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Time for the semi-annual reminder. Give it up, readers. Dig in and pay out.

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The only, the sole, the lone, the single job I have is running this blog, and the consulting, speaking, and writing that arises from it. I do not and will not run advertisements, except, of course, for this one twice a year. Email addresses and names of clients and donors are never used in any way or given to anybody.

Now I am a repentant sinner and unworthy (to say the least), and many other greater causes exist. So if you don’t think you can, or should, hire me, consider giving to rapper B.o.B. who is seeking funds to prove the earth is flat. “I’m looking for a curve,” he says. He wants $200,000 for his own satellite to take definitive pictures. Help him find it.

Status clarification

I was with Cornell, latterly as an Adjunct, up until recently. Regulars will recall I lost my teaching job there this summer (Masters level stats class), after being replaced a feminist lawyer.

Since I have been claiming the credential on my CV, I wrote in April asking about my Adjunct status. Last Friday I received the terse email “The college administration says the term of on appointment has lapsed.” I have, I hope, removed all claims of current Adjunct status from my CV, etc. But it was valid at least through 2016, and I had thought through at least this summer, which is why on older material you will see it referenced.


  1. Bill

    A feminist lawyer? Teaching Statistics? Gadzooks, the mind still boggles!

  2. Sheri

    Do you consider it an honor to no longer be at Cornell? I certainly would. That’s a resume enhancer. Maybe things will be looking up now.

  3. DG

    There’s a singer seeking funds to prove the earth is flat? Wow! I imagine when B.o.B. gets his satellite rolling he’ll think very differently.

  4. thiagovscoelho

    I have already translated one of your blog posts to Portuguese because I wanted to share it with Brazilians. It was the Laverne Cox one, and I didn’t have much success, which I reckon is because if any of the Facebook pages I asked to share it had actually published it, they’d risk being removed. But the point is that I can try doing this to some more of your ‘classics’ that I liked, which could get you some audience. I’ll tally up some of my favorites and work on them in my spare time.

    Please see if you can get Amazon to make the eBook of Uncertainty available in Brazil. Currently our version of Amazon ( does have your book listed, but it’s only one (1) hardcover copy that they imported and are selling at a pretty high markup.

  5. bat8

    I imagine that when his satellite is up, B.o.B. will be angry that even the guys he trusted to build it were also in the pockets of Big Globe.

  6. John B()

    So the title … are there two ways to read it?

  7. I bought your book, Dr. Briggs, and I am enjoying it.

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