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    (Curiously, without this added parenthetical comment, the line above is considered “too short” as a comment by the blog’s comment editing routine.)

  2. If I turn my screen sideways and cross my eyes just so, I can just make out the naked woman on a giraffe. Clever!

    Btw, in memoriam, Jersey McJones, you are missed.

  3. Gary in Erko – I followed your link to the book on Amazon. Judging by the “Look Inside” link,the book itself looks rather well-researched, but the plot seems a bit thin.

    Under “What other items do customers buy after viewing this item” , the most popular item is the Yodelling Pickle.

  4. Happy New Year!!

    2018 already! 2017 feels like just yesterday. How time flies when having fun.

  5. 2^6-2^5-2^4-2^3-2^1-2^0=5
    2^7-2^6-2^5-2^4-2^3-2^0= 7
    Briggs I believe these were transposed. Perhaps a bit too much new year’s cheer on the way to the countdown!
    No matter, Happy New Year everyone.

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