The Final Fall of the Church of England

The Final Fall of the Church of England
The new Archbishop of Canterbury the Right Reverend Justin Welby, the current Bishop of Durham, who has yet to officially take up his new post, addresses the media at Lambeth Palace in London.

This is a collection of articles indicative of what is predicted to be the final fall of the Church of England. Think of it as an Insanity & Doom update for the CofE.

The “final” fall is when the CofE adopts gmarriage. From this doom there is no return. This is not an argument whether sodomitical unions are right or wrong; it is assumed and not argued that embracing it within a Christian sect will cause an irreversible schism, as it has elsewhere. See below for predictions.

Item Ordaining women has not saved the Church of England from impending extinction

…53% of all adult Britons describe themselves as having no religion…In 1983, only 31 percent of Britons had no religious affiliation…Over the period 1983 to 2014, the Anglican population of the United Kingdom almost halved, falling from 16.5 million adherents to 8.6 million, from 40% of the British population to 15%…’…With the current rate of decline, it would be set to disappear from Britain by 2033.’…The Guardian cited a lack of agreement over issues like same-sex marriage and ethnic diversity for alienating “almost an entire generation of young adults.”

Of course, there will because of official funding and support remain a CofE, but it will be minor and its original purpose will be lost.

Item Archbishop of Canterbury warns churches must learn to embrace complex modern families

The Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday warned that churches must learn to live with a world in which families are no longer led only by married couples.

Even Church of England schools are now filled with children from ‘myriad combinations’ of men, women and children, the Most Reverend Justin Welby said.

In a speech that pointed at a fresh direction for the Church’s attitude towards marriage, the Archbishop said that ‘in the last 40 years there has been a great shift in the understanding and the reality of family life’.

The reality of the family has not changed since Eve pushed out Cain. What has changed are notions of the family. We are nearing the point, like with “gender” theory, a “family” will be whatever you want it to be.

Item Archbishop of Canterbury says young boys in nursery and primary schools should be allowed to wear tiaras and tutus

The CofE advised: “Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity (sometimes quite literally with the dressing up box).

“A child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak without expectation or comment.”

“It may be best to avoid labels and assumptions which deem children’s behaviour irregular, abnormal or problematic just because it does not conform to gender stereotypes or today’s play preferences.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby warned that “transphobic bullying causes profound damage.”

He added: “We must avoid, at all costs, diminishing the dignity of any individual to a stereotype or a problem.”

Yet forbidding a boy from wearing a tiara is deemed by progressives as “irregular, abnormal or problematic”. Why? Because boys as boys, and girls as girls, “does not conform to gender stereotypes or today’s play preferences” of leftists. The fallacy is obvious.

Item Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump

“No, I don’t understand it. I really genuinely do not understand where that is coming from.”

Welby did say he would be willing to attend a state dinner in Trump’s honor if the president comes to Britain on an official visit.

He noted that he’s met with worse people than the president of the United States.

“I spent years and years involved in conflict stuff around the world where I met people who had killed many, many people,” he told ITV.

He said part of his job is to meet with people he disagrees with “and to testify with the love of Christ to them and to seek to draw them in a different way.”

Trump has accepted an invitation for a state visit to Britain, but no date has been set. Though he said he’d meet Trump, Welby also said, “It’d be unlikely I’d do more than shake hands with him.”

Given the old bish’s increasingly loose grasp of reality, it is not likely he could understand. It also indicates his handshake might not be especially firm.

Item Justin Welby aide Lorna Ashworth quits ‘too liberal’ church

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been hit by the resignation of a close adviser who said the church’s “core message” was “no longer believed”…

Ashworth, 47, who opposes gay marriage, said: “We have a liberal agenda because the church is not anchored in the Gospel. There is no more conversation about heaven, hell, sin, forgiveness, judgment.”…

A motion has been submitted to the General Synod, which meets in February, to permit the blessing of gay marriage, although it has not yet been adopted for debate.

Ashworth said: “When you try to say the simple Gospel in Synod you get booed down.” She said the church preferred to talk about social action because “if we talk about sin, then we have to talk about bad behaviour and people don’t want to be judgmental”.

Fifty bucks says the Synod adopts gmarriage by allowing those ministers to choose whether they want to perform the “ceremonies”. This will be called a “compromise”. In reality, since C of E Bishops are falling like blind roofers, opting out will be heavily discouraged. Hence, schism.

Item Church of England votes to explore transgender services

The Church of England’s governing body has voted to look into special services for transgender people.
Supporters of the services said the Church should offer a welcome to people to mark their transition…

Chris Newlands, the vicar of Lancaster Priory church, posed the motion as a way of the Church welcoming people who suffer from transphobia in society…”I’m getting so many messages from trans friends around the world. Synod has changed – we have turned a corner.”…

During an earlier debate, the Bishop of Liverpool, the Right Reverend Paul Bayes, said: “As the world listens to us today, the world needs to hear us say that LGBTI orientation and identity is not a crime, not a sickness and not a sin.”

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, said the Church would spend three years on a document outlining a new stance on sexuality.

More flight from reality. “Transitions” are, of course, impossible. So that any “ceremony” which celebrates these impossibilities will be farces.

Item Head of Church of England: ‘I Can’t Give a Straight Answer’ on Whether Gay Sex is Sinful

In a recent interview, the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, said he was not sure if “gay sex” — anal and oral sodomy between people of the same sex — is “sinful,” stating he “can’t give a straight answer to” the question, and that he lacks “a good answer to the question.”

“I am struggling with the issue,” said the archbishop, who heads the state church established by King Henry VIII in 1534…

In the October issue of British GQ, interviewer Alastair Campbell asks Archbishop Welby, “Is gay sex sinful?” Archbishop Welby says, “You know very well that is a question I can’t give a straight answer to. Sorry, badly phrased there. I should have thought that one through.”

Campbell then asks why the archbishop cannot give a clear answer.

Archbishop Welby says, “Because I don’t do blanket condemnation and I haven’t a good answer to the question. I’ll be really honest about that. I know I haven’t got a good answer to the question. Inherently, within myself, the things that seem to me to be absolutely central are around faithfulness, stability of relationships and loving relationships.”

As the conversation continues, the archbishop adds, “I am having to struggle to be faithful to the tradition, faithful to the Scripture, to understand what the call and will of God is in the 21st century and to respond appropriately with an answer for all people – not condemning them, whether I agree with them or not – that covers both sides of the argument. And I haven’t got a good answer, and I am not doing that bit of work as well as I would like.”

However, when asked if “homophobic hated” is “sinful,” the archbishop says, “Yes. Because you are hating individuals. I don’t think it is sinful to say that you disagree with gay sex. But to express that by way of hatred for people is absolutely wrong in the same way as misogyny or racism is wrong.”

Campbell then asks, “Is that not morally a cop out?”

Archbishop Welby answers, “Yes. I am copping out because I am struggling with the issue.”

That Welby cannot answer such a straightforward question, and that he has given a Fr James Martin-like answer, is proof (in my mind) that the end if nigh. He longs to say sodomy is to be celebrated, but hasn’t yet the support to do so. It is coming.

As above, the best prediction is that the CofE has it’s final fall after the February synod. The church won’t have made it a full 500 years, but it was close, close.


  1. Rich

    “I can’t give a straight answer” – was he being intentionally funny, I wonder? Probably not.

  2. Hoyos

    Ironically, Justin Welby is one of the only high ranking clerics who saw fit to mention the persecuted Christians of Iraq. While the media was focused on the much smaller Yazidis (actual Satan worshippers), he was one of the few trying to stand up for the ancient, massive community of Iraqi believers. Who incidentally our own government deliberately chose to leave defenseless after they were denied permission to form a protective militia (might inflame the Muslims you see, who had just murdered the Chaldean bishop).

    A little OT, but unexpected.

  3. Briggs


    Good point!

  4. Sheri

    People already think dogs are their children. It’s too late for the family.

    The Church of England was dead for a long time—morality was never the strong point of the church anyway. Very wishy-washy. Not really a church so mourning it as a dead church is a bit silly. Even as a moral authority, you’re stretching.

    Don’t worry. As Islam spreads, the return to religion is guaranteed, one religion or another. Adversity is when people realize how small they really are. Happens every time.

  5. Michael 2

    “We are nearing the point, like with gender theory, a family will be whatever you want it to be.”

    That is the theme of the “Ice Age” animated movies.

  6. Ye Olde Scribe

    “…its original purpose will be lost.” That would be an excellent and praiseworthy thing, since its original purpose was to rebel against the Church founded by Our Lord and set up a false, man-made state religion masquerading as Christian, so that Henry VIII could marry anyone he pleased, as often as he pleased.

    Sooner or later, non serviam will always end like this….as the Catholic Church is finding out with its own non serviam, Vatican II.

  7. swordfishtrombone

    “The reality of the family has not changed since Eve pushed out Cain.”

    There was no “Eve”. Sorry to make such a simplistic point, but someone has to say it. According to genetic analysis, the human population has never fallen below 10,000.

    “We are nearing the point, like with “gender” theory, a “family” will be whatever you want it to be.”

    This is a good thing. Never heard of an extended family?

    “GBTI orientation and identity is not a crime, not a sickness and not a sin.”

    Correct. The whole concept of ‘sin’ is useless. Anyway, where in the Bible does Jesus condemn transexuals?

  8. True Faith

    Don’t these trolls have anything better to do? Oh, right, if not wasting time displaying their stunning ignorance on blogs that dare to express wit, intelligence and charity they will be encouraging children to think they want their bodies mutilated and made infertile. Fire away, cretins. Somebody might even pray for you.

  9. Howard

    “It’s too late for the family.” No, it’s too late for *England*. For the long game, bet on nature and the natural law. That’s not to say it is ever followed as closely as it should, but it remains the mean about which society fluctuates. Yes, there will be eruptions of polygamy, as in Mormonism and Islam, but most Mormons have repudiated polygamy and only a tiny fraction of Muslims practice it; monogamy is the natural state, and we do not get too far from that. Likewise, from time to time groups like the Cathars and Shakers will reject marriage and child-bearing altogether. Nature shows no mercy for societies in which these practices become the norm.

    That is in fact one of the most important principles to keep in mind: God has mercy, Nature does not. Nature always demands a price be paid for violating her laws, and over time this price becomes too large, so a society will moderate or at least change its deviation. Extreme Capitalism does not work — it leads to sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, and its natural outcome is economic collapse and/or revolution. The same is true, with differences only in the details, for extreme Socialism. Over time, everyone is pulled back into a mixed model.

  10. albion

    It is obvious that the C o E is simply not fit for purpose. Don’t its prelates realise that the modern world is simply not impressed at its attempt to be all things to all men?
    What have they got to lose by returning to Gospel principles?

  11. Peter Aiello

    As all of Christianity strays further and further away from its beginnings, there is hope for those individuals who wants to stay faithful to the truth.
    Revelation 3:1, 4 says: “And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead… Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy”.
    I guess that the church which we interact with doesn’t have to be perfect.

  12. Sheri has it exactly right and it flows not from Henry VIII actions in 1535, though it probably helped, but by from the change to a full on protestant church under Edward VI at Cromwell’s instigation. Had the Church of England simply remained in schism, the chances of a return to Rome by Newman’s time would have improved greatly. Now, it would be difficult to accurately state that even a shell remains and has been noted, that too is rapidly disappearing.

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