Why Child Sex Abuse & Trafficking Is Allowed To Continue — Guest Post by Cassandra Outlander

Why Child Sex Abuse & Trafficking Is Allowed To Continue — Guest Post by Cassandra Outlander

A brief summary from an new contributor.

Child sex abuse and trafficking is as horrific as it is unbelievable, which is one reason why the criminals involved are able to go undetected and unpunished. If the crime defies understanding, then there is no crime. To a normal person, contemplating, let alone engaging in, sex acts with children is incomprehensible. Normal people do not want to think too hard about Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and his admittedly odd relationship with the real-life Alice.

Normal people do not want to think about sex abuse that child actors endure on and off the set. Some former child stars have come forward, but their claims are ignored or worse, laughed at, because, well, because the mental process of normal people cannot fathom that an adult who professionally spends a lot of time with children will use them to satisfy their sick desires.

The claims of one-time child actors receive little attention from the popular press, never trend on Twitter, and are often coded as sour grapes by an actor who could not successfully transition to adult roles or treated as the incoherent ramblings of a drug addict. If you were forced into sex acts as a youngster not of your own free will, and your parent or guardian was powerless to protect you, would you not also be tempted to turn to drugs or drink?

While what happens in Hollywood may not fit the definition of “child sex trafficking” it is an example of fully grown adults having it on with children: “Took and like-minded men salivated and masturbated over the fantasy of raping, punishing, hurting and ultimately killing little girls.” The documentary An Open Secret is free and on line. It serves as Exhibit One that this behavior is not limited to pre-Christian Babylon.

Sex with children can be used as deliberate blackmail for those who aspire to or are in positions of power. Early in their careers, would-be politicians are set-up—and indebted to their handlers to vote or act in a specific way. The blackmailers can come from a different quarters, from different groups with different agendas. Rather than repent (and risk an early death) the compromised person remains yolked to his or her blackmailer, and has no incentive to give up the behavior that made them a target in the first place.

You might discount the blackmail theory. Think about it. How many time have you voted for a candidate who behaves and votes contrary to their campaign promises? A portion of this can be chalked up to the intractability and limits of the law, but the balance is likely due to the influence of someone or something outside of the voting public. They remember what they promised, so it’s not amnesia.

Why children? Since the mores of the West have fallen off the proverbial cliff many behaviors are not nearly as shocking as they once were and have lost currency as a blackmailable offenses. Even the standard homosexual encounter has lost its potency. Love wins.

What could people be induced or enticed to do that would still be shameful or carry a stigma? Ah, yes, illegal contact with minors. This love is not as winning (yet), and begs the question of what depravity is next on the blackmailer’s list.

The modern person can look with bemusement with the horrific situation of Tommy Robinson in the UK, who as a citizen reporter, one minute was covering the trial of the men who groomed girls to pass on to men and perhaps women in “power,” and the next minute was taken into custody and almost immediately sentenced and jailed. Mr. Robinson likely won’t be popular in the cells. If you are the praying sort, he needs a mention.

The UK is not a singular example. Cast your mind back to June 29, 1989 when the Washington Times splashed a headline: Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush: ‘Call boys’ took a midnight tour of the White House. The “Franklin case”—involving the trafficking of children to Omaha community leaders and DC politicians—grew out of an investigation and prosecution of of embezzlement of a credit union in Nebraska. Nearly from the beginning, despite stellar reporting, exhaustive documentation, and compelling testimony from the victims the case was quickly relegated to the dustbin of conspiracy theories. Or, in the vernacular, it was covered up. For those who are interested, there is a documentary that was slated to air in 1994 but was pulled at the last minute: Conspiracy of Silence. Warning: Content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Let’s fast-forward to the lawsuits stemming from the sex abuse cases in various Catholic dioceses in the United States. Let’s also consider the legion of teachers, male and female, who have been charged with indecency with a minor. There is not a similar cry to tear down the public school system as there is to take down the church—but there should be.

The Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State was shocking, and likely involved standard sex-trafficking, but people forget and go back to their lives. The female gymnasts who were abused by the team doctor at Michigan State riveted the public for about five minutes but is now largely forgotten.

Child sex abuse and trafficking are routine. And if you have been paying attention with your eyes half-closed, you have to know that something nefarious is up. In the US, 2000 children go missing every day. Some are because of custody tug-of-war skirmishes or runaways (especially worrisome; the young people are left in a state where they can more easily accept the advances of a predator), but what of the rest? Where are they? Does anyone care? Is anyone paying attention?

Child sex abuse and trafficking is uniquely horrific and unbelievable. And it is happening today.

Editor’s note: pic above from Vice’s “Photos of the Fabulous Kids of RuPaul’s Drag Convention“.


  1. Sheri

    How many time have you voted for a candidate who behaves and votes contrary to their campaign promises?
    Only once. When they turn out to be scum, I do not vote for them again. I will leave the space blank before I vote for the scum. There’s one up for re-election right now (I call him “Pretty Boy” because he loves his face on camera) and I will NOT vote for him, even if Trump campaigns for him. Trump sees an “R” and thinks “ally”. I wonder if Trump saw the word “carpenter” on a business card and always thought the guy could really build???? Anyway, I don’t vote for scum.

    your parent or guardian was powerless to protect you
    What? They’re dead? Physical, real gun to their head (ie you’ve been literally kidnapped). Other than that, UNWILLING is the only way that happens. When parents love money and fame more than the kid, the kid is the big loser, as is society. This is pretty much the norm in America—parents prostitute out their kids to sports, Hollywood, the news media, YouTube. The kids are little money/fame makers and Americans love money and fame. Morals, love—forget those. Those get in the way.

  2. acricketchirps

    “…normal people cannot fathom that an adult who professionally spends a lot of time with children will use them to satisfy their sick desires.”

    Please use pronouns that agree in number with their referent nouns. This sentence mean the children’s sick desires are the ones being satisfied.

  3. John B()


    One really don’t want to bring PRONOUNs into this conversation (or does one).
    (See Jordan Peterson and Canadian Bill C-16.) (See also Lindsay Shepherd and Wilfrid Laurier.)

    I believe this is a case where, since the subject is “an adult”, you can use ‘their’ vs. ‘he’ or ‘she’.
    (I’m not certain if this is the specific rule but there is a case where the plural pronoun is allowed when otherwise singular would be expected)

  4. acricketchirps

    This (your allusion), John, is why we DO want to bring pronouns into it. AND be reactionaries about them. (Personally, I strongly identify as singular).

  5. Plantagenet

    Cricket ol bean don’t forget some things need to be reacted against. I just popped by to point out that the Google doodle today is a DEAD WHITE EUROPEAN MALE!!! First time in 300 something days, give or take. What the…is going on here was there no one- legged blind hermaphrodite from outer- Mongolia who invented the exploding mango. Cmon Google we rely on you and your letting standards slip! Someone got fired in Silicon Valley this morning I’ll bet!

  6. Ken

    Does anyone care? Is anyone paying attention?

    YES and YES.

    Most first-world countries have both internal law enforcement efforts directed specifically at various forms of child abuse, and, most of these countries cooperate with each other at apprehending abusers cross-borders. In reality, things in this regard have never been better, and they are improving still.

    For a hint at how bad child abuse has been, including how vigorously even the Catholic Church/Christianity endorsed abusive practices — what the was considered prudent care and today is known to be abusive to an extreme, see: http://psychohistory.com/articles/the-history-of-child-abuse/

    Everything there is information one can independently confirm.

  7. Plantagenet:

    This month alone, we have, in addition to today’s,

    Abraham Ortelius
    Georges Méliès
    Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

    at least.

    Your hallucinations say a great deal about you.

  8. Anne O Neemus

    Plantagenet- Actually I got the joke Richler…Barney’s Version. Lee-Relax it’s just hyperbole. On the subject of the post a friend of mine wanted to write her thesis on human trafficking in general and children in particular. She gave up because what she was finding was so disturbing she could not go on, and she said she barely scratched the surface before she quit.

  9. DAV

    One thing to keep in mind is “abuse” is one of the most abused words in the English language.

    If a politician’s failed promise is a sign then nearly all of them exhibit it.

    I’ wonder where that 2000/day number comes from.
    Like in this ABC story (https://abcnews.go.com/US/missing-children-america-unsolved-cases/story?id=19126967)

    According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

    How did the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (who obviously would have no reason to exaggerate) get these stats? Were they all later found so that the “115 child ‘stranger abductions'” vs. the 1885 ‘non-stranger abductions’ could then be counted?

    800,000 is larger than the populations of Seattle, WA and Denver, CO and Washington DC (according to the 2017 estimates at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_population). Whole city populations are disappearing every year but only the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is pointing it out? Really?

    It’s fine to be emotional and all that but how big is the problem actually? Can the claims made after 20-30 years be relied upon? Woody Allen’s son Moses made a reasonable rebuttal to Dylan’s accusations. Who should we believe? Is it possible Dylan is mistaken albeit sincere?

  10. Oldavid

    If everyone and everything is a mindless, purposeless accident of Materialistic processes why shouldn’t one mindless, purposeless thing eat (or otherwise exploit) another purposeless accident?

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