Ireland Worries Trans Women Can’t Secure Abortions

Ireland Worries Trans Women Can’t Secure Abortions

Ireland, a democracy, voted to purge its constitution of language preserving of life and so install abortion. Proving that the will of the people, when the people’s will turns out to be an empty peanut shell, should not be relied upon to decide matters of life and death.

You will say that abortion is the price to be paid in democracies, where everything is up for vote. Including right and wrong. Better to let the will of the people express itself than cause bad feelings and be accused of disenfranchisement.

Well, you must be right because many agree with you.

Anyway, that is not our point today. The constitutional purgation was only the first step on the road to the mass killing of the youngest members of its society. Step two required the Irish government to draft a law specifically allowing the killing. One imagines it mandates the types of vacuums, the sharpness of knives, how to dispose of the bodies, the price card for miniature livers, that sort of thing.

Enter the headline from the Irish Times: “Abortion legislation: ‘woman’ reference, 28 days, consent and other changes.”

“Say, Briggs. Why is ‘woman’ in scare quotes?”

Why, I’m glad you asked. Here is the sub-headline: “Some believe ‘woman’ reference in abortion Bill may exclude trans people.”

Woman reference:

The Bill refers to the pregnant woman throughout. It clarifies that “woman” means a female person of any age. Many believe this may exclude transgender people. It is understood the Minister for Health Simon Harris has received advice to the contrary but is willing to examine the issue further.

Trans insanity is the most hilarious form of insanity. Grown people are fretting a man pretending to be a woman can’t get an abortion.

Money can’t buy that kind of comedy. You, dear reader, get it for free. Like this.

A deluded pregnant woman walks into an abattoir, says ‘I’m a man. I want you to kill my child.’

Knife-wielder says, ‘Sorry, mister. We only do women. It’s the law.’

Ireland is now officially a clown country. Strike that. Not officially. It will only be official once the Minister is brown beaten into clarifying what he mean by “woman.” Any answer, any answer at all, except “Are you some kind of idiot?”, makes the clown-country status valid. I don’t know what Paddy Power would put the odds at, but I’d say they’re darn good.


  1. Sheri

    It is a “legitimate” question for women to trans to men but not really. They trans to a hybrid and leave in the baby holding equipment. Now, considering the difficulty of getting said hybrid pregnant, abortion seems unlikely, but in a crazy place where reality has absolutely no meaning, one cannot dismiss the possibility. (I would have bet no 65 year old woman would want to get pregnant and viola! Some imbecile wanting a replacement for a dead child decided to grow her own replacement—apparently the replacement is not a person unto themselves, but rather a reincarnated child. Insanity runs rampant.)

    The “Knife-wielder says, ‘Sorry, mister. We only do women. It’s the law.’” would apply in this case. The bill definately needs to substitute “owner of the uterus” for the word “woman”. That runs right in with the “owner of the uterus” owning her body meme. See how easy it is to assign terms to insane ideas?

  2. Leslie Young

    Dear Mr. Briggs,
    Reading about this truly makes me see that Satan has deluded so many that it is beyond absurd.

    Still, as a woman, I believe that men have abdicated their role as protectors of their wives and daughters and even men in the church have fallen prey to the Jezebel spirit of the age. It is a sad day for the Bride of Christ who is not ready for her King.
    L. Young

  3. Richard A

    He who sows stupidity will reap insanity.

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