Toxic Effeminacy Kills The Boy Scouts

Toxic Effeminacy Kills The Boy Scouts

Here’s one among many headlines: Boy Scouts is dropping the word ‘boy’ from its main program as girls prepare to join

Goodbye “Boy Scouts.” Hello “Scouts BSA.”

Less than a year after the Boy Scouts of America decided to invite girls to join, the organization announced that it will refer to its older youth program as “Scouts BSA” starting in February 2019.
The name change comes amid a new campaign slogan, “Scout Me In,” that was made to emphasize the group’s expansion from just boys to boys and girls.

“Cub Scouts is a lot of fun, and now it’s available to all kids,” Stephen Medlicott, National Marketing Group Director of Boy Scouts of America, said in a statement. “That’s why we love ‘Scout Me In’ — because it speaks to girls and boys and tells them, ‘This is for you. We want you to join!'”

After the Boy Scouts surrendered on sodomy, it was inevitable they should give up on boys. Toxic effeminacy is the reason. Not so much from female creatures (as Mike Royko called them), but from effeminate men, who could not bear being hectored and harangued. Easier to surrender than to be called bad names in the press.

Toxic effeminacy/feminism arose from Equality. Equality destroys whatever it touches, like an acid which gains in strength as it dissolves. Equality is the belief that the holder of Equality should be superior to those who do not hold to Equality.

As proof of this, look to the Girl Scouts. Are they also dropping “Girl” and merging with the newly created “Scouts”? No, sir.

But the Girl Scouts of the USA still considers itself the best organization in the country when it comes to educating female leaders — and says it is uniquely equipped to do so.

“We’re interested to hear that Boy Scouts has slightly altered its name and invested in a new brand identity — but what we really want to know more about is the programming,” Stewart Goodbody, Girl Scouts’ senior director of communications and external affairs, told Refinery29.

“Have they invested in creating uniquely effective programming for girls?” she questioned. “Because at Girl Scouts, for the past century, we’ve been acutely focused on dispelling gender stereotypes and creating a space exclusively for girls to learn and grow — a ‘room of one’s own’ for them, so to speak. And we are determined as ever to stay on this path, so that more girls, through Girl Scouting, gain confidence, seek challenges, and become active decision-makers and proficient problem-solvers to the greatest degree possible — and frankly, are better equipped to navigate a world that is still, regrettably, a ‘man’s world.'”

It won’t be a man’s world in the ex-Boy Scouts. Nor in the Girl Scouts. They know what the ex-Boy Scouts do not: that boys and girls are ineradicably different.

It’s also a case of follow-the-money. According to one regional leader “Fiona Cummings of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois, believes the BSA’s decision to admit girls is among the factors that have shrunk her council’s youth membership by more than 500 girls so far this year.”

She said relations with the Boy Scouts in her region used to be collaborative and now are “very chilly.”

“How do you manage these strategic tensions?” she asked. “We both need to increase our membership numbers.”

Matt Walsh rightly tweeted:

We learn two things from the self-destruction of the Boy Scouts organization:

1) The Left will eat you alive if you compromise with them.

2) Boys are not allowed to have any of their own spaces in this ridiculous culture we’ve made for ourselves.

I don’t know, since my scouting days are long over, but this appears an incremental rather than abrupt change. But now it’s happened, it must soon be (if it isn’t already) that knife skills will have to be tossed. Camping won’t be allowed in actual woods; sites will be mandated to be within so-many feet of sanitary bathrooms. Cell phones will be a must. Matches are out. Somebody might get hurt.

Somebody is probably working on an app right now that simulates camping. This will be used by those unable to go on real camping trips, and those too frightened or too shy.

There will be badges for Getting Along, another for Sexual Orientation Awareness, or for some euphemism along those lines. Maybe they already have them.

How depressing.


  1. John B()

    Scouts BSA

    So the BSA bit – that would be B as in B – S as is S

    (A phrase used by a conservative radio host from Minnesota)

    I guess boys don’t require a “Safe Space” because they’re the ones that make space dangerous?

    What happens when the boys give up and leave it all to girls? Will that be unfair to the girls?

  2. Larry Geiger

    Completely predictable. The national office has gone off of the deep end. No way to redeem this. They’ve totally lost.

  3. Gary

    It’s a business decision as much as a political one. BSA enrollments have been declining for years and this is seen as a possible solution. The Venturing/Explorer scout program includes both boys and girls and has existed for years, although it’s oriented more toward career and learning than the traditional Boy Scout program ( It would have been better for the BSA and GSA to merge into one organization with two branches than to try to poach enrollments, but there must have been too much resistance and fear of being short-changed in such a deal.

  4. brian (bulaoren)

    Sorry, I just couldn’t read through the whole nonsense. M.E.G.O.?
    When I was a lad of 15, my parents packed me off to a year of “language immersion” in Barcelona Spain. The program was run by several East cost “Prep Schools”. It was called “Schoolboys Abroad”.
    Though many yaers have passed, I recall no political indoctronation. This was merely an attempt to immerse us into the larger world.
    The peogram is now called.”SCHOOL YEAR ABROAD”. Yes, girls are welcome.
    I have no gripe with the “co ed” thing, but the whole flavor of the school has changed. It now has an internationalist push that it never had before.
    It ts now a propaganda factory. The unfortunate inmates will learn toxic, and anti American venom.
    May a wise God preserve the B.S.A.

  5. Ted

    The evil faith based (spit) organizations offer alternatives to what was once the BSA.

    Once BSA folds under it’s non-beliefs, Progs can continue their attack on the ultimate enemy, Christians.

  6. Sheri

    As I have said before PARENTS believe in this garbage, endorse it and keep it going. STOP blaming the government, etc. PARENTS do this.

    The YMCA, where the C stands for “Crappy” went this route decades ago. Since Christians do ZIP to stop it, it will continue, as it has in history whenever people sell out to “popular crowds”. Bread and circuses ensues and your children and grandchildren (the ones you couldn’t be bothered with defending or keeping out of this garbage) live in a totalitarian he// or anarchy followed by the totalitarian mess. When parents stop loving their children, society falls.

  7. Men without chests indeed.

    The easiest way to get men without chests is to prevent boys from growing them. Or even knowing that their chests aren’t supposed to be hollow.

    The goal of feminism and other forms of Leftism is to make dependent, girly men. Then America will be doomed, and ripe for conquest. We will be begging for a masculine, aggressive savior to come protect us from ourselves.

  8. Joy

    This was the beginning of the end. When cowardly excuses for men took the law into their own hands.
    This was the beginning of the end:

    Wickipedia isn’t telling the whole truth either. Follow the green money…in all three obvious senses of the word ‘Green.’

    Boy scouts in England are called Scouts or Guides.
    If the clubs are not good parents won’t send their children there. It will fall by the way just as anything which is hollow and of no use.

  9. This is how the Leftists win. They are supreme organizers – it’s literally what they do. They have no morals save victory, and do not hesitate to lie, cheat, steal, and ruin reputations, lives, and careers to accomplish their goals.

    So, if we fail to organize, they win.
    When we do organize, they creep into and take over the leadership of the organization.
    Their methodology, as described by IowaHawk –
    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  10. There is no way that WAGGGS was ever going to let the Girl Scouts out from under their umbrella, or, if you prefer, off the apron strings, and they CERTAINLY aren’t going to just hand GSA over to an organization anywhere near to heteronormative as Scouts-BSA currently is.

  11. Bill

    There are two among other competing forces for the soul of our society. One are the feminists who want to rule everything and never be ruled by a man. Another is the group that believes all sex between consenting people is recommended and acceptable. Both bode poorly for boys.

  12. James

    A more accurate headline would be that Boy Scouts (BSA) is adding a program for girls that is the same as its program for boys. Co-ed Scouts are not a thing.

    A big reason for this is that GSUSA is not providing the same quality of experience for girls as BSA is for boys. Some Girl Scout troop are good but the program as a whole is a poor imitation of the Boy Scouts.

    Ideally GSUSA should fix their own problems, but they aren’t interested in that.

  13. J

    Here are some future developments:
    1. Atheists will lobby to change the scout oath and make optional the mention of God. Eventually they will forbid anyone from saying it.
    2. Change the whole ethos to reflect current political correctness.
    3. Then they will force all troops to accept homosexual leaders regardless of the sponsoring institutions beliefs.

    By then most boys, and girls, will have abandoned it. It won’t be scouts anymore at all. I suggest sending your boys to Trail Life instead.

  14. Matt

    Though I wish BSA had never gone down the road of accepting girls, now that they have done so, I am glad to hear about the name change. Having girls in an organization called the Boy Scouts would have furthered the current gender confusion we see in our culture even more.

  15. Jay

    Keep in mind Adam’s sin. (It wasn’t eating the fruit, read your Bible.)

    Lesson for all endeavors.
    Men make a thing which prospers.
    Effeminates complain, because they aren’t ‘sharing in the prosperity’ created by Men.
    Men allow effeminates into leadership positions to further ‘equality’.
    Effeminates abuse outrage and lawsuits to get Men leaders removed to take over the thing.
    Effeminates use new authority to change the thing to focus on the effeminate.
    The thing is slowly corrupted and destroyed from within as no one wants the changed thing.
    Remaining Men leave the thing and go make a new thing which prospers.
    Without Men to make it prosper, the old thing dies.
    The effeminates then complain about being excluded from the new thing.

    Just… say… no… They’ll sue you either way; if they do anything at all when you refuse.

  16. Joy


    (Apart from the irrelevant inclusion of the garden of Eden story which few will go and check but take on faith as being somehow relevant. )

    The point was valid although I wouldn’t argue that all things go wrong because of effeminacy. That’s rather fanatical. All things go wrong in the end. Nothing lasts for ever that is made by man.
    Well those things which last are always restored, redeemed renewed and revived. NEVER taken for granted. Those things which are loved! Those which are not are dumped for new ideas! As you pointed out! Probably without realising. One of man’s biggest vices! Boredom is a real problem for the adolescent and the intellectual alike.

    People require the same treatment as things in this respect but they want that responsibility even less than caring for old institutions and systems.

    The boy scouts was already ‘dying or dead’. That’s more close to the truth.

    “Cover her face, mine eyes dazzle, she died young.” Is more spiritually apt than the Old Testament idea in this instance. Never let it get int the way though of an opportunity to pretend you believe it’s true!

  17. Joy – Adam sinned when he obeyed his wife instead of God.

    It’s not difficult to understand. Unless you’re an anti-Christian. Or a feminist. Or a Marxist, but I repeat myself.

    As for the rest of your comment – squirrel!

  18. Joy

    You slither,
    Spiritual? absolutely. You fear this word. Probably you’re the witch hunter after all.

    The very simple allegory of Adam. The Sunday school story from the Old Testament:

    Your point in reference to what Jay Richards said does not hold. IS irrelevant.

    Being a stealthy type who needs a disguise, I’m not surprised you love a conspiracy theory or some kind of perverse intrigue. I have no time for that. That is political activism, not Christianity. The two are separate.

    There is no original guilt. Original sin is a trivially true and necessary element even without the Eden story, about which I am ambivalent. It just states what it states and one draws from it the obvious, not the sexual!

    It’s what the New Christian fundamentalists and a sectarian Catholic activists but more the former, do with it, who seem to think it’s something worth wheeling out.

    See many other comments of mine where this is brought up and almost nobody even disagrees. If they do, they’re unable to articulate an answer. Except to claim I’ve never owned or read a bible in my life which was particularly intelligent. Then there was ‘zeus’ who, like you, probably was you, altered my text to claim I said that Jesus ‘wrote’ the bible. This was yet more evidence of abject dishonesty on part of the administrator that day. There are a few who are in love with the metaphor of a serpent and the opportunities that brings for them who seem to need an excuse to talk about sex when in fact they can just talk about it! It’s creepy. If it’s innuendo you want, there are far funnier ones.
    I think that’s done Adam and Eve. The tricks wear thin after a while.
    It’s a funny thing but Until I started re-reading on here I quite liked the Adam and Eve story. Shame, now it has been tainted. That’s irony.

  19. John B()

    Joy – don’t rise to the bait of anyone so ignorant of the Bible


    “Adam sinned when he obeyed his wife instead of God.”

    Seriously? What version are you reading? Please reread Genesis 3 with OPENed eyes.

    “…she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, WHO WAS WITH HER, and he ate it.”

    You’ve bought into the propaganda spewed by Adam. God didn’t buy it, why do you?

    And what does “squirrel” have to do with anything?

  20. David S.

    “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to the God-State Who created not male and female… to support the extinction of masculinity… to keep myself morally whatever.. always stay close to flush toilets… and go camping with my sister..”
    ……Ah forget it, I’m going camping in the woods with my brother(s).

  21. Dazedandbemused

    The future is already visible if you face north. Leaving aside the much smaller francophone
    scout organization, the mostly anglophone Scouts/Canada admitted girls to all program levels in 1992, allowing existing units to opt to remain all-male. Funny thing happened, though. Membership decline continued at a steady pace. Too many units chose to stay all-male and new co-ed units failed to materialize in significant numbers, so that was blamed for the failure of the organization to grow and admitting girls was made mandatory for all units in 1998 after which the decline again continued unabated. It would seem at least a bit reasonable to surmise that the influx of girls set off an equal-but-opposite exodus of boys. Twenty-six years after all programs were opened to girls membership is 30% of what it was and still shrinking. Girls make up 18-19% of members but the number is said to be dramatically higher at the cub scout level. At the 14-21 age level there are only about 21,000 scouts left in Scouts/Canada nationwide. Non-uniformed, no advancement school based programs have been started to generate cash flow and camps are being sold off to cover unfunded pension liabilities. The organization is looking more and more like liberal Protestant denominations, trying gimmicks to bolster membership with no real thought involved. Uniforms were recently made optional on an individual basis – your unit cannot make you wear one. National headquarters has made it clear that change is coming and those who don’t like it should leave. That is the future of “Scouts BSA.” I thank God my younger son will be Eagle and 18 in March 2019.

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