Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting

Hi, gang. This is a placeholder page advertising my services as a consultant, speaker, and teacher.

I’m moving things hither and thither, making a place for featured posts, most of which will be of temporary importance, and others will be permanent fixtures. I’ll be shifting the pages about, editing them to make more sense.

Comments are open. The new theme is disconcerting, as all change is, but I think we’ll grow used to it. Suggestions for tweaks are welcome. Recall that the main purpose of this site is to feed me. I don’t have any formal position anywhere, and use this blog as advertising for myself (feel free to insert your jokes here).

The News sticky post will move to a page, and be updated when necessary.

I tried making most of the changes over the slow weekend, in the mornings and evenings. There were some unavoidable interruptions. Apologies for that. Every theme looks great on the samples, until you try them out on your own material, where suddenly many multiples of tweaks are discovered to be needed. I am still making these.

Our Summa Contra Gentiles series resumes next week.

I’ll update this post when and if necessary.

Update One thing that’s possible is all posts can be displayed in toto instead of in excerpt, but this would means two columns of narrow, full posts. It would save people from having to click into an article if all they want is to read it.


  1. ” Recall that the main purpose of this site is to feed me. ”
    I thought it was to entertain me.

  2. Well done looks great.

    Do you have a Facebook page for your biz? Use the Live feature regularly as the posts are read 3x as much (FB loves video in general~ upload it tho, rather than share from your site or youtube)

    And I recommend the FB phone app to upload 15second Stories, that FB also loves, the algorithm pushes them to the top of your followers newsfeeds

  3. Kyle

    Without the “Recent Comments” section, it’s harder to keep up with the discussions.

  4. Briggs


    Thank you. I forgot them. They have been restored, in two places. One the MENU to the left, and at the bottom of the site.

  5. Kyle

    Wow, what great customer service.

  6. Briggs

    Kyle, I also realized I left out the comment count on the top of posts on the homepage. These have been restored, too. Thanks.

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