There’s Nothing Wrong With 9-Year-Old Drag Queens If There’s Nothing Wrong With Sodomy

If there is nothing wrong with sodomy then there is nothing wrong with sodomy. It can be celebrated. It can be praised. It can be encouraged. If being gay is who you are, and not just what you desire, then sodomy should be encouraged. Even in the young.

Take “9 year old drag superstar Lactatia“, who was seen touting for Ru Paul’s Drag Con sporting a balloon emblazoned with the uplifting message “Eat A Dick.”

Hey. Why not? It isn’t as if little Lactatia was actually doing it. He was just recommending it. You can’t complain. Are you some kind of homophobe?

If there is nothing wrong with sodomy, there is nothing wrong with kids having a spot of fun about it. If there is nothing wrong with sodomy, then there is no problem teaching it to kids in school in the course of ordinary sex “education”. Indeed, it should be taught. Anal sex is dangerous if done incorrectly, and the last thing we need are groups of kiddies jamming emergency rooms with prolapsed anuses.

Vegan Friendly LGBT

Incidentally, sweet little Lactatia got his costume, a “onsie”, The House of Mann, which sells “Vegan Friendly LGBT Luxury Fashion Brand[s].” Because if you’re going LGBT, you may as well go the vegan friendly way.

Teen Vogue, no stranger to sodomy, says we ought to “bow down to Queen Lactatia.” They have a colorful slideshow of the little boy dressed in all kinds of outrageous outfits.

Abuse Is An Ugly Thing

I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say that little Lactatia was abused. And you would be right. He did suffer “horrifying” abuse. So says his mother.

After little Lactatia was heard to say “If you wanna be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents. If you wanna be a drag queen and your friends don’t you, you need new friends” a “horrifying flood of threats and abuse on social media” was unleashed.

Little Lactatia, proud of her son, as she should be if there is nothing wrong with sodomy, said “the amount of online hate” was “absolutely disturbing.” She dismissed all the hate and pledged to continue showing off her son to audience of men who enjoy sodomy.

The pro-sodomy magazine Out said little Lactatia was “bullied” by “conservatives”. Out said “Conservatives can work themselves into a frenzy all they want, but [little Lactatia is] just going to keep shining and sashaying past the bullying.”

Out categorized its article under the tag “POPNOGRAPHY.” And if there’s nothing wrong with sodomy, there’s nothing wrong that, either. And there’s nothing wrong with clicking here to read the rest.

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  1. “If there’s nothing wrong with sodomy [however you define it] then there’s nothing wrong with nine-year old [anything whatsoever]” does not follow. Anyone who thinks this makes sense is so morally and logically confused that I wouldn’t know where to start.

  2. “If there’s nothing wrong with traditional marriage [however you define it] then there’s nothing wrong with a six-year-old girl and boy dressing up like a little bride and groom and playing wedding” does not follow. Anyone who thinks this makes sense is so morally and logically confused that I wouldn’t know where to start.

  3. Sorry, Lee, it does follow. If society removes the lines of male/female marriage, then poof! All the lines go. That was the reason for the choice by Libs to get gmarriage. Actually the process began with fornication. Once you can bang whatever moves, actual love is mocked and lust and sex become king/queen. ALL perversions follow from there, at various crossing the finish line times, and soon moral anarchy rules. Which was the goal, so why complain about reaching the goal? Libs are just impossible to satisfy, as are militant atheists, who should be celebrating too.

  4. Lee – You have now proven yourself to be a morally repugnant person. Before, you left some room for doubt.

    If you are supportive of pedophiles encouraging a 9 year old to act out obvious insanities and anti-social behaviors, then you oppose civilization. Degenerate behavior must never be encouraged, not in adults, never in children. Anything that threatens children must by destroyed.

    Civilization. It’s for the children.

  5. McChuck:

    Getting an early start on the holiday festivities?

    I never suggested that I was “supportive of pedophiles” doing anything aside from being defrocked.

  6. Lee Phillips, first out of the gate with nothing to say: “Anyone who thinks this makes sense is so morally and logically confused that I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Start what?

    It makes sense to me; it is a type of equivocation I think is the word. Suppose I am to judge various sins and place them on a scale of some sort. You find yourself on that scale somewhere. What is the natural response? Distance yourself from *other* sins, maybe illuminate the gravity of *other* sins.

    Depending on how you read your scriptures it might not matter. Perhaps the next life is binary; God cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. In that scenario there’s going to be only one person in heaven. In another scenario, we suppose that Jesus, not God, *can* look upon sin and be a mediator, or remediator, and wash it off. But his willingness to do that is the subject of rather a lot of speculation.

    In a third scenario Jesus forgives everyone anything so no worries. Sin is just a description meaning I don’t like what you do. But of course, no doubt some things I do *you* don’t like!

    In a fourth scenario there is no God, no Jesus, no Buddha, no reincarnation and consequently no morality; it ceases to have meaning because it has 7 billion meanings, one for every human on Earth.

  7. As a show famously ended:

    Say “Goodnight”, Dick.

    Goodnight Dick.

    Goodnight Dick.

    Goodnight Dick.

    Goodnight Dick.

  8. Michael 2

    No problem … you made me take a trip down memory lane and I saw the episode that got them (Tom and Dick) fired. Talk about thin skin.

    I also THINK (it didn’t show up on the ones that I revisited) that one SM ended with Dick saying “Say Goodnight Tommy”.

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