Divided We Are Soon Conquered — Guest Post by Ianto Watts

Divided We Are Soon Conquered — Guest Post by Ianto Watts

Time for some history. History freed from the vision of the version written by the winners. That is, the Revolutionaries. My version is brought to you by the vanquished. The people who know the truth but have kept it to themselves. Why? Because they’re dead. Most of them, anyway.
Yes, the vanquished. All who died for Fatherland, and not Empire. The Reductions of Paraguay. The San Patricios. The Cristeros. The Cornwall Uprising. The Lusitani. The Vendee. The Raskolniks. The Kulaks.

I could go on, for a long, long time. The list is endless. Those people you’ve never heard of. And why would you? If you were schooled by the Revolutionary State, and Walter Duranty, who would have told you? I’m including the vast number of parochial schools as well, for they too have fallen under the monetary sway of the victors. At least, here in the Empire. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. And no, the Empire doesn’t have to directly fund the parochial schools to control them. They make sure they’re a significant funding source for the other arms of the chanceries (hospitals, social service agencies, etc.) and you’ll have the necessary power to sway the entire operation. Today’s Bishops are such fools.

Let’s get back to the vanquished. Who would that be today? Let’s start with you. You’re a slave. Now before you object, let’s look at reality. The very best slave-state, from the perspective of the slave-owner, is one where the slaves dutifully report to work each day, perform their tasks (in return for continuously falling wages, in real terms), and then willingly return to their cells and lock themselves in. Correct? Well, that would seem to describe the Empire, in my view. There are no rebellions, because that would require that the slaves act in concert.

But we can’t, because we’re all ‘Bowling Alone‘, as the book says. We don’t even come together on Sundays. We’re too busy pursuing everything but real freedom. We think we’re seeking Freedom when all we’re really doing is pursuing Equality. Vicariously, of course. Via the tube. Via the Net. Via the bottle. Via the dream-state each solitary activity produces. We’re equal, all right. Equally isolated. Why bother being with anyone but yourself? After all, if we’re all equal, why would I find anyone else more interesting than me? What’s the point of social activity?

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Slaves are equal, citizens are free. You can’t be both. The mark of a true slave is ignorance. Self-imposed ignorance is the most efficient kind. From the perspective of the slave-owner, that is. Now there is absolutely no such thing as equality. Even Thomas Aquinas tells us that every angel, regardless of his rank within the nine choirs, is a separate species.

Angels may occupy the same rank, but no angels are equal. None are alike. Each is unique. Each is free. Free to be themselves, that is. That’s the only real freedom. The freedom to choose who you will be. And each made his choice. Their case was an instantaneous and permanent choice. But we humans inhabit the fluid-like ether of time, wherein we can constantly choose and change, till the bus jumps the curb and hits us all. But the choice is always the same; it’s either freedom, or equality. And equality equals slavery. Because only slavery can level mankind. Leveled, literally. Freedom, on the other hand, allows you to ascend to the highest level you are equipped to attain. And each individual is equipped differently. This is visibly so, no? Thus, each individual should rise to a different height. Therein lies their individuality.

Now before the howls begin, can you actually assert, with a straight face, that every man is (or even should be) equally equipped? Both physically and mentally? Really? You don’t know any actual idiots? Or people who, through no fault of their own, can’t even tie their own shoes? I’m not talking about infants here (although the example is equally true in that case too). No, I’m asking if you really want to cross the bridge designed by that kid you knew in grade school who never understood anything mechanical? The one who never grasped the concept of gravity? If you really believe in equality, you need to volunteer for the test squad when that kid is awarded his Civil Engineering degree by the EEO.

It’s not for nothing that we are told that ‘Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’. The promise is not that the truth shall make you equal. It shall make you free. Free to be your true self. Which should result in your being unique. That’s another word for un-equal, by the way. So, if you want to be truly unique, you need to be truly free. Free to achieve your full potential. But if you want true equality, be prepared to be alike. In slavery. The equality of slavery is that you are worth exactly what your fellow slave is worth. And that would be zero. Because we can’t all be Einstein.

In our brave new cowardly world, if you’re an inefficient slave, you can always be eliminated and the owners will gladly give your cell to a new slave. This makes you a kind of home-grown lab-rat. And the labs are busy perfecting this capability. Ah, science! The great liberator! It seems to be at the heart of all attempts to bring about true equality. Let’s conduct a test. Let’s start with history.

What great event happened in 1861? Yes, of course! A great leader of a continental nation began the struggle to free the slaves from their eternal bondage to evil landholders. And this great leader would later be assassinated for his cheeky attempt to free mankind and bring about true equality and freedom, together. But that’s not the real answer. Here’sJust where did this earth-shaking event occur? A: Here, in the Western half of today’s Empire? Or B: The opposite side of the world? Or C: Both of the above? Or D: None of the above?

It’s D. Nobody was really liberated in 1861. But a lot more were enslaved. If only they knew it! But historians will object and say C because they confuse freedom with equality. And because of this, they think this event happened twice, in the same year, on opposite sides of the globe. And if freedom was achieved by equality, they would be right. But they aren’t. The real answer is, true freedom for the slaves only happened once in the 19th century. That was in 1833, in Angland. And nobody died. But here in the Public Temple of modern education, D is never on the test. Why is that? Well, it’s an inconvenient truth. And the inconvenience is this; neither of these examples from 1861 can be allowed to compare with the example of the peaceful manumission of the Slaves of the Anglish Empire, in 1833. Courtesy of William Wilberforce, of course.

Now we all know the Western version of this great myth of 1861. It was Emperor Abe who freed the slaves, and who was then struck down by an agent of the gods for his effort and good will towards man. Never mind Abe’s comments before his election.

Let’s continue west and cross the International Dateline, to the other 1861, to the same meridian as Jerusalem. Turn right and go north till you’re cold as Hell. Welcome to Moscow, Komrade! Welcome to the land of Tsar Alexander II, the Liberator Tsar. He too decided in 1861 that his serf-men should be equal. He too decreed that it must be so. And just like here in the West, this supposedly magnanimous act unleashed the forces of Revolution. And like Abe, Alexander also paid with his life (although the Heavens gave him more time to repent). Each of these two Emperors, Abraham and Alexander, both aspirants to the throne of the Third Rome, each appealing (as Julius had done) to the masses, decided to affect this freedom-via-equality in a way that would produce (knowingly or not) the enslavement of all. And to this day, nearly everyone in both Empires has confused this equality with freedom. We proudly proclaim our freedom, as we freely return to our cells each day, and to drink the Soma of solitude.

Now most slaves, East or West, would fail to know both halves of the wrong answer to the question above. But truth be told, at least the residents of Moscow know more of Abraham than we do of Alexander. So, in that respect, the Western Empire is more ignorant than the East. But a quick glance at the results of standardized tests would have predicted that disparity. And to be fair, we are better publicists, and we have exported our myths so much more effectively than the Rus’.

Let’s move on to the next question: who was William Wilberforce and why does he really matter? Before I answer, I must confess that my congenital dislike of the Anglish fails me here, for they have shown us the true path to peace in this matter of freeing the slaves. Oh well. At least Wilberforce wasn’t a Tory or a Whig. He was an Independent, which is to say, he was his own man. A man smitten with Christianity. A man wholly devoted to the freeing of men bound in involuntary slavery, through no fault of their own. A claim we in the West can hardly make, unless we revert to the mythology of the Victors. You know, our owners. The ones who killed almost a million of us in 1861 to gain our ‘equality’.

Wilberforce was the man who became convinced of the evils of involuntary slavery in 1787. (He also helped found the SPCA, for all you whale-savers). He campaigned for forty-five years to abolish the slave trade in Angland, and subsequent to this success in 1807, for the freeing of those still enslaved within the Empire. And this was finally accomplished by the passage of the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. He was a Christian, although one separated from Rome. As I have said before, according to the Scriptures there are at least three Samaritans in Heaven. Wilberforce would seem to move that number to at least four. Which may rival that of Catholics, at least of today, here in the Empire.

But that’s not my point, at least not directly. My real point is this: Angland emancipated her slaves in a manner that did not produce either war or revolution or a continuing history of racial discord. Our Western Emperor’s method did exactly the opposite. Even Alexander II’s emancipation of the serfs resulted in Revolution and unspeakable terror that followed it. But at least there was no racial animosity in Russia. But that’s because the serfs weren’t Afrikan. Except Pushkin was, partly. In Russia that was no hindrance to liberty. Here he would have been considered Black. And we know what that would have meant. Slavery. Followed by resentment. And the flames would never die out, because that wouldn’t suit the revolutionary aims of the true slave-masters, East or West. And therein lies the true lesson. The lesson of how it was done. The Devil always lies in the details. By the way, you can shorten that phrase and it works just as well; the Devil always lies.

Well then, how was it done? By means of money, of course. Angland in 1833 committed 5% of its GDP to pay the slave owners their due. Slaveholders bought their slaves legally, so taking the slaves away with no offsetting compensation for their owners would be theft. That’s not the message you want to send if you want your citizens to uphold all the other laws you pass. The message you want to send, of course, is that if you take something, you have to pay for it. And our history, and Russian history too, is an object lesson that if you take it for free now, you will pay for it then. In spades. Many times over, in our case. We’re still not done paying. Nor is Russia.

Angland did it peacefully, while Abe and Alex decided to do it the hard way. The way that enslaved all their peoples, by substituting equality for freedom. The way that guaranteed bitterness and strife that would last unto today, in both empires. This strife would eventually pit these two empires against each other, as each empire attempts to absorb the other. That’s the whole point of being an empire, right? Constant expansion. The only way to keep the whole thing from imploding. Empires always need a new stream of new slaves to keep the operation profitable. And to keep the old slaves (called ‘citizens’ now) from noticing that they are, indeed, slaves. The best way to do that (after ensuring they remain ignorant) is to make these previously enslaved ‘citizens’ feel like they are free. The best tactic here is misplaced patriotism.

We come to the next step in the progression. We’ve seen how equality is confused with freedom. Now we must understand that this mis-perceived ‘freedom’ is usually accompanied by the legend of bravery. Land of the free, home of the brave, as they say. Don’t get me wrong. There are many true examples of bravery throughout history. The problem is that the brave were usually slaughtered defending their nation. Not the Empire. They became the vanquished of the Empire. Ask Viriathus if you’re uncertain. The eventual victory of an Empire is usually accomplished through the treason of one of the vanquished, as the victors were rarely as brave as the vanquished. The victors (and their Quislings) were simply more venal. So, beware of ‘friends’. They are way too expensive (and treasonous). Sleep with your Kevlar on.

Fine, you say, but what does all of this have to do with anything? Anything today, that is? Well, it’s simple, my friend. We are about to join the list of the Vanquished. Yes, I’m serious. It’s happening right before our tightly closed eyes. We are being herded, courtesy of our own Quislings, into the cattle chute. Ready to be transported to the slaughter house of total slavery. It’s one thing to be enslaved to our brethren, where we can pretend we’re all still fellow countrymen. It’s quite another to be lorded over by a foreign master. His name is Vlad. And he has thrown down the gantlet.

What am I talking about? Simply this: Vlad has laid down his marker. The slightest resistance (à la a tactical battlefield nuke) to his expansion will result in Armageddon. That’s his promise. He said recently, why should Russia worry about the rest of the world ‘if there is no Russia’?

Do I really believe Vlad would press the button? No, of course not. As Chaim Rakovsky’s interrogators said to him (when he threatened Stalin), ‘who would destroy what he hopes to inherit?‘ But it’s not important what I think. What is important is what our overlords think. They think Vlad may be serious. Am I talking about the Pentagon? No, silly! They aren’t our masters. Our masters are the chattering classes, who buy ink by the barrel. And who infect our children and grandchildren with the fear of death. As if we could avoid it. It’s only a matter of timing, you know.

You may think that statement silly. But ask yourself, are there those who think Donald is mad? And that he is capable of any outrage or bluff? Well then, why is it impermissible to imagine that there are those who would be hesitant to call any perceived bluff Vlad might make? Why is that so outrageous? Ask the Chechens if Vlad likes to bluff. Ask the Free Syrian Army if Vlad bluffs. Ask the ex-Soviet spy found poisoned in London the other day if Vlad likes to bluff. Go on, ask them. But do it from a distance.

Is there a contradiction? I said Vlad doesn’t bluff, yet I’ve also said I don’t believe he would push the red button, even though he said he would? Which is it, eh? Well, it’s pretty simple. Vlad doesn’t have to bluff now. Why? Because we’ve already bluffed ourselves, and he knows it. Just look at the American Empire. Torn asunder, totally riven in two. Red states and Blue states, and never the twain shall meet. How can they? We are now two countries, and the Western Empire is paralyzed. Ask Diocletian what he perceived when he divided the Empire in 285 AD. Masculine West and Effeminate East. And the soon-to-be new Emperor Vlad is simply taking advantage of our internal discord in order to keep us paralyzed. Paralyzed with fear, paralyzed with hate. And, most importantly, paralyzed financially. Therein lies the key to our fate.

Put simply, and with the greatest of ironies, it is now we who cannot afford an arms race. The roles are now reversed. We cannot afford, politically speaking, to try and overcome the advances in Russian weaponry and their asymmetric warfare stance. We simply cannot do it. Why? Because we have obligations, Komrade. Obligations, to the poor, to the un-educated, to the environment, to the sexually unsure, to the homeless, to the arts, to the whales, to the victims of glass ceilings, to…shall I go on? I can, you know, because the list is endless. But your patience isn’t. So, let’s sum up.

It looks pretty simple to me. We are the victims of our own idiocy. Our own weakness. Our own rejection of The Holy Spirit. Because we are blinded by our Imperial vision, we have abandoned the concept of our true Fatherland that would give us the true reason for united resistance. True nationality. And which Fatherland would that be? America? No, that is simply the physical reflection of what we should believe in. We should believe in our original spirituality. True and undivided Christianity. Christianity before the Photian Schism. That would lead us to our own true nationality. But nationality is different from Empire. Because red-state America still vaguely believes in the nation, as well as our fading Christian heritage, there is some vague hope. But red-state America is also the home to the most vehement defenders of Empire. Therein lies our weakness. A fatal weakness. Blue states are not the real problem. Yes, they are pagans, but we could fix that if we had the will. Which we don’t. Why? Because we are confused. We’re schizoid. We have two personalities. National Catholic, and Imperial Protestant.

In the meantime, as we fight amongst ourselves here in the West, all Vlad has to do is easily (and oh, so cheaply) continue meddling our national discourse. A discourse which has devolved into paralyzing arguments that guarantee we will never respond with a united will. We will never agree to an arms budget because we can’t agree to any budget. We can’t agree to a unified strategy because we can’t agree to anything. Forget about updating our strategic nuclear arsenal. It won’t happen in time. The concept of a unified America, standing up to an external enemy, no longer exists. Vlad doesn’t have to bluff. He won’t have to push his new and improved red button.

Because we will never push our own. And even if we did, it’s so old it may not work. Most importantly, we can’t push it because there is no more ‘we’ here in the West. It’s only ‘us’ and ‘them’. This division of vision is fatal. Vlad knows it. And now, so do you.


  1. ITMA

    very wordy very lettery, very stinky very pongee!

    “I go,
    I come back.”

  2. Mactoul

    “We will never agree to an arms budget because we can’t agree to any budget.”

    But the budget was passed yesterday.

  3. TheOldOne

    Somehow, when Watt posts, it all comes down to Putin. Always.

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