Do Some Men Have A Uterus?

Do Some Men Have A Uterus?

An apparatchik at a branch of our country’s most prominent abortion factory last week tweeted “Some men have a uterus“, and repeated the phrase eleven times.

Now this was very curious. I had done a lot of work in medicine, but as a statistician and not an anatomist. I had never run into, nor heard of, a man with a uterus. But what did I know? I could have been mistaken.

So I reached out to the prominent gynecologist Dr. Manos Suaves and asked, “Do some men have a uterus?”

“No,” he said.

“Not even in a place we haven’t yet looked because insurance won’t cover the test? Or in a vestigial sense?”

“No,” he said.

Two things sprang to mind. One, the people who are buying parts from aborted babies had better check the merchandise carefully. When human beings are that small, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a spleen and a uterus, especially if the parts have been filtered through a vacuum. And given the questionable legality of the purchase, who is going to ask for their money back?

Two, since it is clear that no man has a uterus, but that this (presumably) woman said they did, and that this woman by virtue of her position is surely educated and would know basic medicine, she must have meant something else besides the plain-English “Some men have a uterus.”

What could this something else be?

She might have meant that uterus was not a womb strictly, but any reproductive organ in general. Men have reproductive organs. Therefore, if uterus is taken to mean any reproductive organ, then it is true some men have a uterus. (Some in logic includes the possibility of all.)

This interpretation is not likely. Why repeat an obvious truth, agreed to by all, eleven times? Likewise, we can reject that by some she meant no, as in no man has a uterus. In the same vein, we dismiss the idea have meant do not have.

That leaves men.

In plain English, men is a group of biological males. She can’t have meant that. Instead, as might by now be clear, she invoked Gender Theory to redefine male. According to this academic rage, a male has no biological characteristics whatsoever: it is a gender, which itself is an attitude, a desire, a mental state.

To avoid confusion with English, let us prefix any Gender Theory word with mental, e.g. mental-gender, mental-male, mental-uterus, and so on.

According to Gender Theory, a mental-gender is anything a person wants to be. A person can be mental-gay, mental-straight, mental-cis, mental-queer, mental-trans, and on and on.

That “on and on” is to be taken in a literal sense. There is no end to gender classifications. There cannot be an end, either, since they are all based on desire, and desire is infinitely various. There are already “on the books” at least a hundred of common gender-based terms, with…click here to read the rest.

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  1. All Leftists are insane. It’s a byproduct of their constantly ignoring the real world and holding countless contradictory thoughts in their heads all the time. Keeping up with the dayorder so one can bellyfeel duckspeak is highly stressful, as newspeak is constantly evolving while we have always been at war with East Asia. One wouldn’t want to commit thoughtcrime and malquote Big Brother while emitting the daily prolefeed.

  2. Howard

    The best help I could give her would be to note that “men” does not always mean “male humans”, but can just mean “humans” — for instance, in “For us men and for our salvation, He came down from Heaven,” or “all men are created equal.” Not that I think she would approve of that use of “men”.

    Then again, there is the issue of number. If “some men have a uterus”, there appears to be one uterus shared by many men.

  3. Jim Fedako

    I was first aware of this coming nonsense 24 years ago when my wife and I were told — straight-faced — that my wife wasn’t pregnant, we were pregnant. And I was told to expect similar symptoms as her, such as weight gain, etc. So I must have had a uterus, at least for a few months, anyway.

  4. My 1st thought when I came across this was: toddlers sometimes do the same thing when the grownups say ‘no’ – they just keep repeating what they want over and over, louder and louder. In our household, from a very early age, our kids learned that if you whine or throw a fit, the answer is ‘no’. Amazing how fast kids will stop whining and throwing fits once that little rule gets through.

    But if that rule doesn’t get through, or isn’t consistently enforced, you get those scenes we’ve all seen of a kid in a store throwing a tantrum until mom caves. I’m forced to conclude that the writer of that tweet was deprived of proper adult parenting and is similarly throwing himself on the floor of the candy isle and screaming the same thing over and over until he gets his way – probably worked with mom or mom’s current boyfriend, back in the day.

  5. Tim Mullen

    Check out this disorder

    Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome is a disorder of sexual development that affects males. Males with this disorder have normal male reproductive organs, though they also have a uterus and fallopian tubes, which are female reproductive organs. The uterus and fallopian tubes are derived from a structure called the Müllerian duct during development of the fetus

  6. Mike Ozanne

    It is very rare but not impossible for genetic men (i.e an individual with an XY chromosone pair) with CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) to have a mostly complete set of cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes along with breasts and female genitalia.

  7. Sue Rochester

    OH dear! So many questions here! I am pleased that you clarified that you are not an anatomist I became a midwife 41 years ago and yet somehow I must have missed the anatomy class about the “womb.” So can a mental-woman become pregnant even if that person doesn’t have a uterus but has a womb? What is the term for biological females born with the condition where there is NO uterus (and often no vagina or vaginal opening and one lonely kidney?) Are they mental-males or just wombless women? And what about people who have had uterus transplants, do they become mental-women too or just biologically reborn? So many questions! ANd if 11 times is not enough to comprehend a scientific fact for you…here is x12….”Some men have a uterus”!!

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