No Post Today

Yesterday, the joint classes went on a tour of the Seneca Lake wineries. At those wineries we tasted wines—many, many different wines.

One particular winery started us off with a selection that is best described as smelling like a chemistry experiment. But other wines were not so imaginative, and some could even be drunk. These wines, we bought.

We took our purchases back to Ithaca and then tasted them again.

Therefore, no post today.


  1. Mike B

    We took our purchases back to Ithaca and then tasted them again.

    – and again… and again.. and aggaaiinnn

    Therefore, no post today.

    Ahh, but you have and there is a post so the statement is flawed – logically! See, I have been paying attention!

    But keep up the good stuff (wine and posts)

  2. DAV

    Perhaps a lesson here as well … but no logical reason to quit wining

  3. Chuckles

    And simple good manners prevented anyone from spitting any of it out during these ‘tastings’?

  4. Bernie

    I am in Montreal at the World Rotary Conference with approx. 20K of my wife’s close friends – I am here to provide moral support. We are staying in the Latin Quarter at a really great little hotel, Le Relais Lyonnais. It was top rated on and the erating appears to be surprisingly accurate accurate – I recommend it. The house wine is extremely drinkable. Dinner at the bistro was simple and excellent.

    Given that Matt is a bit the worse for wear, perhaps I can hijack this thread and ask for recommendations for great places to stay around the world. The rates must be suitable for impecunious retirees and others of similar means.

  5. F. Patrick crowley

    This is starting to sound like a geology field trip, but the statisticians are not as well trained in imbibing as the geologists.

  6. Bill S

    What is the probability that a statistician will make any sense in a post;
    A) The day of wine tasting?
    B) The day after wine tasting?
    C) The week after wine tasting?
    D) Ever?

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