Insanity & Doom Update XXXI

Insanity & Doom Update XXXI

Item: Britain needs gender equality quotas now, Fawcett Society says (emphasis mine)

Quotas to get more women into key positions in politics, business and the arts must be introduced to address a massive imbalance of power in Britain, according to equality campaigners.

With a statue of suffragist Millicent Fawcett set to become the first of a woman in London’s Parliament Square on Tuesday, analysis from the Fawcett Society Sex and Power Index has shown that men still overwhelmingly dominate positions of power in every sector of society.

The figures show that women make up only 6% of FTSE 100 chief executives, 16.7% of supreme court justices, 17.6% of national newspaper editors, 26% of cabinet ministers and 32% of MPs.

“When we see this data brought together it is both shocking and stark – despite some prominent women leaders, men haven’t let go of the reins of power and progress is painfully slow,” said Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society.

Equality won’t happen on its own. We have to make it happen. That is why we are calling for time-limited use of quotas and making all jobs flexible by default.”

I used to say as warning that Equality & Diversity always lead to mandatory quotas. It was a warning because you rarely heard of quotas being called for except by euphemism (like “affirmative action” or “greater participation”). Yet here are quotas named and asked for.

What is true, and what we should agree with, is that equality will never happen on its own. It has to be made to happen. And the only way to do that is by enforced mandatory quotas. What a dismal state that will be.

Note the picture above shows the ‘equal pay’ canard is quite old.

Item The rise of women-only coworking spaces

As the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements shine a light on some of the hazards of working while female, coworking hubs for women and people who identify as non-binary are popping up around the country.

One of the newest of these is Minnesota’s The Coven, which just opened in March and has already accumulated more than 200 members from a wide range of industries — from finance to law to real estate to art or nonprofits…

At The Coven, a sign at the front entrance reads “Witches don’t apologize.” A hot-pink collage-like mural wall features famous women’s faces, from Harriet Tubman to Rihanna, while artwork by local women artists, like painter Ashley Mary, hangs throughout the two-floor space…Members-only professional programming includes speakers on themed topics each month, from financial health to body positivity.

It looks like I was wrong in my story about Hillary joining a coven. Not in that it happened, because it did, but why The Wing (where Hillary visited) removed “coven” from their pages advertising their women’s only safe spaces. I conjectured they did so because of the embarassing publicity. But it now appears likely they changed because rivals already snagged the name. I am still only guessing, but it’s at least plausible. That leads to the next Item.

Item The Coven is a collaborative community and co-working space designed with women and non-binary folks in mind.

Do The Most Good

We call our business “The Coven” because it has power and energy. We believe when women gather together, they create magic. Those who practice Wicca believe in doing the most good, and so do we. All of our business decisions are made following this mantra, in the spirit of doing the most good for our community.

These are some quotes found cruising around the Coven’s site. “The Coven, a space where all women are empowered to do whatever the hell they want.” “Regardless of her ample academic and professional accomplishments Bethany still wrestles with imposter syndrome but believes dismantling the patriarchy will help.” “Erinn’s favorite color is black everything, and when she’s not busy trying to prepare the world for her two little gOOns …”

Given all that, can anybody explain to me what a “non-binary person” is? I would think that since everybody can only be what they are, all people are singular and thus non-binary. Binary appears to allow one to switch modes.

I don’t know. This is witchcraft and I don’t know the proper spells.


  1. Sheri

    At least one half to three quarters of women should be chained in the kitchen, but NOT pregnant and barefoot. Chaining in the kitchen would improve humanity and give us a chance. I am revolted by the idiocy, HATE and destructive nature of my gender. Women will DESTROY society in their angry, bitter, hateful rage. And be damn proud of it. Idiots.

    (As to what women can roam free, there will be a test of math, logic, engineering, etc. There will be a test of hunting ability. Any woman using the term gender is automatically chained. Any that melt over the site of a baby bunny or a man being humiliated are chained. Other tests will be created as needed to keep these vindictive creatures out of normal society.)

  2. Rich

    This is offered as a definition by the Office of National Statistics: “Non-binary: An umbrella term for those who do not identify as male or female, or who may identity with aspects of both male and female.”


    In last year’s General Election (UK) there were three candidates who self-identified as ‘non-binary’. None were elected.

    You have reminded of a favourite line from Spike Milligan’s novel, “Puckoon”:
    “The priest stepped to one side. He was not numerically equipped to do otherwise.”

  3. Jim Fedako

    1. The problem with equality of outcome, as espoused by the recent 50/50 Day, is anger must as also be directed at female teachers who do not want to be truck drivers taking teaching jobs from male truck drivers who do not want to be teachers. Folks who espouse equality have no historical understanding of all the necessary implications.

    2. Read Jack London’s, The Scab, to recognize that socialists (some, anyway) 100 years ago understood the economics of pay disparity. Not the party slogans (as noted above), but the reality of profit-seekers hiring the cheapest labor they can find (legal or otherwise). So, in London’s voice, if a group is willing to scab another (work for less), companies would hire more of them. Simple economics says that as demand for that group rises, so does its price (salaries). And, as demand for the other group falls, so does its price. Market forces tend to equalize prices. Today, leftists must claim that the evil profit-seekers are reducing their beloved profits by hiring a most expensive resource. But you can’t argue both ways … unless your sloganeering is political only.

  4. Ray

    If women did the same job as men for less pay, any smart businessman would fire all the men and hire only women.

  5. The communist infection has nearly taken over the body politic. Once healthy organs are now twisted, mutated versions of themselves to serve the virus, not the host. The old antibodies proved ineffective. New, most vigorous antibodies are forming now to fight this deadly disease. The body politic senses it is in deadly peril, and the fever rises.

    Now, to see if the body can survive the fever, and if the antibodies are strong enough, yet sufficiently well targeted. Sometimes the cure is as dangerous as the malady. But communism is a fatal disease, and must be eradicated completely and utterly if the body is to survive at all. Only time will tell.

  6. Sander van der Wal

    MP’s are voted for by voters. One wonders how a mandatory qotum will be enforced in a Democracy.

  7. Communism is the symptom, or more aptly described, a complication of a pervasive yet, subtle disease: Evolutionism.

  8. Joy

    Ray is the voice of reason.

    Seems like binary is now a new trigger word thanks to the reactionaries of the alt right’s response to the alt left. Theer’ll soon be no words or phrases left in the dictionary that don’t send some mad person galloping off to write about the latest conspiracy.

    All but a minority in this country know there is only two genders. You have to be here and talk to people to know this. Rather than making things up off the fly from sources that have done several rounds on the alt internet!

    Bipolar thinkers, though, need help.
    Those who abuse logic in arguments offering one after the other dichotomy which is false can’t complain when tis’ pointed out.

    Melt? at the site of a bunny? Ah.
    Anyone who finds that harmless, beautiful elements of nature make them angry, need help. If they are female, they’re really far gone. They’re probably not though. Probably men pretending to be women.

  9. Linda Albert,

    Bunnies are mean. They bite like a pair of hoof nippers, the does will sometimes eat their newborns and they can lay your arm open with one kick. I have a three inch scar on one forearm from a pet bunny.

  10. Joy

    Yep, Linda, that’s true, they have to be used to being picked up ad handled from kittens.
    Like many mammals when they’re stressed they do kill their young or abandon them.
    Vets have it easy!
    So do Dentists.

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