Insanity & Doom Update XXI

Insanity & Doom Update XXI

Readers will have to help me. I’ve been posting insane and doom-laden articles for so long they all start to look alike. I worry that I repeating links. But it may just be an acceleration in doom. Let me know if you spot duplicates.

Item SAS may make entry tests easier for women

The SAS is reportedly considering changes to its notoriously difficult entry tests to ensure women have a fair chance of making the grade.

All applicants to the special forces must complete an initial fitness test before they are considered further. The tasks, which involve various long marches over mountainous terrain while carrying heavy rucksacks, are understood to be prohibitive to women and inessential to selecting candidates with the attributes required to succeed in the SAS.

The government said it wanted to see all close combat units in the British military open to women by 2019. Last year, then-prime minister David Cameron announced he was removing a ban on women in close combat roles, upending hundreds of years of tradition.

As regular readers know, Equality and Diversity (1) always lead to mandatory quotas, (2) always result in a weakening of standards, and (3) always results in an argument the standards were never really necessary. This is the ironclad rules of progressivism and the reason any group, state, nation or military which embraces Equality and Diversity is doomed.

Want more proof? Today’s your unlucky day.

Item Top firms given four years to appoint ethnic minority directors

Britain’s biggest companies have been given four years to appoint one board director from an ethnic minority background as part of a package of measures outlined in a government-backed review into the lack of diversity at the top of corporate Britain.

Sir John Parker, the chairman of the mining company Anglo American, who conducted the review, said it should be a wake-up call for major companies that only 85 of the 1,050 director positions in the FTSE 100 companies were held by people from ethnic minorities.

The companies in the FTSE 100 have been told to end their all-white boardrooms by 2021 while those in the FTSE 250, the next tier of companies on the stock market, have until 2024. The target is voluntary, but companies that fail to comply will have to explain why.

Parker was first linked to the diversity campaign in 2014 when Sir Vince Cable was business secretary and set a goal to end all all-white boards by 2020.

No word on whether the same quotas will be applied to those companies who have no whites on their boards. I’ll take any comers at fifty bucks and say they will not only not be required to have a token white, but they’ll be praised (in some way) for their “diversity”.

Item Berkeley’s Judith Butler wants to ban socially conservative speech

At the University of California, Berkeley, last week, Judith Butler said that while she considers herself to be an “advocate” of the First Amendment, the articulation of socially conservative viewpoints should be banned…

Butler argues that unless we restrict speakers who reject the left’s social ideology, “We should perhaps frankly admit that we have agreed in advance to have our community sundered, racial and sexual minorities demeaned, the dignity of trans people denied, that we are, in effect, willing to be wrecked by this principle of free speech, considered more important than any other value.”

First off, note that Butler takes as a given the notion that socially conservative speech splits apart a “community.” Here we see the implicit understanding that a community is only defined by those who subscribe to the left’s righteous orthodoxy.

Not being a tenured professor, we’d hate to disagree with Butler’s conclusion, which may well be true. Injecting sanity and Reality into Berkeley would split the community apart. Some of the inmates would realize what they’ve been missing out on and would, in the spirit of Truth, try to inform other Berkeleyites. Result: pandemonium. Best to remove anybody with any association with Truth and Reality and let the inmates eat themselves. When they’re finished, we can move back in and clean the place up.


  1. “I’ve been posting insane and doom-laden articles for so long”

    Don’t stop now.

  2. DAV

    The SAS is reportedly considering changes to its notoriously difficult entry tests to ensure women have a fair chance of making the grade.

    If every fighting unit in the world did this it may change combat forever.
    Besides, some people may actually enjoy it. Ask Howard W.

  3. Sheri

    Parents pay to have their children indoctrinated. I have to believe they WANT this and they do not care about any consequences. If people loved their kids and grandkids, this would end. It doesn’t, they don’t.

  4. Sander van der Wal

    Interesting thing for me is that the UK is as converged as the US, maybe even more. Is it the lack of a language barrier, or close relations between the two countries, or between their university systems, political parties.

    Similarly, Danes and Swedes are very closely related culturally. Sweden is a converged hell hole, Denmark is doing everything it can to stay out of that mess.

    How comes?

  5. Joy

    I can reassure Mr Briggs that he need not nash no more. SAS Is quite safe.

    There will be precious few women who will want to do it let alone be selected for that is what happens. There were SAS members with physical disabilities who were directly chosen for their abilities, (obviously having acquired their disability during their time within the military and their track record known.) Missing digits and one eye, in the cases that I know of. Individuals are selected, i.e. chosen. Those who chose to present themselves and train and take advanced tests do not necessarily make the grade although they pass and are awarded higher rank within the army. The beautiful and wild Bracken beacons is where much of the training / testing takes place.
    From my sixth form days when they practiced low flying over us during lessons to my time working with some of them elsewhere and at Bracken. What a coincidence.

    Secret Squadrons, involved in joint ops with the army, the Paras and the marines similarly are in no danger. It is not that end of operations which suffer from quoters. It’s as well to know what actually happens and what is actually true so as not to unnecessarily ‘depress yourself with dark imaginings’!

    The danger is in allowing women to be involved where they have not passed tests the same as that of a man.

    Remember, women want the big jobs. The pushy ones want to earn lots of money and boss men about. That kind of woman isn’t an altruist. Just a bossy boots.

  6. Ray

    Do you remember when the two females passed the US Army ranger training course? Those lucky women had a two star general grade their courses. I was in the Navy and never had an admirable grade any course I had. When some nosey congressman asked to see their grades, he was informed that the training records had been destroyed. That made me suspicious. I was the administrative officer in a Navy unit and records were routinely kept for two years, unless otherwise directed by the records management program.

  7. True Faith

    What does it matter that the SAS will be lowering their requirements and expectations to accommodate womyn? England has no balls anyway as proved by absolutely nothing happening in reaction to this:

    No decent red-blooded man should be able to live with himself without going on a coordinated rampage of justice for this desecration of the innocents in his town. Forget those in charge – who can any longer expect a normal response from those tossers who have sold their souls to the devil? But what about your everyday average man in the street? The disgust of the world drips all over British so-called men. The SAS will get what it deserves. So will Britain.

  8. Plantagenet

    McGill just ran its winter debate tournament. All participants were told that they could only use the pronouns ” he and she” or ” his and her” if they first made sure that their opponents were ok with that. McGill…ranked 32nd best University in the world ( by The Times)… I can’t make this stuff up…there is no point in being a satirist anymore…you no sooner point out the rabbit hole of absurdity than the whole bloody world breaks each other’s legs to get down it.

  9. Joy

    True faith! True? faith?
    Easy tiger, don’t get your knickers in a twist. You might excite the lost boys and they don’t like to get exited. It reminds them they’re still male, kind of frustrating.

    Nobody’s perfect but being English is close enough.

  10. JH

    Why do you let extremist’s views to form your views about a group of people?

    Let’s make it clear that many Asians are wrong in thinking that white people in the areas of math and computer science only because they are white.

  11. JH

    Let’s make it clear that many Asians are wrong in thinking that white people in the areas of math and computer science are hired only because they are white.

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