UK Universities Threatened: Give Blacks More Degrees Or Else

UK Universities Threatened: Give Blacks More Degrees Or Else

Headline: Universities [in the UK] must give more top degrees to black students, under new proposals by regulator

Universities could be punished unless they give a higher proportion of top degrees to black students, under new proposals drawn up by the regulator…

If institutions fail to comply with the regulator’s new “tougher” national targets for increasing the number of disadvantaged students, they could be penalised through a fine or even de-registered.

Play along with the new quotas, or lose the ability to award degrees.

Blacks in the UK did not, ever, have the same difficulty as blacks in the US. It is those difficulties which, to many, justify “affirmative action”, i.e. gift giving to blacks because they are blacks. “Cut ’em a break: they’ve been through a lot. Besides, it’ll help ’em catch up, and then we can forget all these ‘racism’ crap.”

Didn’t work out that way. Did it?

So why would the UK’s ideology bosses think affirmative action would work there, when the only reason for giving blacks gifts because they’re blacks is because blacks haven’t performed well academically?

Answer: you’re a racist.

Mr White (in somewhere-well-north-of-Yorkshire accent): Say, Mr Black, what’s that shiny new thing you’re holding?

Mr Black (in posh London accent): That’s my new degree.

Mr White: Ah, right, then. I heard about that. They’re giving blacks degrees because they’re black.

Mr Black: Hold on. That’s racialist. I earned my degree.

Mr White: Did you, though? I see. But how do I know you earned it? The Office for Students specifically said that if the proportion of degrees awarded to blacks didn’t “improve”, that unis would lose their charters. How do I know you’re one of the few who passed on his own merit? When we know many are given an advantage by some quaking administrator just because they’re black?

Mr Black: It is racialist to even think this. I’m surprised at you.

Mr White: Well, maybe you’re all right. Maybe not. But at least some blacks who would have been tossed, instead of being tossed, are walking out holding degrees just like you have. How can I tell which black was given a gift and which not?

Mr Black: I stick by my accusation that you’re a racialist.

Mr White: Hold on. Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong. Maybe you are all right, and all blacks are all right. I mean, maybe all blacks with degrees did pass their exams and whatnot according to the old standards. Maybe the standards weren’t lowered for blacks.

Mr Black: I’m glad to see you’re—

Mr White: —Maybe all blacks passed at the old rates. But then maybe standards were raised for whites.

Mr Black: I don’t follow, old boy.

Mr White: Well, if you are forced by ideology czars to increase black degree rates, there’s only three things that can be done. One, make it so that whites perform worse or that blacks perform better academically. And there’s no evidence that happened, on average.

Mr Black: Like the OfS said. Blacks are at a disadvantage.

Mr White: Two, lower standards for blacks while keeping the same standards for whites. If you lower standards for blacks to match their average academic performance, then they’ll be awarded degrees at the same rate as whites. But you say that didn’t happen with you.

Mr Black: Rather not.

Mr White: Number three: keep the same current standard for blacks, and raise it for whites. Make it much harder for them to graduate. You can tweak the standards so that, again, you get the same graduation rates for blacks and whites.

Mr Black: Brilliant!

Mr White: But that doesn’t solve our problem. Because who then—which group, I mean—would be the better class of graduates, whites or blacks?

Mr Black: I was wrong. You’re still a racialist.

Perhaps the best summary to the article is provided by somebody calling himself SW Stokie, given on 7 Sep 2018 10:20AM:

The whole thing is a shambles now any way. When I did mechanical engineering in the 70’s it took 4 years including industrial placement time to gain practical experience. Today’s super intelligent students can complete the course in two years.

Are you telling me they are all twice as clever as the engineering students of the 70’s or perhaps the standard of the Degree has been diluted.

In the 70’s you needed a degree to become a member of the engineering institutions and to acquire chartered engineer status. These same institutions now demand a masters degree to allow entry and to acquire chartered status. What does that tell you!


  1. Blacks are dumb and violent. Every statistic in the world (including the daily news – or it would, if it still reported the race or description of offenders) shows this. Noticing this is ‘racist’. ‘Racist’ just means you’re winning an argument against a Leftist by the underhanded method of using facts and logic.

  2. Joy

    I can smell burning.

  3. brian (bulaoren)

    Many years ago, I broke a tooth and needed a dentist; PRONTO. A friend recomended an excellent one, but black of skin tone. I reasoned that if he could make it through the hurdles of our biased school system, he had be good. He was good, really good!
    That was in 1978. I would not make such an assumpton today.

  4. Joy

    Don’t be too hard on Briggs, he’s had it very hard lately.

    “Racist’ just means you’re winning an argument against a Leftist by the underhanded method of using facts and logic.”

    Racism is what happened in the southern part of America.
    In Germany, in some internet twits heads who fantasise about their own barbarian nation where all the women are topless and very easy.

    Racism does exist.
    However, what you said wasn’t proving anything.
    The sentence “blacks are dumb”
    Is an empty statement, clearly deliberate but therefore not to be taken seriously. It is content free.
    If you want to win the argument, and it appears that you do, you could say,
    “I think, or I believe” at the beginning.
    Or you could qualify the statement in some way.
    Clearly obama, much as I despise the man, was not dumb.
    Frankly, I didn’t think he was that clever either, mind you.
    So he alone falsifies what you are saying.
    If this is all a kind of self help experience for you where you’re in a ‘safe space’ that enable you to mouth off and feel free, then I apologise for interrupting your moment, so to speak.
    (there’s a lot of it about.)

  5. brian (bulaoren)

    …and yeah, I still have that tooth…

  6. Sheri

    While McChuck is clearly a racist and twit, unworthy of an audience, he does speak from a point that does have some backing. His sin—generalization to the exclusion of the reality of individual differences. The reason I say he has a point is because the only nations that are “civilized” are basically all white. Granted, they are tossing their civility out the window these day, but it remains true that these were the most civilized. All others suffer wars, internal violence—even the Aztecs and other such empires were violent by today’s standards in Europe and America.

    Fact is, few people see humans as humans and not as colors of their skin. Why? Insecurity, weakness, need to be part of the group and pummel all not in the group. Democrats, being the insecure, terrorizing fools they are are easily taken in by this. Their malevolent leaders encourage this, in order to impose severe controls and usher in communism. Since the Democrats pander to the black and hispanic communities, seems it could be true they are not currently all that bright as a group. I truly believe they can learn. Trump’s increasing their opportunities seems to help prove that—they are “walking away” from what they now understand is racism and devaluation of them by the Democrats.

    The clearest and loudest thing all of this does say is “minorities are too stupid to compete on equal footing with others”. Same goes for bringing in interpreters for long-time residents—they are clearly too stupid to learn English. The amazing thing is none of these groups understand they are being called idiots, morons and unteachable. So in the end, what does that boil down to? Lack of encouragement? Not yet able to stand on their own? I personally believe the groups need more encouragement and less “you’re too stupid to compete on your own, so we are going by your skin color, not your intelligence and ability”. That has to demoralize minorities.

    Note: I do not look at color of people, except as it is impossible not to notice, just as height, weight, etc are impossible not to notice. My niece, who is as black as Obama was, lived with us. I adore my sister in law, well, not the white one…..My neighbor is a racist bigot and I have nothing to do with him. However, as Briggs has pointed out, facts are facts. Minorities are still at a level they buy into the stupid. I don’t think it’s necessarily because of race. As I noted, it may be how they are treated. Mexico is no more advanced than it was in the 1700s, possibly less so. Yet the US is highly advanced. Maybe it’s just because some people as a group don’t buy the lies so easily. It’s too complex to attribute to skin color, absolutely. Imposing victimhood in recent times is a major factor. People love being victims. That’s spilling over into the right now.

    Also, I fully agree that the racist, vulgar evil right has come out, empowered by Trump’s victory (NOT by Trump’s approval, however). The racists and vulgar on the right now feel it’s okay to behave just as bad as the left that they condemn. It’s WRONG, no matter who does it or why.

  7. Hoyos

    White guilt is starting to run on E…

  8. Ken

    Perhaps the quota is a means of reducing discrimination occurring at lower levels leading up to degree award. In such use a quota is a bottom-line measure and resolving it forces a number of underlying contributing factors to be remedied. Briggs approached this as if the only thing to be changed would be the final outcome (degrees granted) — One hopes most readers here are not so simplistic in their evaluation.

    Years ago objective evidence showed (and likely still shows if the new quota is an indicator) that discrimination in grades, and other areas, was evident:

    The kind of ‘subconscious’ discrimination referenced in the linked article (the disparity between grades given by human evaluators vs machine) has been demonstrated, repeatedly, with both humans and animals and if one is interested ample resources are available on-line. Leonard Mlodinow summarizes much of that research in his book, “Subliminal, How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior.”

  9. Joy

    It’s a good job the bloke didn’t have a liverpudlian accent or I’d be with the Londoner.
    I’m not interested in points.
    I’m just interested.
    When something is worth studying to any depth I’m not sure University is the place. University doesn’t mean what people think it does any more and hasn’t for a long time. In England, since they gave every polly, University status.

    Short courses. That’s the way. Cambridge does them during summer and at weekends. The problem is that when you take any subject beyond a certain point it is so full of BS and pseudointellectual twazzocks that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. There has to be a reason to study at University. If it’s going to be so low a bar then there’s no incentive.

    It’s different with patients. I can put up with almost anything, the outrageousness and still care about people. It’s the rules that are in place which are stifling. Like other public roles such as policing and teaching, there are certain social ‘rules’ which in an ordinary world are quite fine and dandy. In a world of lies you can easily be ousted for nothing.

    When the right wing are the ones threatening you with this, you know things have really gone arigh.

    When there are lunatics writing fake poetry, or using computer word mining software to gather information and send toxic emails and additions to magazines to which you ‘subscribe’, and those are coming from the right? well. When those same sources have common links on websites you visit?
    “If you say what I say isn’t true I will murder your soul”
    And worse. Real nigelteapot stuff.

    Taking data from your laptop which nobody could know or have a way of knowing and using data retrieved on matters of gynecology? It takes a lot to make me cry, especially at Christmas.
    Here’s a list of a few things the right have called me:
    Peta supporter,
    Anti catholic!
    Anti Pope!
    Pro Pope!
    mystic psychic woowoo
    worshiper of ‘pure power’ as opposed to puppy power.
    drug taker,
    anti jesus,
    Old bag,
    Grave digger!

    None of them are true except I’m pro pope and have prejudice and tastes of my own. Just like everybody else.
    In a world of lies and deceit the truth looks like a revolution.
    It’s only those who don’t stand for anything that fall for everything.

  10. JTLiuzza

    “Joy” add this to your list: uninteresting.

  11. DAV


    She listed what the right have called her. You may think you’re right but you’re not.

  12. Joy

    Thank you Dav,
    You’re a gentleman.

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