Don’t Look To The Market To Protect Your True Rights

Don’t Look To The Market To Protect Your True Rights

Anybody have a count of the corporations who flew the Sodomy Standard after Anthony Kennedy foisted his fantasies on the nation?

How many minutes after the Supreme Court announced they found tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Constitution a “right” to same-sex “marriage” before major companies released perverted rainbow images superposed over their own corporate logos?

It wasn’t days, nor even hours. Meaning they had these monstrosities ready to go.

Who were they? NBC, Coca Cola, 7-11, Lyft, Facebook, American Airlines, IBM, Oreo cookies, Walmart, Doritos, Disney and on and on.

Their message to about half the country, and therefore half their customers, was Twbbpppt! Plus a big fat Whaddaya gonna do about it?

What indeed? Boycott them? Do so and lose the ability to conduct any sort of business or to buy or sell most things.

This didn’t happen just in the States, of course. When Australia had their recent referendum on same-sex “marriage”, “More than 840 corporations…registered with the Australian Marriage Equality organisation in supporting same-sex marriage including Airbnb, Apple, American Express, McDonald’s, Mirvac, Ten Network, Virgin Australia and Telstra.”

Mandatory Uniformity

I have a colleague employed by a major corporation which cannot be named. The Human Resources department mandates a certain kind of diversity training. (HR which manages people as fungible resources, like trees or fuel oil.)

In one “class” the employee is asked what he should do if were to see a cross on a fellow employee’s desk. The “right” answer is to report (rat out) the cross-bearer to HR.

Yet—and you saw this coming—this training also encourages the “celebration”, “pride”, and “diversity” of various non-reproductive sexual desires and acts.

Diversity training, a.k.a. the inculcation of progressive ideology, is now commonplace at large companies, such that it’s rarer to find it missing than present.

Men Shalt Shower With Girls

Then there was that national debate over grown men suffering from the delusion they were women who wanted to slip into the same shower stalls as our young daughters.

Some municipalities and states, such as North Carolina, said enough and felt forced to create or propose legislation barring men from women’s toilets.

The push-back from corporate American, particularly those businesses involved in frivolous entertainment, was immediate.

The pencil-necked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver threatened to move the NBA’s All-Star game from Charlotte. But also IBM, Paypal, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce condemned the law.

Guns as Virtue-Signaling Ammunition

Our latest virtue-signaling extravaganza is gun support and sales. Well, not the latest, since those who would remove our means of self defense have been vocal for decades. But anti-gun actions are now the loudest corporate cause.

We have seen in the last two weeks one major corporation after another tumble over one another to boast of their…

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  1. Doug M

    Apple had the rainbow logo before it was cool… I mean a symbol of gay pride.

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