Alexander Dugin & The Pivot Of History: Part I — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

“He who rules East Europe commands the Heartland. He who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island. He who rules the World-Island commands the World.” —Sir Halford Mackinder

There are very few people who can claim to have had a profound influence on Vlad Putin. And I’d like to discuss three of them. They are, chronologically speaking, Sir Halford Mackinder, Maj. Anatoly Golitsyn (KGB), and Alexander “American liberalism must be destroyed” Dugin.

These three men make up the troika necessary to understanding the two possible conclusions we can logically come to regarding Vladimir Putin’s intentions regarding Russia, and by extension, the rest of the world. What are these two possible conclusions? Well, either he is a Russian chauvinist, out to reclaim Tsarist/Soviet glory, or else he is the culmination of a scheme so amazing and bold that it would make the Jesuits and/or the Illuminati blush. Take your pick. But before you do, consider these thoughts below.

We don’t know for certain if it was Dugin who enlightened Putin about MacKinder. Maybe Dugin is the Rasputin of today, with the new Tsar in thrall to him. But maybe it’s the other way around. And this same thing can be said, in another sense, about Golitsyn. But in any event, you need to know who these three men are, and the impact they have had on both the East and West, because the events they have influenced and/or predicted are coming to a head. So, let’s take a look at what we know about these three, and how they may have influenced Vlad. And if we know that, then we may well be able to predict Vlad’s next (and even final) moves. And that would be of critical value, I believe. Because the time grows short, my friend.

So then, just who is this man, Alexander Dugin? Is he really the muse of Vladimir Putin? Or is he Vlad’s stalking horse? Is it true that there are two Vlad’s, as Dugin says in his book Putin vs. Putin? And does Dugin’s work The Last War of the World-Island represent his own thoughts, or are they just window dressing for Vlad’s already pre-conceived plan? The same question can be asked about Dugin’s other seminal work, The Fourth Political Theory.

Or is Anatoly Golitsyn the true prophet here? What was it that Golitsyn said in his incredible book New Lies For Old? And just who is Anatoly Golitsyn? Probably the most important Russian you’ve never heard of. Until Alexander Dugin, of course.

Finally, who is Sir Halford Mackinder, and why does Alexander Dugin take him so seriously? What is it that Mackinder said in 1904 that has made Dugin mimic him? And now we’re back to the question of whether Vlad Putin is in thrall to Dugin (and thus Mackinder), or whether Dugin is the puppet of Golitsyn’s astounding prophecy. And the puppet-master of Golitsyn’s predictions would be Vlad, of course. So we seem to have a three-way conundrum going on here. Unless of course, you are familiar with Liar’s Logic. If you aren’t, read my book, The Barbarian Bible. It will provide you with the discernment you’ll need to tell who is lying. That too is a valuable thing, in all of life, eh?

What is this prophecy of Golitsyn’s? Well, in a way, he’s like Laocoon, the Trojan Priest/Seer, who warned the Trojans, to no effect, about the danger the Horse represented. And that’s exactly what I think is happening here. But we’ll get to that. First, we have to put all this in perspective. So let’s have a drink and get to work.

Let’s jump back a bit and see why Mackinder was so bright. He was a member of the Royal Geographic Society, well known and respected. And he gave a talk to the Society in 1904 entitled ‘The Geographic Pivot of History‘. It was a pithy work, fairly straightforward. Basically, he said that the world is composed of two parts, the inner continental landmass, and the outer surrounding coastal lands. Russia is the name we give to that area that is landlocked, but which comprises the greatest contiguous landmass on the earth today. This area is what Mackinder calls the Pivot Area, also known as the Heartland. It is the center of gravity for all of the Eurasian landmass that Mackinder calls the World-Island. This landmass holds the greater part of the mineral and energy resources of the planet today. This makes it the most coveted area for those who desire material wealth.

But the population base of this Heartland power is thin, making it hard to defend. Additionally, this landmass is rather geographically defenseless, having few real barriers like rivers and mountains that can shield these occupants from attack. The power exerted by the people occupying this land is continental by nature. That is, it is a land force. The People of the Land, as Dugin says. But in the course of the past millennium, these people of the Heartland (the Slavs) have been too few to effectively control and defend this same Heartland. Thus, Russia has always been on defense. And her attackers have been many. The usual route has been across the Steppe, that flat grassy plain that extends from near the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Carpathian Mountains of Hungary. Which is how the Huns got to Hungary, of course. And the Avars and the Pechenegs and the Mongols as well.

The other global political power, according to Mackinder, is centered on the surrounding coastal areas (in two concentric rings, as shown on the map above). These people are termed the Atlanticists by Dugin, and they are a sea-faring power. And since the vast majority of the world’s population lives adjacent to the sea, these Sea People have vast amounts of manpower to direct against any enemy. But they must project it by way of the sea. Thus, their ability to penetrate into the interior of the Pivot Area dissipates with every mile they travel inland, through that area Mackinder calls the RimLands.

Mackinder and Dugin are agreed that there are two basic ‘nations’ that occupy these two positions. The Sea Power is The Roman Empire, and it still exists today in the Anglo-American Empire. And the Land Power is Russia, as it has been for nearly 1,000 years (with a few interruptions, like the Mongols). Overall, I have to agree with both Mackinder and Dugin, up to this point. But here is the point where I depart. They have both reduced mankind and his national-racial imperatives, to a geographic imperative.

In other words, it doesn’t matter which particular ethnic group occupies either of these two global positions (Land or Sea). What actually matters, to Dugin especially, is the positions that occupy these (or any) people. Hmm? Do you get what I’m saying? They are inferring (Mackinder) or actually saying (Dugin) that the position you occupy on the globe determines your fate. To hell with any national or racial particularity or talent or drive. The Position is the only thing of true importance. Do you see what this means?

To me, it means that life is pre-determined by geography. And while it is certainly true that whatever position you occupy on the planet confers certain advantages and/or dis-advantages, none of that can result in geographic pre-destination. If this were true, as Dugin seems to think (and Mackinder to a lesser degree), then it means that the earth has dominion over mankind, and not vice-versa. Gaia is God, in other words. And man is toast. And that, to me, is a very stupid conception. Which doesn’t add up. Why? Because neither of these two guys is stupid. Not in the least.

Now let’s be fair here. Mackinder wasn’t really discounting the reality of the differences between the nations. Like, say, the difference between the Anglish and the Tunisians. Both are coastal people, and both are small. Yet one has overcome her size and become the heir to The Empire. The other has not. And never will. Mackinder was simply explaining that you can look at The Great Game, as it were, in a geographic way that clarifies the various strengths and weaknesses of the rulers of the two relevant areas of the globe—the Land People and the Sea People.

Dugin, on the other hand, has taken Mackinder’s insights, and converted them into a religion. A nationalistic religion. A religion that places geography over culture, it would seem. At least in all that I have read of his works, he rarely mentions the culture of Russia. And that culture, of course, is Eastern Orthodoxy. And this Orthodoxy then is ultimately subordinate to the religion of geographical grace that he detects in Mackinder’s insights. So instead of the old saying, ‘you are what you eat’, we have Dugin telling us, in effect, that ‘you are where you eat’. Interesting, no? But again, I must insist, this man is no fool. He is very erudite. But I don’t believe he believes what he says. Because no Russian would talk like this if he has any connection to his historic Orthodox past. Yet in the few references Dugin does make of religion (relative to the references to the primacy of geography, that is), he espouses the traditional Orthodox reverence for his nation’s religious roots. In fact, I believe he is an Old Believer. A Raskolnik, in fact. Which of course means he couldn’t possibly believe in the primacy of his (or Mackinder’s) own geopolitical theory. In which case he’s either an idiot or a deceiver. I for one do not believe he is an idiot. So then, who is Alexander Dugin?

Well, first of all, Dugin is a decade younger than Putin. Secondly, and more tellingly to me, Dugin claims that there has been a Fifth Column of traitors within Russia that has actively worked to bring about the destruction of that nation and the enslavement of its Slavic people. This is a signal to me. A signal that perhaps Dugin, like all great deceivers, is accusing his phantom opponents of his own crime. We will come to that. But there is another question here, directly related to that very issue: who is influencing whom? Is the younger Dugin mesmerizing the older Putin? Or vice versa? Did Vlad have these vague pro-Russian sentiments before he met Dugin, who finally clarified for Vlad the reality of the geopolitical situation Russia has found herself in? Or, more ominously, is Dugin the convenient savant that Vlad is using to mask his plan? And what plan is that? Is it some nebulous Russian-nationalist chauvinism that drives Vlad? Or is it some crystal-clear yet totally opaque plan that is unfolding, as planned and on schedule, to the detriment of the West, and the rest?

For the answer to that question (and that, after all, is THE question of our age), we have to talk to Major Anatoly Golitsyn. And just who is this man? He was highest-ranking KGB defector of all time. Until Yuri Nosenko, of course. And that man’s story is very telling too, which we’ll get to sometime. But remember this about Nosenko, and Golitsyn: the real meaning of the acronym of the CIA is: Can’t Interpret Anything. And remember this too; Golitsyn predicted that the KGB would send a crafty Sinon to rebut Golitsyn’s revealing of this master plan concocted by these wily Greeks. But first, I have to tell you the story. The story that links The Fall of Troy to today. It is the story of the Great Lie. So first, a little background, because unless you understand the Fall of Troy, you will understand nothing about our own time.

Here it is in a nutshell: The Illiad and The Odyssey are the Old and the New Testament of the ancient pagan world. Each has a theme. The theme for the Illiad is Wrath. Open warfare. Remember the opening lines? ‘Sing, ye gods, of the wrath of Achilles’.

The only problem for the Western Greeks was, wrath didn’t work. Ten years on, and Troy had not fallen. And so Odysseus, the world’s greatest liar, convinces the Western Greeks (they were all Greeks, you know, Trojans included) that they must switch tactics. He sells them on the idea that the new theme that is needed is this: Deception. Which is the defining theme of The Odyssey, as Odysseus (p)lies his way back home to Ithaca. By the way, Peter Chaadayev, the Father of Russian Philosophy, is the only other writer that I have found that agrees with me that Homer was a criminal. A criminal who sold the stories of evil deeds dressed up as heroic virtues. A peddler of poetic poison, as I believe he put it. I mean, really, who gives up their entire (Trojan) civilization for a slut like Helen? Toss that woman, Priam. Paris too. Idiots. Get on with life.

Anyway, now we are back to Mr. Dugin. For I believe he too, like Sinon, is telling (and selling) a lie. A big lie. And that he is in the pay of a certain paymaster named Putin. To hell with the Comintern. The only thing that counts to these guys is Russia! I show why next time.


  1. Oldavid

    Lanto, you are almost an enigma.

    You seem to be ascribing to Russia the kind of megalomaniac racism that has been adopted by only one Tribe in recent history.

    You say that: “Dugin claims that there has been a Fifth Column of traitors within Russia that has actively worked to bring about the destruction of that nation and the enslavement of its Slavic people” which I suggest would apply to every single “profane” (Goy) nation of any strategic importance or influence. I also suggest that every Western power (thanks initially to Germanic and Anglish capitulation) is entirely subservient to a megalomaniac racist plutocracy.

    What you seem to be trying to demonise is any nation that seems to take the 4th Commandment seriously on a cultural level. I don’t think that it’s any accident that the very next Commandment after how we must relate to God is “Honour thy father and mother”. Maybe Vlad and very few others in the World are trying to walk a political tightrope with Mother and Father on one side and practical considerations of the might of the racist plutocracy on the other.

    I think it will be most telling when the Chinaman decides that it’s no longer convenient for him to run with the racist plutocracy.

  2. Ianto Watt: “There are very few people who can claim to have had a profound influence on Vlad Putin. And I’d like to discuss three of them. They are, chronologically speaking, Sir Halford Mackinder, Maj. Anatoly Golitsyn (KGB), and Alexander “American liberalism must be destroyed” Dugin.”

    I’ve read Dugin about five years ago. What he wrote clearly showed he can only have marginal influence on Putin. Because, you can hardly be a senior advisor to a president and write how his party and close affiliates are no good at all, and how the president has exhausted the capacities to internally improve the country and now just prevents things getting worse.

    Another thing:
    For Putin, ‘Sochi ($50bn) and football ($20bn) are more important. Ultimately, Putin is not an intellectual, and prefers palling around with sportsmen instead of scientists.’

    – and instead of geopolitical philosophers, we might add.

  3. deadmaus

    “…for a slut like Helen”

    For religious conservatives it always comes back to sex, doesn’t it! And controlling women, or what goes wrong when women’s sexuality is not controlled.

  4. Frederic

    I’ve coughed and sputtered my way through the haze and smoke
    and would like to know where is the fire? Putin is simply playing
    the royal Church card for internal consumption which is a cornerstone
    of his Western decadence gambit, up to and including the worship of
    Satan in the West. The bad news; it seems to be working, and with
    a failed coup here and there Ukraine/Turkey he’s picking up some
    major game pieces. That’s it in a nutshell….Think of Dugen and
    Golitsyn as interesting flower arrangements in this astonishing
    bouquet. Both appear to explain everything and nothing. I anxiously
    await part 2.

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