Insanity & Doom Update XVIII

Insanity & Doom Update XVIII

Item German government wants ‘backdoor’ access to every digital device: report

Germany’s Interior Minister wants to force tech and car companies to provide the German security services with hidden digital access to cars, computers, phones and more, according to a media report from Friday.

The RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) reported that Thomas de Maiziére had written up a draft proposal for the interior minister conference, taking place next week in Leipzig, which he has called “the legal duty for third parties to allow for secret surveillance.”

They don’t have an NSA in Germany, nor their own Wang Huning. Hey, if you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you want to let a beneficent and loving government staffed with credentialed experts read your emails?

Item Harvard Hosts Anal Sex Workshop Entitled ‘What What in the Butt’

As a part of Harvard University’s sex week, the Ivy League Institution hosted an anal sex workshop entitled, “What What in the Butt: Anal 101.” The workshop taught students “how to put things in their butt,” according to a report from The College Fix.

No word if Bill Nye was invited.

Item Revolt of Cambridge cry-babies: Freshers’ fury over threat to their ‘mental health’ after professor dares to tell them to stop drinking and start studying

Cambridge students accused a professor of ‘damaging their mental wellbeing’ by asking them to work hard and avoid getting drunk.

Eugene Terentjev sent out the advice in an email to first-year physical science undergraduates to prepare them for the ‘very hard’ course ahead.

He told them they would need their ‘full brain capacity’ — and even that might not be enough for some.

The email was seized upon by campaigners at Student Minds Cambridge, who said it was ‘not appropriate or acceptable’. ‘No matter how much work you have, no matter your current levels of attainment, there is nothing more important than your mental health,’ they said.

Any who would make or support the argument made by the students is brain damaged and would therefore be unlikely to benefit from the good professor’s class.

Item College chancellor: Requiring students to take algebra is a ‘civil rights issue’

A community college chancellor in California is proposing to get rid of the requirement that all students take intermediate algebra in an effort to boost the graduation rate at his institution.

Under Equality standards are always lowered, absolutely always. After lowering the standards are said to have never been needed. You bigot.

Item LGBT Student Activists Demand Christian College Change Policy Banning Same-Sex Relationships

LGBT activists at a Christian university in California are demanding that the school remove clauses from its student conduct policy that they believe discriminate against LGBT individuals….Although students do not have to be Christian to attend APU, all students are expected to comply with “lifestyle expectations” outlined in the student handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog and “any additional policies related to living in the APU community,” according to the school’s website.

Sodomy is banned. But it is desired. It can’t be long before demands of the Bible and Quoran (which also writes of the destruction of Sodom) be expurgated to conform with modern desires.

Item Danica Roem, Andrea Jenkins, more: Is this election a moment for the transgender community?

Tuesday night, voters elected at least five transgender candidates to government offices around the nation. It’s not a large number, but it’s a meaningful one.

“Last night was a victory for so many remarkable LGBTQ candidates, but it was also a victory for inclusion and acceptance,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, on Wednesday. “This is a clear repudiation of President Trump’s hate-fueled politics of bullying and browbeating. Yesterday, Americans took to the polls and chose optimism, hope, and new leadership — and this is only the beginning of our resistance.”

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a national organization dedicated to electing openly LGBTQ people said in a statement that “2017 will be remembered as the year of the trans candidate.”

So it will be remembered. Remembrance, though, is value neutral. We remember Genghis Khan, Mao, and Robespierre. Let us hope we do not forget.

It’s always difficult in these “trans” stories to know if the individuals written about are men pretending, or who are deluded into believing, they are women, or vice versa. That makes accurate counts difficult or impossible. My guess is that gender dysphoric men far outstripped women. It might have even been all men. There is one case I can’t any sense of.

Anyway, it matters little. The great and terrible weakness of democracy is there, laid bare for all to see.


  1. Gary

    Hey, if you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you want to let a beneficent and loving government staffed with credentialed experts read your emails?

  2. Kneel

    “Hey, if you have nothing to hide,” then you will be happy to have that medical test result mailed to you on a postcard, and put up on the community notice board, right? I mean, you’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, right? Waddayamean, “it’s no-one else’s business”? Who are YOU to decide what you keep private and what you make public? Why, you could hide all sorts of illegal stuff on a whim! Can’t have that. You simply MUST disclose ALL to the nanny-state and let the experts decide what can be kept private and what must become public – they are experts, after all. Clearly, they know better than you possibly ever could – unless and until you pay them several 100k $ to certify YOU as expert.
    And while we’re at it, what’s this “secret ballot” crap? I want to know who voted for who and when – that way, when DJT is impeached, we can jail all the nutters that voted for him too! Well, OK, maybe send them to the SJW School of PC for several years “re-ned-ucation”, so they can become productive members of the public service, fighting for (Democratic) truth, (social) justice and the (now defunct) American way!

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