Chemical Castration As Conception Prevention

Chemical Castration As Conception Prevention

Men, how would you like to inject yourself regularly in the pertinents so that your testosterone levels plunge to levels as if you were castrated?

Don’t answer yet! There are “benefits” you might not have considered. Such as undergoing this prickly delight will result in the production of low to no sperm. You will then be able to engage in sexual intercourse and avoid the positive consequences of that act.

A modern-day Dr. Moureau thought up the injection caper, but—and here is the big surprise—he couldn’t find a pharmaceutical sponsor.

Sharper Than a Knife

His efforts must however have been noted. For chemists secreted themselves inside labs and tried to discover a formula for father-prevention in pill form. Early efforts resulted in liver damage in the victims, which is to say, in the test subjects.

But news was announced that a new formulation might provide men the chemical castration they seek without side effects. Or without many side effects. Or with possibly long-term side effects. Actually, the word on side effects is still out.

The new pill, called dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU), is a two-for-one deal. It contains a chemical to block testosterone production. But because of the importance of this crucial hormone in men having male characteristics, the new drug also contains an androgen (a male hormone), which they hope mimics all the effects of testosterone. Except the “unwanted” effect of making sperm.

They Said What?

Specifics of the study are not yet available. The results so far are in the form of a press release and a presentation given at a scientific meeting. It appears about 25 men were given placebos (“sugar” pills), and about 58 men were given the new drug in various forms for only 28 days.

The result was that “At the highest dose of DMAU tested [in ’12 to 15 men’], subjects showed ‘marked suppression’ of levels of their testosterone and two hormones required for sperm production.”

If that is the “good” news, what is the bad news?

The researchers say that “Despite having low levels of circulating testosterone, very few subjects reported symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency or excess.” Which is also admitting that some subjects reported symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency or excess. And since only 12-15 men saw “marked suppression” of testosterone, a “few” experiencing side effects is a large percentage.

The press release also admits men on the pill gained weight and had decreases in HDL, the good cholesterol. About whether sperm production ceased or slowed, they do not say.

Toxic Anti-Masculinity

What might we guess about other effects of long-term blocking of testosterone?

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  1. JH

    Ah… I see. Not all men are manly. Some men are whiners. They simply cannot handle the side effects that some women have to endure.

  2. Plantagenet

    No one has to endure anything. Simply accept the possibility of children, or abstain. If you decide that pharmacology is the answer well that is a choice you have made. It comes with personal repercussions some known, others unknown, but that is on the individual level your problem. However on the wider plane of its effect on culture it’s everyone’s problem, a problem that is quite easily solved, but of course we cannot abstain, or accept the children that’s just crazy talk. When, in fifty years or so there are not enough people willing or able to maintain the infrastructure ( and it is going to be a problem) what then? Oh let me guess immigration! Hmmm ask the Romans how well that one worked.

  3. Sander van der Wal


    The pill for women forces their bodies into a state that also occurs naturally during their moon cycles. Men do not have cycles and the pill for men forces their bodies into an unnatural state (at least for living men).

    Secondly, being manly is a lot easier with testosterone. This is like ignoring hunger while you are well-fed.

  4. John B()

    Didn’t Turing commit suicide over this question?

  5. Joy

    Manliness is in the eye of the beholder and there’s no accounting for taste! Women decide. perhaps gay men? Unfortunately, for men, in a civilised society, anyway. Hence the surge in men wanting to turn us back to the stone age. It’s not all Fred and thelma you know. Cute shaver he had.

    The pill? Makes you ugly and feel a bit peculiar. I had it prescribed for feminine reasons not having to do with contraception and didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. So I stopped taking it before the second month and put up with the symptoms. Some women don’t notice these things.

    The pill was developed for reasons not to do with contraception, which was a side effect.
    The pill is not one thing, either, as most catholics and non Christians will know, first hand.

    I’m not buying all the protestation over contraception, not for a moment.
    A while ago there was a really old cheese movie on set in a quaint village with Dracula, who is himself, pure cheese. It was on in the background I didn’t really watch it. The pretty women in the village were being chased and hounded by the village church men in wide brimmed hats (puritans? I don’t know) and were accused of all sorts of sexual wickedness, always sexual of course, they weren’t concerned about anything else. Why? because they were beautiful and this awakened ‘desires’ in their dirty minds which the women, naturally, needed to be killed for.
    It wasn’t enough that Drac’ was tramping about the village willy nilly!

    Just reminds me of the sort of cowardly no hoper who carries on in the same vein on the internet. The one who in real life is no man and runs a mile rather than stand for what’s right and true. Followed, usually, by a selection of adoring females who dress up as men on forums and bitch about cross dressing!

    Would anybody trust a man taking a male pill?

  6. Joy

    I’ve just read the article on the other side of the stream and note Briggs’ One for the ladies!
    Good grief!
    Note some old names, too…runaways.

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