Technical Notes On Destroying Universities From Space With Large Rocks

Technical Notes On Destroying Universities From Space With Large Rocks

Headline Students bark in protest to save the trees.

Seems Western Michigan University was going to cut down some trees. Students duly went outside and barked. Anything to avoid studying—which is racist, sexist and other kinds of evil anyway. They held signs like “Cut a Tree, Cut a Life.” One doesn’t have to wonder what would happen on campus if somebody held a similar sign denouncing non-males killing their offspring in hopes of finding better deals for themselves. You do have to feel sorry for the professors who were made to follow the protestors around with pooper scoopers, though.

This is only one of thousands of such stories. We’re already far past the point of proving the need to destroying the Western University System as it now exists. The only question that remains is how.

Some of us have been advocating dropping large rocks from space onto the most cancerous institutions. Shouldn’t take more than a dozen flattenings or so before the others get the idea. It works.

It’s easy to be glib about these rocks. Yet sooner or later it comes down to the hard labor of making actual plans. Let’s start.

We have the happy and fascinating paper Estimation of Destructive Power of Meteorites and Meteors by George Kilimi and Joel Greenstein to help us. Here is the abstract:

This paper aims to give a simple approach to explain and estimate quantitatively the effects of the NEO(s) impacts on Earth and evaluate their destructive power using physics and mathematical models and methods. Based on historical evidence of the meteorite/meteor impact on Earth (crater of impact, signs of destruction of plants, forests, or other destructive characteristics, i.e. the “fingerprints” of the meteor/meteorite) we estimate the power of the explosion that is related to the impact on ground of a meteorite or the burst in air of a meteor as well as the damages and casualties of affected population.

Anybody with training in physics or math will be able to follow along.

We’re obviously dealing with meteors, since it’s expensive to cart rocks into space (only to re-drop them). There’s tons (literally) of free ones up there ripe for plucking. There are of two major species, rock and iron. Rock is about a third less dense, pound for pound, than iron (meaning we could get away with smaller iron meteors). As rock tends to calve upon reentry, they would spray debris at locations other than where they are targeted, it’s best to use iron.

Next to mass (and assuming an average density for iron), the two most important attributes are velocity and impact angle. These drive most of the destruction calculations.

Speed is important. Our authors estimate Near Earth Objects (from which we will draw our supply) whiz about at around 11,000 to 70,000 m/s. The bigger objects are usually slower, which is to our advantage, since we have to find a way to sidle up to these brutes before directing them where we want them.

This sidiling and targeting will be the largest engineering challenge; unfortunately our authors say nothing about it. As the cliché has it, more research is needed. Luckily, we’ll soon have available a ready supply of uber-competent white male scientists and engineers who have lots of time on their hands.

These gentleman will also have to tackle the “shape” and density problems. We want objects uniformly dense so that the chance of breakup is minimal. Some kind of low-frequency radar could work here. It’s not clear how influential shape is: the authors say nothing about it. Oddly shaped objects might “tumble” and go off course. Perhaps spin could be induced, and much like with a rifle bullet, the conservation of angular momentum will be our friend.

There are all sorts of interesting details to be relished in the paper. The difference in pressure blast and Mach waves and their relationship with impact angle, reflected shock, quantifying instantaneous air bursts and inefficiencies introduced by poor impact angle, which might be a great option because of crater avoidance, and of course the fun of figuring equivalent explosive charge.

For instance, the Tunguska meteor donated the rough equivalent of 31 megatons of TNT—which flattened some 25 km of forest around the blast. Of course, those where piddling trees, not reinforced concrete buildings, and the meteor never made it to the ground. That makes the author’s estimate of a “casualty area” of about 22 km too high, I think, to use for modern university cities. Their Table 3 on “Foreseen effect of blast wave” should be studied by all fans of Reality and Classical Christian Civilization.

Bonus link! ‘Cosmic airburst’: Tunguska-like blast destroyed part of Middle East 3,700 years ago

Some have theorized that this event may have been the biblical destruction of the ancient city of Sodom as the Tall el-Hammam site has long been a strong candidate for the ancient ‘Sin City’, though no definitive conclusion has been reached as of yet.



  1. Sheri

    At least we are being scientific here. Problem is PARENTS WANT THIS AND PAY FOR THIS. Parents apparently want their children living in a communist hell. I don’t understand a country where parents hate their children, but we have one.

    The Tunguska blast theory is a great example of building a narrative of circumstantial evidence into whatever one wants. There was a “Voyager” episode (Star Trek series) on precisely that. Perhaps one should be constructed and reported here to show just how easily we select facts to create the fiction we want to be true.

  2. Thiago

    How would we ever bring large enough rocks into space? They’d be heavy, and then the best thing we could do is just drop them, which inevitably gives us less speed than the slowest meteorites. Maybe the rocket could accelerate downwards holding the rocks, but then that’d just be a heavier missile.

    Your previous idea was to nuke them from orbit, and that made more sense. Though on that plan, there’s no reason to be so high-tech when we can nuke them from a regular plane just fine.

  3. Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    Start with the teacher’s colleges, U of Chicago, and Columbia U. They are where the cancer originated.

  4. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    See also:

    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein

  5. Sheri:

    I don’t believe so. There is little to no demand from parents for PC-Progressive brain-washing of college (or K-12) students. The vast majority of parents are not aware of the strategy and tactics of the PC-Prog destroyers of Normal-America–in education or in academia.

    Normal Americans think that education and academia are playing their Normal roles–educating our children and preparing them for success in the real world.

    Normal Americans believe that a college education provides knowledge and skills that are marketable.

    Of course, education and academia hide their true colors from those who are paying the students’ tuition. Academia markets itself, more than ever before, as an investment in the student’s future.

    Academia’s marketing is very far removed from the reality of the indoctrination program, however. They go to great lengths to alienate students from their parents. There are two very different messages flowing to parents and students.

    So, no, the vast majority of parents do NOT want it. But they ARE paying for it. It’s a slick and sinister con job.

    “Start with the teacher’s colleges, U of Chicago, and Columbia U. They are where the cancer originated.”

    Spot on!

    George S. Counts, graduate of U. Chicago, and long-time professor at Columbia’s Teachers College, was the source for both the K-12 and academia PC-Prog hate-America-first influence operation.

    Short article on Counts’ covert influence activities here:

  6. Hoyos


    I am shocked and offended.

    You obviously have to start with Harvard, that’s just common sense. U of Chicago? Columbia? Preposterous to start there.

  7. Spetzer86

    Space rocks already in space that aren’t going fantastically fast relative to Earth are the key to this concept. What you need to look at are the possibility of additional Earth trojan asteroids to be found.

    These would be already in Earth orbit and have relative speeds that shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. While only one known Earth trojan exists, I’m sure an active program could find more.

  8. Gary

    Why destroy the real estate when it’s the occupants you have a problem with?

  9. Dr K.A. Rodgers

    Please do not confuse meteors and meteorites. The words are not synonyms.

    That said we do have a comet handily available in the skies right now. About a kilometer across and making a close approach to Earth on December 16. Could be quite suitable for a small college. Any preferences?

  10. downeasthillbilly

    God Rods (aka cosmic crowbar.) Less mass, high density, minimal wind resistance.

  11. vxxc

    Fire and Incentive: For every school that burns the student’s debt is reduced to zero;
    For every public school that burns property taxes for schools are now zero.

    Fire is man’s oldest weapon and tool and still one of the best.

  12. Thiago

    Speaking of incentives, I have no idea why no one has tried establishing a fund to incentivize certain terrorist acts. For instance, we could crowdsource a fund in order to promote the burning-down of universities. The money would be kept in a savings account and wisely invested, and then paid out to whomever first destroys a major U.S. university, for the stated purpose of covering his legal fees and providing for his family (if any) while he is in prison. This is probably illegal under some law, but I don’t know which one.

    I do not propose this actually be done, by the way, it’s just an idea I thought of someday and I am actually curious as to why no one has tried it.

  13. J Wilson

    If Iron meteors are the projectile of choice, I suggest a solar-powered Rail Gun with sufficient electromagnetic force to achieve the desired velocities. I may know someone who works at NASA…

  14. Thiago

    I commented about this idea on a chat room, and it was pointed out to me that, in the UK, the Terrorism Act 2000 makes it an offence to use, possess or raise funds for the purposes of terrorism. So maybe the U.S. has similar legislation. It is interesting that since it was included in a specific “Terrorism Act”, it probably wasn’t covered by the old crimes such as conspiracy and hired killing.

  15. Thiago

    Then again, the fund wouldn’t specifically be for the purposes of terrorism, but for such things as legal fees, since the act itself would already be done. So maybe it wouldn’t fit there, but it seems like it should.

  16. Hoyos:
    “You obviously have to start with Harvard, that’s just common sense. ”

    Can you share some of that common sense? What makes you think the infection began in Harvard?


  17. Sander van der Wal

    There is this SF story where the Chinese trick the Japanese (or the other way around) into building large magnets to deflect a rocket attack. The attack is timed to coincide witha meteor storm, likely the Leonids. The result was the Japanese being bombarded with meteorites that were attracted by the magnets.

  18. Mocheirge

    Well that’s a silly amount of effort when a simple alternative exists: just drop some rocks from the moon.

    A woman with manparts said it, so it must be true.

  19. Hoyos


    That was like 50% jest, but since you asked…

    Harvard is the feeder for McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, the State Department, and the “standard” setter for leftist academica. They are the big dog, they really are. It and Yale are almost required to reach the highest levels in many fields. The influence of Harvard alone can almost not be overestimated.

    I don’t know where the infection started, but the most virulent tumor is there.

  20. Hoyos,

    Yes, I thought you were joking, but McChuck was spot on.

    The PC-Prog infection is deep within nearly all American universities today–especially Ivy League.

    However, it all began at the U. of Chicago, and spread quickly to Columbia. I’m in the middle of a long-term research project exploring this exact issue. It dates back to 1918-1925.

    When Columbia was deeply enmeshed in Bolshevik anti-Normal-American influence operations, Harvard was a bastion of Normal-American culture.

    George S. Counts, as a professor in Rockefeller’s Columbia Teachers College International Institute, did the bidding of the Bolshevik influence agents. Under their influence, he created the fundamentally anti-Normal approach to K-12 schools–the Social Reconstruction Movement. He urged teachers to “change society.” He is still revered today throughout academia and education schools.

  21. Faith

    Most parents may not know what kind of indoctrination they are paying through the nose for but some do and approve. Most parents don’t really hate their children but some do as many of us can attest to. However the real problem is neither hatred nor ignorance; it is self-love. Therefore mothers prefer “convenience” of whatever nature rather than bear the children they have conceived, murdering their children’s siblings – and still can’t find it in their hearts to make the sacrifices to allow them to grow up in the bosom of the family rather than be shuffled off to whomever. Fathers are more interested in video games and holidays and being a “good guy” so they don’t stand up to their wives and neither do they protect their children or demand she look after them. We don’t even need to speak of God to realize that the family is an arena of sacrifice and if none are made self-love reigns and dementia results.

  22. Joseph E Postma

    Guys, they are teaching flat Earth theory to our kids and disguising it as climate science. Please see my new book explaining how and why they are doing this:

    It’s full-on as bonkers as you haven’t imagined.

  23. Uncle Mike

    Cut a tree, cut a life? What do these morons think their homes are made of? Mud? Are they mud hutters?

    Will it help save the planet if the peasants huddle in the cold and dark in our mud huts?

    Okay, them first. Turn off their electricity so that they won’t be utter hypocrites. No lights, no heat, no wooden buildings. And they can eat rocks, too.

    University of Idiots. One solution: make PhD’s revocable. Any professor who thinks, for instance, that carbon taxes will stop forest fires should be publicly de-frocked and caned before hesheit’s kicked out on hesheit’s keister.

  24. Hoyos

    @kent I hope you make your work available to us plebes. Ever since I first read moldbug and Bella Dodd (Gatto as well now that I think of it) I’ve been amazed that most real conspiracies seem to happen in broad daylight. Your work seems like that type of thing.

  25. Hoyos, Good heavens, no plebes here!

    You are correct–covert influence conspiracies occur in broad daylight. The message is out in the open, while the source is hidden.

    My research has produced one book, so far, with multiple articles. I have material for a couple more, but am constrained by the need to pay the mortgage!

    Please see for full details of the covert influence roots of Political Correctness.

  26. Hoyos

    @kent, and boom on my kindle

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