Is Trump Still Winning? — Guest Post by The Blonde Bombshell

Is Trump Still Winning? — Guest Post by The Blonde Bombshell

Trump told us during the campaign that we would be “tired of winning”—and apparently that is the case, given all the strum und drang about his signing of the Omnibus (not the budget). Evidently, Twitter went on fire, with people posting very pointed remarks to the effect that they were going to “dump Trump” despite being stalwart supporters until about 1 PM on Friday, March 23, 2018.

So you are tired of talks with North Korea (and there is circumstantial evidence that Trump met with Kim Jung-un during his Asia trip, a meeting facilitated by China). You’re tired of that NK may no longer be a nuclear threat. You much preferred it when every morning had the potentiality of dawning with a refrain of “Goodbye, Seattle.”

You’re tired of the roll back of EPA’s onerous regulations. You would much rather roll the dice that the EPA could come down like a ton of bricks and call your backyard a “wetland” when all you wanted to do was add on the deck your wife has been asking for the past twenty years.

You’re tired of the wall, which will be funded in the Omnibus, by the way, thanks to the sleight of hand that these types of bills promulgate.

You’re tired of protections of religious liberty. You would much rather that bakers make the damn cake and that nuns pay for birth control.

You’re tired of space exploration.

You’re tired of protections against abortion. Sure, Planned Parenthood was funded, but don’t forget we are waiting for a report that will put that organization back into the Stone Age.

And it’s not even been two months, and you’re sick and tired of having more of your own money in your paycheck.

Do you want me to go on? Trump has a stupendous list of achievements and we should be standing up every day to applaud what he’s done or down on our knees, to thank the good Lord that we escaped the presidency of one HRC.

You Trump supporters are pretty fickle. Some observers have noted that Obama’s base let him pretty much do anything, up to and including giving Iran untold treasure, but Trump’s base is ready to take a powder after being upset about his signing a bill that has the life cycle of six months. Oh, when would six months expire? Let’s see, that would be right before the mid-term elections. Maybe there is some deeper thinking that is going on. Maybe there is a method to the madness.

Okay, Trump base, get it together. First of all, you have to realize that the Congress critters were ones that you voted in. Okay, go ahead, mount a defense. Even with Trump’’ magnificent speech in PA, and pleading with voters to vote for Saccone, the photogenic, youthful Democrat, the one who will vote with “Chuck and Nancy,” won the election. I’m looking at you, Trump base. What do you expect when you vote in someone who is “cooler” than the Trump candidate? Granted, Saccone had all the personality of a bag of potatoes, but he would have stood firm behind Trump and his agenda. Saccone, or all his flaws, is a Patriot.

Trump’s goal is not to be another run-of-the-mill GOP president. Don’t forget, we could have had Little Marco or Low-Energy Jeb! Trump’s goal is to be transformational. He intends to restore the Republic. He is working to take the country back from the grip of the Deep State. Sure, go ahead and laugh, but the incumbent elites have been in positions of power for a very long time, and they have to be called something. Andrew McCabe was a creature of the Swamp, there is no doubt, and perhaps a military tribunal will bear that out (it is not likely that the public will have the satisfaction of a civilian trial for all the denizens of the Swamp, as satisfactory as that may be). Gitmo is in the throes of remodeling and expanding. Do you think it is to make everything comfy for MS-13?

The charges against McCabe can start with treason and end with sedition. In prior times, these were worthy of the death penalty, but Americans have gotten soft, and probably would rather see him mopping floors at the DC YMCA for six months. Yes, that is the appropriate punishment to conspire to unseat a duly elected sitting president. Nothing too harsh because that would make him feel bad.

Everyone who is upset that Trump signed the Omnibus should take a deep breath and think about what the true goal is. The Swamp did not come into power overnight, and it is going to take a lot of ingenious engineering to take it down. Don’t forget the Executive Order of December 21, 2017. This is the beginning of the end. Assets have been seized. Indictments have been made.

Trust the plan. Enjoy the show.


  1. MikeW

    Trump’s presidency is like Churchill’s quote about democracy. He’s the worst kind of president, except for all the others. (Personally, I think Cruz would be a better president, but he can’t get elected, which is a prerequisite.)

  2. Sheri

    It wasn’t a tiny error or a strategic retreat. It was cowardice, pure and simple until proven otherwise. Cowards cannot win—up until the yellow streak appeared, bluffing worked. The bluff was called. The coward exposed.

  3. Sheri

    The Revolutionary War according to the Blonde Bombshell:
    It’s cold, the Delaware stretches out before Washington and his men. The men are saying it’s frigid, they’re freezing and starving, they want to home for their holiday. Washington relents, says he can do nothing because his troops won’t cooperate and maybe in six months they can try again. Yes, that was the Revolutionary War strategy that would have kept the US a British colony and there would be no Constitution, zip. Yet it’s proclaimed to be a good strategy today. Fools one and all.

  4. John Morris

    Well all of those things are indeed wonderful, but immigration is the game. People who understand that got really ticked at the idea of paying for walls in other countries while explicitly forbidden to build one here; that was just rubbing folks’s noses in who rules who. If Trump actually has a way around that and actually does it, of course all is good. When I can see the a few hundred miles of wall construction on Google Earth I’ll believe.

    And I suspect a fair number (Rush for example) have figured out the kayfabe angle to Trump. We are supposed to get rowdy, Trump actually needs us fired up and not complacent. It actually gives him room to negotiate.

    Others believe Trump agreed to this deal because of all that funding for the military assures their support in the time of troubles that is coming. We certainly live in interesting times.

  5. Sander van der Wal

    As a (bloody) foreigner, it appears that whining is not just something SJW’s do.

    Count your blessings.

  6. Sylvain Allard

    Very hard to discuss with someone living in fantasyland.

    Your pusher must have some great stuff.

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