Underestimating Trump Is His Biggest Advantage

Underestimating Trump Is His Biggest Advantage
I say, old man. That's Trump!

Stream: Underestimating Trump Is His Biggest Advantage

Recently, Vox gleefully repeated the rumor based on innuendo (it’s no coincidence this is Italian for suppository), that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Trump is an “idiot” and “dope”.

Well, Trump hired McMaster, so if Vox right, what does this say about McMaster?

Vox also heard from a friend that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson referred to Trump as a “moron.” And Vox heard from a source who knew a guy who said he was sure he heard Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had formed a “suicide pact”. If any of these Trump hires gets fired, they will never invite Trump to any of their birthday parties ever again.

Nobody seems to have explained to Vox that men often heatedly call their bosses idiots, fools, and much worse, as a means of blowing off steam. They don’t mean the slurs as sober and considered judgments of the intellectual prowess of their betters. Yet Vox, and several other outlets, reported the outbursts as if they were true and meant seriously.

In other words, Vox appears over eager to believe the President’s mental acuity is substandard.

Investigate this poll

They aren’t alone.

Disgraced FBI investigator Peter Strzok called Trump an “idiot”, got caught at it (and more), and had to be removed from the infamous Russia investigation. You remember the investigation. About how Trump and Vladimir Putin secretly poisoned vaccine supplies under orders of the lizard people, who have been driving those UFOs we’ve been hearing about. Or something.

Newsweek happily reported the results of a Quinnipiac “poll” designed with the same specifications as the quizzes in Cosmopolitan (“What kind of sex fruit are you?”). People were “asked for the first word that pops into their head” when thinking of the President.

A total of 53 people responded with the word “idiot, 44 with “liar” and 36 with “incompetent.” Another 26 people gave the response “a**hole,” while 19 respondents said “moron,” 18 said “arrogant” and 17 said “disgusting.”

Fifty-three whole people? Wow.


A Willful campaign

One-time-conservative writer George Will took to television and said soberly:

He [Trump] is barely on speaking terms with the English language. I don’t think I’ve heard him complete a sentence in two years that had a subject, an object and a verb. He makes George W. Bush look like Cicero. He gets on the phone with these people, and it is awkward. It is an agonizing moment, and he doesn’t respond well.

All through the 2016 campaign, []

Non-Impeachable offenses

The elite has not learned its lesson. How many times since his inauguration were we told Trump’s latest “gaffe” was his last?

Trump makes a joke about needing some “good old global warming” to fight the recent cold snap, and the left wept. []

Let the Sun Tzu shine

It is comforting to imagine your enemy is a mental midget. []

Smart money says clicking here to read the rest will bring you joy.


  1. McSwag

    I don’t underestimate him…he is the No.1 menace to World peace.

  2. Lol, fake standards are the only standards.

  3. oic, that was you. Beautiful…

    It’s very entertaining. Trump waves his baton, “All you idiots, SING OUT!”
    Who needs comedians?

  4. Anon

    For the record, HRC was very open about her bloodlust and favorable attitude toward engaging the military in places like Russia and Iran. Trump has shown remarkable restraint in these matters, and I would go so far to say the world is a safer place with Trump as the commander-in-chief.

  5. Gary

    Narcissist, yes. Idiot, possibly; but smarter than the D.C. elite and the media/academia complex.

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