia. Who is the largest producer of uranium? Russia and Uzbekistan. Who is the largest producer of oil and natural gas? Guess who. Each of these items, coincidentally, can be sold anywhere in the world. For cold hard cash.

Now let me ask another silly question. Who is the largest operator of slave camps? No, not the Democrats, and their Public Temple school system (although they are a close second). No, once again, it is Russia. What do you suppose those Gulags have produced, for exactly 100 years? That’s right. All those wonderful gifts of the earth. Gifts that can be mined and then hoarded for years. Especially gold, diamonds and uranium. And then sold in a flash. For cash. Cash enough to keep those armament industries afloat, throughout the hard times Golitsyn foresaw back in 1961. The hard times that would also produce a western disarmament festival that funded the expansion of the welfare state in the West that can’t be rolled back without the howls of the ‘free press’. Free to lie. Free to misdirect. Free to keep everyone in the Gulag of the West.

What’s my point? Simple, my friend. Somebody was thinking ahead. Somebody. Who would that be? Maybe Anatoly Golitsyn could tell us. Wait, he already did. But nobody listens. That’s always been my fate too, as Cassandra. Be forewarned, my friend. if you say anything like what I’ve said here, you too will be so labeled.

But let’s be fair. Donald has been had. He has found out, to his great dismay, that the opposition has no intention of giving up. No, The Resistance is not who you think it is. It is not ‘the socialist monolith’ that seemed to go along with every goose step performed in Red Square for the past century. No, those drones of socialist sympathy are long gone. They have metamorphosed into the new worker bees of globalism. Why? Because globalism is the actual end result of all that they have hoped for these past hundred years. They could see the handwriting on the wall. They abandoned the sinking stinking socialist ship when it became clear, under Emperor Bill, that the public was wise to the Communist siren song. So, what to do? Simple. Sing a new song. Sing about the new world of interdependence. Sing about our global home. Sing about our Mother Earth. Sing of Julian Felsenburgh.

What did that mean? It meant kiss sovereignty good bye. It meant ceding all authority to the supra-nationalists. The globalists. The One-World people. The world-economy people. The world-environment people. The world-finance people. The world-technology people. And it was working, until the people woke up, and grabbed hold of Donald, as a last resort. But Donald sometimes doesn’t seem to realize that these killers are playing for keeps. It’s all on the line now, and he doesn’t seem to realize that finesse is the only way to play. The only way to buy time. Because time is the one thing we need. Sure, he’s taken his foot off the gas on this out-of-control bus. But he can’t find the brake. So we’re coasting. Yes, the velocity isn’t increasing, but the direction is still the same. We’re going downhill. So it doesn’t matter much if you aren’t hitting the gas. The brakes are the only solution. He can’t find the pedal, and it doesn’t help when half of your own passengers are attacking the driver.

Here’s the truly funny part, brother. Have you noticed the change in the wind? It’s actually hilarious when you think about all those who grew up singing Dylan’s lyrics about how ‘you don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows’. We’ve come full circle. Now we have the spectacle of all those Red Diaper babies, all those Weathermen screaming about the big bad Russkies, and how Donald is trying to abdicate our rightful place of global leadership. And in their frantic desperate attempts to prevent Donald from establishing normalized relations between America and Russia, they have actually prevented America from laying down her Imperial burden before we have it taken from us by violence. The burden they have denounced since Dylan arrived. Now they want to keep it. Hilary-ous. I’ll take Dylan. Hey, Mr. Bus Driver, let me out on 4th Street, OK?

Anyway, here’s where we’re at. The Resistance has given Vlad the time he needs to consolidate his grip on Europe, and sapped our ability to normalize things with the rest of an increasingly resentful world. And they have stopped Donald’s attempts to secure America’s borders, both physically and morally. The ship of state seems to have gone dead in the water. We’re stuck where we are. We can’t reach shore, and we don’t have the firepower to enforce our will. Hell, we don’t even have the will! So what will be the outcome of this? What will become of America if she can’t be a nation and yet can’t remain an Empire?

Maybe this is our last chance to wake up. A last chance to realize that all empires fall, but peoples do not. A last chance to wake up to our distant past, when we had some semblance of spiritual cohesion, Protestant as it was. A last chance to reclaim our even-more distant heritage as the descendants of Christendom. A last chance at unity. A unity that we will need in the face of what is coming. Because either way, whether we try to become Americans again, or whether we try to re-assert our desire to be Imperial Rome, it won’t be easy. It won’t be pretty. And if we opt for empire, it won’t be good.

Maybe this political gridlock is all for the good. Why? Because we need a chance to think about what kind of future we want. In fact, we need to think about whether we even have a future, as a nation (and not an empire). And we need to think about who our friends really are. Is there really a difference between John McCain and Nancy Pelosi, when both of them are demanding that we confront Russia for the supposed benefit of our ‘allies’? If so, why are our allies getting so nervous?

Who are our real enemies? Is it the people of Russia? Do we really have a grudge here? What have they ever done to us? Have they attacked us? Have they sanctioned us? No, don’t misunderstand me. I see a clear difference between the people of Russia and her slave masters. Men who would gladly punish everyone, Russian and American alike. Men who have punished their Slavic slaves for a 100 years. But just as importantly, I seem this same difference in the people and the rulers of America. The same rulers who have punished us, for our beliefs and for our bravery, for the same 100 years. The same people who have brought us the never-ending wars for the past century, funded by our own blood. Blood we have freely given. But how long can we bleed before we die?

There you have it. I don’t trust Vlad any more than I trust The Resistance (both Democrat and Republican). And I see those two as being in league, just as the old Anti-Vietnam War crowd (of which I was once a part) was used by our ‘friends’ in the East. Pelosi and McCain are still the idiots. Vlad is still the thug. The only thing that is different is that the actors have changed voices. But the lines are still the same. So this time, the Trotskyite voices of worldwide ‘democratic revolutions’ (via a resistance to Russia) have a Western accent. And the voices of ‘tradition and orthodoxy and values’ (via a resistance to American decadence) have an Eastern ring about them. I’m not buying either line. And I hope Donald doesn’t either.

Why? Because both sides are opposed to Holy Rome, in their desire to be Imperial Rome. And they’re willing to kill to get their way. Even if it means destroying the Empire they wish to direct. The only difference is that Vlad is an outsider who has no allegiance to America, as a nation or an empire. That would make him an enemy. But the same cannot be said of members of The Resistance. They’re supposed to be Americans. But they’re not. That would make them traitors. The only chance we have at the moment is Donald. We need to pray for him. And for our nation.

In my mind, the bottom line is this: The Resistance, in its absolute frenzy to hold onto the power they once had (and which they wielded to strip America naked, culturally and militarily, to the power of her enemies), has blocked every opportunity we have had to either re-join the community of nations, or to continue to effectively lead the empire. They have decided suicide is preferable to defeat. They can’t see that they are the same. Or maybe they can.

The question, my friend, as we ponder the actual state of the global chessboard, is this: has Donald delivered the keys of The Empire to Vlad? Or has The Resistance done it for him?


  1. Ken

    Recently stated:

    “Long, rambling, not-to-the point comments may be deleted. Repeat offenders might be suspended. You’d be surprised how many people email me and complain about this.”

  2. acricketchirps

    I don’t think he meant you. Ken.

  3. Richard Hill

    No mention of the Moslem faith that I noticed. Oh well, only a faith that has Jihad
    as a sacred duty will survive, according to one Salafist writer. Perhaps Moscow, as the third Rome, will save Christendom.

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